Venus, will change zodiac sign by the end of September and from the sign of Virgo will enter the sign of Libra, at the 9th house of solar horoscope.

With Venus in Libra we become more sociable, polite and friendly. We like the company of others and good behavior helps us to obtain more friends quickly. Rarely we say something that can hurt the others and that is because we measure each conversation with attention. Under this influence we create a lot of balanced relationships but also we have the gift of maintaining them. Marriage is a serious matter and when we marry we are confident in our choices, mainly those who have their natal Venus in the sign of Libra. However ,these people get too early into suffering, they love family and tend to give their soul to their mate .They try always give their best and are generous both with emotions and in materialistic level that always share with the person of their interest.
It is good time perhaps to let the everyday anxieties and go for a journey. To combine relaxation with a visit to places that will fill you up and give you pleasure because of harmonics emitted by nature. It is also a good time to visit archaeological sites and monuments .When Venus passes through the 9th house is not excluding acquaintances with people living abroad, you could also attend seminars or study abroad or meet some people there yet and to cooperate with them. Besides, this is the magic of Venus, gives charm and magnetism where you could do a lot if you’re a little prepared.
The aspects will be formed by Venus are these. Venus and Pluto will form a square on 8/10, here we do not start a new job nor a new relationship either .This aspect is problematic. If you are involved in have a look honestly deep inside them but also to your feelings. Do not resist yourself if you feel deep need for change. Let your relationship to mature and change.
The opposition of Venus-Uranus at 11/10, maybe there will be many emergency situations in a relationship during this transit. The way that you will face any problems depends on the level of contact that you have with each other. Uranus likes to reject the rigor and stiffness. Whatever relationship starts under this influence will be original but it will not last. Do not make decisions seriously, because everything breaks down suddenly and swiftly.
Venus will sextile Jupiter on 14/10, and things will slowly change, a very positive aspect to start a relationship that will bring the best and will be proved beneficial for our psychology and usually we feel cheerful and happy. In general there is help and understanding and difficulties overcome.

Mercury will conjunct Venus at 17/10, time for good news, exchange visits, pleasant meetings, and interesting conversation and is a very positive transit to clear any misunderstandings or disagreements and emotional issues.

Venus will sextile to Mars in 20/10, you will receive and you will give love, and whatever you do will be attractive, you will have the mood to go out and have more fun. Eroticism and enchantment are the effects of this transit.