On the 28th September Mercury will change again zodiac sign and will pass from the sign of Libra in Scorpio in the 10th house of the solar horoscope. Mercury will pass during this period in the 10th house and our thoughts will be on career here and under this influence we will be more analytical, there will be a mood for research available and we tend to stand much more on details while we will have more demand from ourselves.

In the same house Mercury will make his last retrograde motion on the October 4 at the sign of Scorpio until 25 / 10.This period is eligible to show off your professional abilities .Under this planetary effect you will be able to advertise your projects and show or contact with your superiors and claim a better position or an increase of your salary if you like. This transit will help you make decisions about your career and gives you the chance to get in contact with someone who can give you useful advice about your future.
Let’s say a few things to see how this influence is functioning. Mercury in Scorpio is the right Mercury for someone who has the talent of a psychologist because with this influence we make others open up and reveal their secrets of life. One more reason that allow us to play the role the confessional is that we are very discreet, we know how to keep secrets under any circumstances. Here we apply the phrase “I’m grave.”


The memory of people with Mercury in Scorpio is good enough, remember the other and the real issues that concern them, can offer to others in order to please them but they know also what hurts them too. The double-edged sword of Mercury is that people who have this sign here remember with tremendous details who has caused their wounds. Of course that is a problem if someone has a lot of Scorpio, in his natal chart such as Venus and Moon because then these people become very vengeful and capable of causing great harm around.
Mercury in Scorpio speaks less, is reserved, and very demanding than others. A person who refuses to express what is hidden inside but also requires from friends and notably his mate to discover anytime his feelings.

With Mercury in Scorpio you should learn that people who surround you are not gods so they can understand you, despite the fact that you may be reserved .You should know and learn that it is essential to communicate more with others and do not need to afraid to exchange views and feelings, because that makes you vulnerable. Do not forget that you have the need to get away from all your problems and that friends are not there only just to confess their own problems but also to share your own ones. Be aware of the background plots and do not say a lot during this period to others about your plans and your movements.

The square of Mercury-Saturn and the opposition of Mercury-Jupiter are two major aspects that will be formed in the next period, the first is a sign of fatigue and have to spend much effort and energy for our professional targets. Pressure from partners will be continuous but also we will not be able to meet the demands of the other with ease. Negative aspect to start anything we want with the retrograde motion of Mercury in October, because we get exhausted without any particular profit.

The opposition of Mercury-Jupiter from the 22/10 makes us overly optimistic and enthusiastic and that has the result to promise things that we can not achieve. On the other hand we may expect a lot from others and become more demanding. During this aspect by December, try not to do the above because you will expose yourselves. Do not make any new beginning during the Mercury retrogression until the 25/10 and that is because later you will want to give up when the first enthusiasm will pass.