The New Moon will take place on 24 September 2014, at 9:14 and will be held at the sign of Libra, affecting the zodiac signs of the Cardinal Cross, Aries, Capricorn, Libra Cancer. and into this phenomenon will participate Mars, Mercury, Pluto Uranus affecting emotional and professional relationships and where those will be again the focus and and that means balances should be retrieved necessarily.A fairly contentious atmosphere will be cultivated that will cause misunderstandings but will also revise thoughts and actions. Generally the New Moon opens a hot enough period regarding all we mentioned of the above.There will be turbulence also in international politics and violence as well as criminality will be increased dramatically while not excluded the possibility of extreme weather events.

september new moon new moon chart worldThe New Moon will occur at the first degree of Libra.I first day of Libra symbolizes the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, where it occurs twice a year when the axis of the Earth is aligned in parallel a right angle to the axis of the Sun.Just a little before New Moon the Sun will be in alignment with the vertical equator of the Earth, so that day and night are of equal duration to any point on earth’s surface.

The first degree is of the Research and linked to major discoveries about the future.Also, once a year the sun aligns with the hyper-galactic center SGC in 20th degree of Libra , the degree of total collapse.The SGC is a huge black hole containing billions of suns revolving around the Milky Way like dozens of other galaxies.However,I would prefer this power hit and there will be an outbreak on different things such the weather or other phenomena but not affecting the global economy,as it will have ruining effects for all and that is because a period of eclipse is being followed that definitely balances will be overthrow globally on political level.

The New Moon will occur at the 12th house of solar horoscope linked to hospitals, prisons, institutions, prisons and any other restrictive sites, charities, secret groups, secret governmental entities and enemies from within. He rules the things that are well hidden or secret, manipulation, slavery, issues human rights, crime, espionage and intelligence services, and what is being covered or masked,underground and the beyond.

The New Moon will affect the fifth house of Greece, that has to do with theater, arts, entertainment, sports, fashion,children, gambling, speculative interests, associated with Exchange, colonies, dependencies, pleasure, fun, romance ,sporting and social functions.

More generally, the New Moon will affect India, Pakistan China but the bottom of Russia in general the southern part of East Asia.

Pluto on 23 September completes its retrograde motion and for 8 weeks will at about the same degree , in the sign of Capricorn, where people in the world signify that will be below a wave of indignation and perceive that freedom to create has been distorted or limited now .We live in times that people battle who will have the upper hand, it’s all about power, everything changes and being transformed ,the system, the power, the governments, our relationships, our reality and our place in the world.But it is necessary to change.This New Moon is very important and particularly challenging for relations.