Lets see what Uranian Astrology is telling us about developments around the world,concerning the Total Lunar Eclipse of 8th October


Steadfast relations with others – Enduring partnerships relating especially to men – Boundaries are set for or by others – Withdrawal or solitude – Contact with few – To be in a unique position – Stationary bodies – Standstill in others’ activity – Homeland — Resistance in or to the environs – Ruptures in relationships especially with men – Days or years of decrease or of deaths – Isolation

Small rooms or confined areas – Stable women or wives – Steadfast partners – Consolidation in relationships with women – Limited public contact – Rural populations or nations — Resistance relating especially to women – Break-offs relating to public contact – Blockage of feelings relating to others – Restraint/s with the public relating to others – Estrangement – Sadness or depressions

Startling out of stagnation – Continual excitement relating to partners – Technical specialism – Surprises relating to solid or stable partnerships – Endings relating to technical partnerships — To be in upheaval – Unexpected opposition of/to others – Continual tension in the environs – Sudden breakoffs in/over relationships – Disruptions or upsets relating to destruction at the location – Shocking local events

Important secrets in the environment – Contact with obscure self-reliant persons – Unrecognized ascent or mastery – Sacrifices relating to contact with officials – Diplomacy at the location – Invisible heights – High in the air — Others’ dependency or lack of self-reliance – Great disillusionment in or with the environs – Disappointments relating to partners’ ascent or status – Losses relating to contact with officials – Deceit relating to official matters

Mercury /Poseidon
Intellectual or spiritual discussion with the partner – Communications relating to others’ knowledge – Thoughts relating to honest partnerships – Appeal to reason in interactions – Communications relating to insights relating to the environment – Objectivity relating to communications – Clarity relating to information interchanges – Intelligent partners – Discussions relating to culture at the location


Seeking of solitude – Encounter of problems out in the world – Encounter of predicaments – Hard-working lifestyles – To be alone or isolated – To seem resistant to contact — To feel abandoned – Personally problematic conditions – Obstacles or hindrances out in the world – To be in jam


Me and intuitions relating to actions – Activities in private or in secret – Work with obscure or unknown factors – Professions involving nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Sacrifices relating to work – Efforts relating to uncertainty or instability – Work in relation to losses – Me and mistakes – Me and indecision — Inadequate self-reliance relating to work – Disillusionment relating to work – Refusals in relation to work – Me and manipulation – Active personal deception


Satisfaction even in frugal circumstances – Me and luck in seclusion or retirement – Earnings despite handicaps or disadvantage/s – Income relating to medical matters – Increases relating to serious or critical concerns – Financial sacrifices — Increases relating to worries or fears – Clouded happiness – Money deficiencies – Financial losses – Injustice



Satisfaction even in frugal circumstances – Me and luck in seclusion or retirement – Earnings despite handicaps or disadvantage/s – Income relating to medical matters – Increases relating to serious or critical concerns – Financial sacrifices — Increases relating to worries or fears – Clouded happiness – Money deficiencies – Financial losses – Injustice

Beginnings relating to contacts between men and wives – Cooperative goals – Striving in/for partnerships – Active mutual support – Times of productivity or procreation – Wives’ vitality – Husbands’ work with the public – Joint activities or work – Times of creativity or resourcefulness – Days or years of something new of substance – Productive populations or nations – Mutual demands for action – Dealings with fire, ignitions, or weapons – Nations of armed persons – To live in the moment — To order each other around – Coercive interactions

Events relating especially to women – To be stimulated – Eventful hours – To awaken – Excited populations or nations -Emotional tensions – Impulses relating especially to women – Cerebral apoplexy – Public unrest – Agitated populations or nations

Unexpected actions relating especially to women – Stimuli relating to work with women – Action on emotional stimuli – Surprising productivity – Technical work – Stimuli relating to creative women – Stimuli relating to creative hours – Technical work of populations or nations – Transportation vehicles – Suddenly manifest energies — Actions contributing to tensions with wives – Triggering of public unrest – Beginnings relating to popular rebellions – Explosions
Unexpected action – Sudden energy – Surprises relating to actions – Implementation of reforms – Sudden compulsions – Beginnings relating to adventures – Technical work – Machinery – Transportation vehicles – Electricity – Excitement over sports – Beginnings relating to tension — Lightning – Sudden fires – Surprises relating to weapons



Open public questions – Me and non-solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Suspense all around me – Personal sacrifices out in public – Ambiguities out in the world – Projection of images or camouflage — Me and uncertainty, insecurity, or instability out in the world – Me and doubts – Personal losses all around – Disillusionment in public settings – Delusions – Deceit all around
Reputable families all around – Significance of public communion – Publicly outstanding groups – Important associates – Authorities on art or aesthetics – Outstanding personages – Famous individuals – Social importance out in the world – Official public associations – State offices – Federations – United Nations – Organizational leadership in public settings – Major world companies
Diplomatic success – Major gains or income or profits in or for the future – Experience with nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Extraordinary bodies of water – Satisfaction or success high in the air — Significance relating to inadequate freedom – Much losses or sacrifice relating to respect – Increase of sacrifice or losses relating to independence – Official inexperience – Increase of government losses or sacrifices – Many trivialities

