August will be critical as also the first part of September. Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius are obliged to re-examine any circumstances from the beginning concerning any partnerships, relationships, set new targets in their lives and also stop to resist in changes are constantly knocking at their door. Planet transits and blows are intense this month under the influence of the conjunction between Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. Mercury in Leo and Venus also in the same zodiac sign as Jupiter too will finally form a strong square by the end of August till the middle of September. Saturn is dancing a cheek to cheek dance with Mars in Scorpio and it will be necessary for you to take drastic decisions and some of you will fight to lead circumstances in the way you want. Saturn’s influence is catalytic and is pressing you all to work harder and finally close down anything is necessary to be closed and find its solution. Things are going to change, you are going to leave something behind you and you will have to see with what you will move on. The point is not to make everything quickly “a whitewash’ if you like. Of course this period of time, has something positive too. The conjunction will test partnerships and relationships of all kind, everything will be a matter of sturdiness and will survive those who have strong foundations. If you have managed to keep what you want till Christmas, when Saturn will enter Sagittarius and will make cross his last degrees in Scorpio for 2014, then what you need till then is to be particularly strong.

Despite the fact that August typically is vacation month for most of us, the hard times we pass demand to be alerted constantly in all levels. After all, remember that with every risk we should expect an opportunity too. So, in my opinion it will be not bad to try and think differently and activate our intuition in order to form new alliances, and define new rules. It is important to take seriously our decisions because that will have a commitment form for the next few months and consequences in the future. Think well first of your actions and then proceed carefully. Difficulties and delays are in the program. August will be hard on apolitical level too, internationally, the economical crisis will be here but between leaders there will be miscommunication and confusion. On the other hand, there will be changes in decision that leaders will take concerning money, energy matters and external politics. Criminality and accidents and viruses will be increased too. There will be density but open conflicts in different parts of the world. But most of us will remain tied down with economical obligations and problems. Pressure and difficulties will be visible but it is necessary to handle our money in the right way but also the sign of danger too.