A sovereign man is standing before the ramparts of the fort that overlooks the sea.On his right hand holds a globe on his left the wand. The sphere symbolizes the world and the domination over him, which has been achieved through the gnosis.To second wand is fastened with an iron circle next to it .Down on right hand in the foreground, lilies and roses are forming one equilateral cross which means the balance between pure thought with white lillies, and passion for knowledge with red roses.The two Wands means courage and daring for the launch of a project, but mainly insight. Symbolizes the ability one has to realize that someone is real, while being clear his mind fist, than any biased thoughts. Thus it is objective to judge things with wisdom and handle the power with responsibility.He is kind and generous to others and holding the appropriate influence.He has already get there and has gained success by legitimate means.

The negative facing side means a condition that all had started well but has now turned against and the blame is himself because he stood immature to to face it up.In this case the card declares fear and nervousness. It may also mean that in order to master and solve the utilization problems unfairly for self and success makes him feel empty and insignificant. But in this case wanting to know about the situation prevailing in August we drop next a second card.
The knight Swords beside the two Wands is predicting a storm that is coming up A Horseman emerges holding his sword high in the air, where facing the world with determination to defend equilibrium, determined to give a battle with confidence. Shows the coming of a bad luck.The negative meaning of it is exaggeration, the aggression, irrationality and exhibitionism. Refers to a situation intolerable and oppressive but also less favorable, that constantly fret and lose energy.So Think about it and wonder.