Development of potential relating to extensive privacy – Increases relating to peace in the future – Substantial changes relating to extensive sacrifices – Scientific development of potential relating to fluid or nonphysical realities – Adjustments or conversions relating to sciences of fluid or nonphysical or unseen factors – Increase of sacrifices relating to freedom – Expanding bodies of water – Beneficial wind currents – Development of potential relating to extensive secrecy — Development of potential relating to discord – Increases relating to inexperience or failure – Substantial changes relating to extensive losses – Increase of losses relating to freedom – Insecurity or instability relating to extensive deceit – Extensive disintegration

Development of potential at requiring patience and persistence or continuity at work – Assignments dealing with current, updated, or momentary problems – Work plans resolving problems – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to departures or distancing – Work with problems relating to interchanges — Slow development of potential relating to work – Difficult readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions at work – Problems relating to work plans – Actions contributing to problems relating to interchanges – Gradual or eventual departures or distancing relating to work – Endings relating to current, updated, or momentary work – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to deaths – Mistreatment

Work in private relating to past or causal factors – To dig deeply into non-solid2d5dd4717b7580eadb0ee44216cb0df6 or nonphysical phenomena – Steady or specialized work with illness or handicaps – To oppose or resist malicious actions – Struggles or fights against poverty – Unknown or unrecognized conclusions relating to activities – Heavy or demanding working conditions – Work relating to ongoing deficiencies — Discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to decreases of work – Decreases of energy relating to obstructions – Ongoing inactivity or unemployment – Actions relating to damages and coldness – Freezing – Cruelty relating to deaths


Enjoyment of travel – Harmonious discussions in the evening – Deepening of sympathies through conversation – Discussions relating to harmonious departures or distancing – Sales – Artistic historical writings – Talk relating to problems and art — Hindered talk relating to love – Alienation relating to communications – Talk relating to departures or distancing and love – To say goodbye with or to the partner

Satisfaction even in frugal circumstances – Me and luck in seclusion or retirement – Earnings despite handicaps or disadvantage/s – Income relating to medical matters – Increases relating to serious or critical concerns – Financial sacrifices — Increases relating to worries or fears – Clouded happiness – Money deficiencies – Financial losses – Injustice


Sun=Neptune/Vulkanus=Successful secret or private activities – Financial use of non solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Benefits despite inactivity – Work for future gains or income – Benefits relating to losses or sacrifices of influence – Beneficial water power or strong winds — Quickly abating enthusiasm – Struggles or fights over future finances – Deceitful excellence or predominance relating to money – High-impact injustice – Great misfortune – Increases relating to failure
Work for truth in relationships – Powerful ethical bonds – Initiation of open contacts – Creation of clarity among connections – Attainment of honesty in interactions – Pushing for truth or facts relating to contacts – Intellectual influence in relationships – Shared concepts relating to power – Cultural work relating to others


Beneficial large-scale changes – Advantageous development of potential relating to power – Influence relating to increasing income – Enormously beneficial alterations – Increase of influence relating to finances – Successful new undertakings – Large-scale gains or income – Intensive financial development of potential – Rapid increases – Successful development of potential relating to strength – Athletic victories – Laws relating to intensive increases – Current, updated, or momentary legal measures

o gain extraordinary profits – Successful effort to move upward – Major gains or income relating to self-reliance – Important financial transaction – Great influence in money – Important financial profession – Benefits relating to official matters – Privileges in the work – Actions relating to official moneys – Successful exertion relating to state power – State legal measures – Lawyer – Successful politicians – Government leader – Perfection


Future strength or influence relating to marriages – Subtle or invisible family influence – Mutual work with non-solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – The power of social empathy – Influential private associations – Groups relating to aquatic sports – Major communal sacrifices – Mediumistic art work – Production relating to future or futuristic arts – Major mutual sacrifices — Dissolution relating to influential societies – Actions contributing to uncertainty or instability in associations – Collective entities without power – Major communal losses – Intense deceit relating to fellow members


Pursuit of intellectual or ideological professions – Outstanding spiritual or intellectual work – Insights relating to striving for power – Facts relating to current, updated, or momentary activities – Actions contributing to openness about activities – Strength or power relating to discovery of facts – Clarification relating to beginnings and power – New cultural work – Demand for ethics in sports – Facts relating to shooting, driving, or sports — Force or coercion relating to ideological conflicts – Fights over beliefs

Successful activities – Much or widespread work – To get experience – Actions contributing to gains or income – Widespread influence – Increases relating to power – Large-scale expansion or expanses – Considerable fame – Striving for peace and cooperation – Balances of power – Freedom at work – Scientific or academic work – Success in athletics – Growing power or strength – Business enterprises — Spreading or expansion or expanses relating to violence


Private or obscure environs – Maturing or aging or former associates – Sacrifices relating to partners – Simplicity in interactions – Solicitude relating to others – Health issues in the environs – Others need help – Medical patients – Non-solid or nonphysical realities pertinent to the environs – Unfamiliar or unknown contacts – Lack of comfort/s relating to others – Defects or deficiencies in the environs – Discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to partnerships – Evasion among partners — Losses relating to partners – Disfigured environs – Gravitation toward the primitive or unrefined – Regret relating to others – Polluted or dirty environs – To be envied – Others begrudge – Damage, injuries, or breakdowns relating to others
Obscure wealth in later years – Stable obscure income – Income or profits relating to problems or losses — Liver disorders – Lung diseases – Inadequate maturation – Handicaps relating to legal matters – Problems relating to under-the-table earnings – Misfortune relating to buildings – Problems relating to lack of money – Deprivation

Resistance to change – Continual emotional compulsiveness – Impediment of unfolding restructuring, conversions, or transitions – Limitations relating to developing nations