We might say that we are at the threshold of a new adventure under the inspiration of the Full Moon in Capricorn, at its 20th degree that will occur on the 12th of July 2014.This Full Moon will activate the axis of Cancer-Capricorn and if you remember in the same way we have the first New Moon at New Years Eve of 2014, in Capricorn. So you might guess what would occur, take a look at the January events. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_2014


Into this phenomenon we are going to have the contribution of Mars, Uranus and Pluto creating negative aspects affecting the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Cancers, Libra and Aries. There will be problems of career, work, personal and family difficulties that will occupy many of you as it will be easy to lose control and not being able to balance both as also there will be changes and unpredictability’s occur in what you have already have programed.

All of you should be cautious concerning the decisions you make and being flexible in your relationships with others because of pressure you are going to experience, you should maintain balances between your professional and personal life as well. On the global political scene, density and warfare’s will be escalated more as also there is possibility of a strong earthquake too. Weather strange phenomena and geological changes will continue to happen as also there will be changes in administration too.

Issues are connected to law, church, religious matters, religion generally, justice, lawyers, higher education foreign counties, publications will be heightened too.

July Full Moon 2014
There will be pressure in order to be found solutions in professional, economical personal matters in general. Mars from Libra will form a square and you need to ask yourselfs if you are pleased with all you have around you and if you are interesting to move on with what you have in your life. So, dilemmas are coming on the surface. This Full Moon will square Vesta and Ceres but also the Nodes of the Moon. Yet, on the 17-18 of July the Sun will square precisely the point of the April solar eclipse that occurred on the 15/4, at the axis of Aries-Libra and matters that were important during that period now will be heated again, however nothing will move on if will not be solved first.

This Full Moon will push people to close any matters are hanging in the air and have not been arranged yet, will press us make up our mind and proceed from theory to practice. This Full Moon also will show us the need to get in touch with other people and being updated for everything it happens around the world and everywhere.

Being restless spiritually, your main target will be to go with all that occur around you and expose you with new ides and issues. So, you may have retentive memory and the ability to talk with anyone for any matters you want precisely, bringing on the surface pieces of information from the recesses of your mind. You will also like to express your ideas to more people for the better. For some reason you will be able to enjoy more public speeches or anything with reading and studying. Short trips and environment changes may also occur as also those will also feed your thought in order to satisfy your curiosity.

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