Uranus will start his retrograde motion from the 22/7/2014 and will stop to retrograde on 22/12/2014 at 5:33 until midnight from the position of Aries, and will reach his 12th degree during his retrogression. Uranus symbolizes the change, the unpredictable and the revolution in order to let the new come into our lives. If you are ready in personal and social level for this change will not have problem at all. But those have adopted a stubborn attitude and resist, will have to face the consequences of their intransigence.

As Uranus will moves backwards through the sign of Aries, will provide an opportunity for those who want to realize that there comes a new era in their life. They are obliged to look upon persons and truths that hurt and not being able to see before. They will distrust about values and establishment, and a lot more their own way of thinking .There will be a highly jittery that should be drained into creating channels. Anything has to do with the Electronic Internet and technology will absorb your attention in particularly. However, there will be trends for skepticism and rebellion in our personal relationships.

Issues concerning the airborne military space, and ideological fanaticism, cruelty and violence will rise up. Inward blink independence and wisdom. Take advantage of this period seeking the truth and authenticity in your life and find what you really are. Aries, Libra, Capricorns and Cancers will be particularly affected. When this planet of creativity and freedom is in retrograde motion, it is time to channel creative and artistic thoughts into a practical plan. One might feel anxiety and concern during this period. Some innovative ideas can also come suddenly. It’s time to implement them. But plan very carefully before you start anything.

Uranus tends to be stronger during the retrograde motion. When retrogrades our moves are revolutionary erupts from nowhere. This stems from the fact that people need to make changes within them to enable them to express to the outside world. During this “processing” phase, the individual rarely understands how revolutionary may be. When Uranus is in retrograde drive through transits, it will awaken freedom and will constantly encourages and challenges the person suddenly awake. Considers that it is better to draw what you think need to change, and make the change when Uranus will meet again in a straight orbit. Check the sprints and do not act impulsively.