I overhear people muttering that this autumn will start with the best perspectives, discerning while I am on vacation at a remoted place, even though everything looks to be on a borderline by the Full Moon in Pisces this September. We just spend the last summer month and all appears to be intensified, even though perhaps that is not so certain while the Mars stay through Scorpio will continue to be effective till the middle of this month, who also has been activated through damaging aspects by Jupiter last month. Excesses and arrogance prevailed at all levels and the almost daily air disasters with Uranus retrogression, exceeded all limits with Mercury-Mars-Jupiter involved in. News are absolutely sad and disturbing.

As we move Neptune will be involved with a square bringing scandals, cheating and quite blurry situations around 22/9. Also maybe accidents will take place are related to the liquid element, chemical, fire and oil. On the other if the embargo issue will be not resolved soon that Russia crusaded and of course we hope, that Russia will not stop the supply of gas, circumstances later with Saturn in Sagittarius will be particularly harder, but let’s hope that the trine of fire between Jupiter-Uranus within the month will be an opportunity to resolve any issue, and that will be at its peak on 25/9. It’s a fairly advantageous aspect and powerful, capable to overthrow everything and bring scientific advances.is that really so? I went into more searching concerning this aspect because I had the feeling that things are not really so,as it has two options.


Jupiter-Uranus aspect we always look forward into the future and this period of time is the most suitable for changes and new beginnings. Originality characterizes our actions and there is inspiration all around. This cycle is being experienced on a collective level,as an explosion of technological developments and euphoria that is a result of progress and change. For instance under the influence of this aspect Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the Moon in 1969 after a conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus.
Reagan envisioned Star Wars in 1983, after this particular conjunction .This aspect, brings about revolutionary changes in the educational system, rebellion and reforms in justice and religion. However, with this aspect humanity is being captured by joy and a sense of destination, there are new breakthroughs, a wave of revolutionary energy and an optimistic economic progress.

Of course as you comprehend this combination helps with the condition that we have to come first in rupture and seek for something altered .Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and morality but also the desire for improvement and spiritual development .With Jupiter already in Leo from July 16th will help to dare more and gain more without allowing fear to determine the sequence of things.

Uranus will remove any restrictions and will make the changes a reality from the position of Aries. But with Uranus nothing is certain at all as all happen suddenly and without warning, and things may take a 180 degree turn any time and results can be the very opposite where it will raise subjects freedom and individuality.
This aspect would actually shake up the waters in economy, social and political state of affairs. The meeting of the two planets is directly related to space and technology, medicine, the transmission of information and movements at the most, as reported in the two examples above The trine will affect of course Greece where the twists on a political level is certainly in the agenda and signaled a change of government and sharpening political conflicts.


Sure enough the aspect will affect the legislation, schemes, regimes, principles and religion. Besides these matters are found in ferment and lead to extreme situations and events in the Middle East. So probably there will be changes and twists in religious doctrines, philosophies and institutions as also political overthrows are inevitable.
On a personal level the specific planetary influences, the sincerity of Jupiter and ingenuity of Uranus favors mutual respect and progress. Two people in a relationship for example may enjoy the freedom and express their feelings. With this aspect we accept easily diversity of another but help to resolve feelings of authoritarianism and repression.if you see the map above, this aspect will affect India-Pakistan borders something I have mentioned before all through summer and the relations between the East and West.

Usually, we desire to encourage the ideas and the talents of others and charitable mood with unique way contributing to the happiness of others, and we inspire as we have the capacity of implementing many more of our dreams. Partnerships blossom and our efforts are fruitful where crowned successfully .We have the ability to charm everyone, have great respect and appreciation and there is faith. The negative traits of such an aspect would be if we avoid to check the others and to have blind faith. Limit recklessness.

Finally of course do not forget that Jupiter in Leo will promote entrepreneurship and investment, good time for economic recovery, but of course takes a lot of attention because Uranus brings over-optimism easily and lures everyone to take the risk without considering the consequences.However,the trine between Jupiter and Uranus from Leo and Aries may open a dangerous pre- period ,before October eclipses,then Mars will have enter  the sign of Sagittarius and then will meet Capricorn which means that circumstance will be too hard globally.If I will look in October,I will observe the conjunction in Capricorn which is not optimistic at all but I will write for it on the next month.