Mars will enter Scorpio after his long stay for whole 8 months being in Libra, since 7 December 2013, now on the 26 July 2014, at 4:25 am, he will enter the zodiac sign of Scorpio, at the 12th house of the solar horoscope (public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, and working class. Because of its links to service, the 6th House rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment, and the civil service. It also rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense. Through its connection with health, the 6th House rules places serving food and drink, public health and health workers. ) and that predicts sparks and increased danger but also intense challenges and initiatives and background plots concerning any decisions that will be made till the 12th of September, where Mars will roll through the 7th house (alliances, enemies, diplomacy, pop reactions to government decisions, relations with other nations, organizations, treaties have been signed and trade) and then will proceed to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Generally, Mars transit is perfect for freelancers are working alone and that is because Mars, is filling us with dynamism, we feel free and independent, our confidence is strong and we believe that we are capable for everything and we do not need anyone or anything at all. We may take initiatives and complete an issue from the beginning till the end, without asking anybody.
All that is too nice for those are working alone.But for those who work with others and ,in partnerships, circumstances can be really hard because everyone reacts and believe that are not noticed properly or their abilities.
As we had explained before in older articles the symbol of Mars is the cross of the matter over the spirit and is known as a global symbol of male. His element is fire, metal is iron and keywords are energy, pioneer, leadership abilities, sexuality, passion, violence, destructive disposition with negative aspects, impatience and rashness but wrath too. Mars spreads panic all around, violence, arsons and other sort of disasters. His extra energy maybe scaring but is symbolizing the action and the energy is necessary to someone to survive, is filling our organism with energy and the ability to resist to pressure that is coming from outside factors.
Thanks to his influence someone is struggling to maintain current conditions of life, things we have won through hard work and now are being considered a significant part of our existence. Mars, gives energy to someone in order to express his sexuality, his strong emotions and prove also how hard someone may work. Mars with his passage stimulates and affects the other planets too.

Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio traditionally, is the planet that is being connected to the which predominantly related to the outbreak of primitive animalistic energy, militancy and polemical mood, the instinctive will and action and enforcement, the strength to survive through adversity and external conditions. Mars symbolizes courage, chivalry, pride, altruism and self-sacrifice. Mars is expressing the Heraclitus opinion “war is the father of all things.” Mars expresses the sexual desire. And not as often think about Venus, the planet that controls libido, deep instinctual sexual desire and the way in which is being expressed during the sexual act.
Mars here is dominant. Before the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler planet was the Mars .

So, the house of Pluto gives persistence and patience, virtues which, when being used positively, can be proved particularly creative. Under this influence there is no one and nothing can stop you to achieve what you want. Because this position shows skill in handling the knife, it will be good this ability to be drained into something creative. In sex, we can be highly dynamic and iterative.

However, with this position your emotional relationships easily can be hurt and leaving asking for revenge perhaps. Anyway never forgets easily a situation or someone that has been infringed, or hurt you. Mars (aggression) and the feeling of jealousy (Scorpio) may lead to extreme particular situations. Well, that will be a summer with passion and power and you will have the chance to claim what you want by the mid-September, those are wishing either to fall in love either the find a job or arrange professional matters as well. Intense jealousy, passion and impatience will dominate over relationships of summer and there will be competition at all levels.

Nevertheless it will not allow others to understand your intentions and feelings, you will be mysterious or move behind the scenes or plotting. Of course, this position is positive too and usually we do not give away to the barriers, we do not scare in front of the difficulties, we become bolder and durable and there a thirst for power and success. Use your soul and your mind to be crowned winners no matter what happens, wherever you are.