33-Minor-Discs-KnightThe young knight in armor standing calm in the green fields, horseback at standstill on the black horse, but this time it is not a battle horse, but it is all about work and money issues. Above the helmet like the head of a horse has spring poles of a tree.He is holding at his hand a pentacle , looking at it very seriously, with full awareness, determination and calmness.A man determined for the route he is following and with all supplies to overcome the difficulties that would be presented on his way to the realization of his material prosperity.In that rode a stocky horse holding it by the bridle symbolizes control over the forces of life and the fact that it has matured to the point where it can establish that power to his service. The man represented here has his responsibilities, is hardworking, resigned, useful and practical. The knight is not lost in fantasies and abstract ideas and is in direct contact with the reality.Perhaps also gives the good features in a state which proves beneficial for the person who can take advantage of it for the benefit of and inspires confidence .Yet, this card can mean a substantial financial case that came or will come.Located next to negative cards means that someone is unprogressive, coward, thoughtless, inconsiderate and that his conduct creates problems and makes the lives of others hard.Also favors the inertia and stagnation in economic affairs.






18-Major-MoonPulling another card next to it to see the negative or positive interpretation, we see the Moon and understand that this gives a negative connotation to the forecasts for month October.Circumstances will reach or have already reached to the marginal point.That symbolizes fluctuations , danger and escape from reality, hostile environment, frustrations, mistakes and difficulties.