Venus will leave the sign of Leo on 5 September and will enter the sign of Virgo, at 7:07 pm, in the 8th house of the solar horoscope where it will remain there until the 29th September and then deliver its position at the sign of Libra .This implies ongoing engagement with sex, death and other abuses that can also be disastrous for health. Here at this point we probably experience disappointment.

Venus at the sign of Virgo, we tend to be cautious about who can be our friend or doubt about our relations. Of course we like to do favors to those we love and that definitely makes us feel very nice and cozy and we want to give all and even our affection to excessive grade. Sometimes we can be moralists and harsh critics but if Venus is in a weak position this can hurt the feelings of others.

With this transit we do not hurry to make the next step in our relationship, to marry or commit ourselves, we are realistic, because the key is that you must first ensure material safety and then discuss about serious relationships .The matter of wedding perhaps will be postponed for example, so we would say that is not the best time to make a serious proposals unless you supply what you need.

With this influence we are faithful but we also have a tendency to become reserved and not letting others approach us emotionally, which can get tiring for others and get them to think that being egotistical is over the relationship.

Venus in Virgo is here is exalted. Venus is in the sign of supply and work within the earthly house of Mercury, ruler of Virgo. So we can give our best to serve others and to thank our loved ones if there are positive aspects to be formed .In love we get armed with the critical eyes and attitude of Virgo and we tend to put others under the microscope. Arts and business, but also scientists are being favored. Also there is much sense of humor which can make you popular to your surroundings .If you form a relationship now you will pay attention to whether others are clean and tidy but you will see your relationship seriously. Business spirit is intense.

With negative aspects, things here are harder and there is difficulty in our personal relationships, in order to find your ideal partner and we tend to constantly reveal defects and by this way our personal relations lead to a standstill. During this period try to refine your sophistication if you are committed and stop looking for flaws in others. And finally do not use humor for offending others or to indirectly criticize someone.

Venus on 10 September will form an opposition with Neptune and insecurities will come to surface regarding our sexual relationship and our partner, for example we may ask for unrealistic things and fly in the clouds or suddenly not show confidence and trust in others. Others will be difficult to respond while you’re in your own imaginative space and thus creates grievances and heartache. This is not the nicest aspect for economics, where it can be the cause of this situation. With this aspect we tend to idealize the situations leading to frustration when the truth is being revealed .Abuse, instability and disappointing sexual treats are features of this aspect such as scandals, infidelity and bankruptcy concerning economic subjects or even cheating connected to that are highly likely and there is a general confusion.

Fortunately, of course, Venus will trine Pluto on 14/9, where profits and an unexpected opportunity may arise to increase your income or receive unexpectedly something good, so keep your eyes open. In erotic themes under this aspect we create karmic bonds, while the attraction can be very intense but there are difficulties from external factors possibly, for example someone else may enter the relationship or try to come between you and the other person. Usually there is strong sexuality but the probable returns from significant profit from inheritance, as an example.

Finally Venus will sextile Saturn on 21/9, and this aspect will somehow will function as a protection, will respect and admire but will also give lessons of wisdom and experience. We should trust others and to prove that mutual understanding will not allow problems to nest in a relationship.

Love, wisdom and maturity will offer high quality if we live with others under the same roof. In love, we can be skeptical and moderate but not start something spontaneously. In a few words the “musts” penetrate our love relations without reacting about these things .However, there is a strong need to powerfully satisfy the desires of others sometimes. Usually, to this aspect there is a preference for older people where you feel safe and secure that these features will be fierce at the time. However, our collaborations will be successful generally we devote ourselves to our professional objectives, and maintain the equilibrium at all levels.

Possessiveness and jealousy can be dominating feelings for our mate during this transit through the 8th house, so watch out for your behavior because you will not know how others may react on you. Its message is MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.