Next week, on the 16th of the month as everyone knows Jupiter will change zodiac sign and will abandon the introvert and insecure zodiac sign of Cancer and will enter Leo till next July-August 2015.Jupiter in Cancer brought the rise of nationalism and fascism again in global history and made us particularly introvert and weak. So Jupiter will enter Leo, at 12:30 pm and will settle there till next summer.

Basically we have nothing in particular to tell about this position, as we wrote last summer for Jupiter in Cancer. We observe the events and repeated choices-mistakes of humanity in modern times again. As you may have read Jupiter is a particularly one of the most significant indicators in astrology concerning expansion, luck and prosperity. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the first of the external planets of the system as also needs 12 years to pass through the 12 zodiac signs while his length of stay in some of them is not equal .

It is the planet of expansion of knowledge and teaching and symbolizes the ethics inside us, freedom and fertility. Jupiter’s extension is being achieved through matter and wisdom. Traditionally, is related to religion, philosophy, the generosity, the law, honesty, morality, wealth, prosperity, and social class but also the clergy.

Globally, Jupiter regards to tolerance / intolerance, liberalism, the strong sense of morality, paternalism, charity, optimism, imperialist attitude, feelings of superiority, social consciousness, and capitalistic power in economy and trade relations. Governs the borders between countries and treaties between nations.

jupiter in leo

In Nations Horoscopes, Jupiter rules the religion, clergy, judges and senior court, the laws of the land, the banks and bankers, all rulers’ bodies and ratification of international treaties and the development of diplomatic and commercial relations. The Senate, the Political cabinets, nutrition, and all other national equivalents ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter also promotes peace, showing increased profits or reduce of them depending on whether it is connected to positive or negative aspects, is leading to the establishment of diplomatic relations or Ambassadors missions. If afflicted Jupiter can bring an overabundance of natural elements, religious repression, international crises, border disputes, import or export problems and economic crash.

So, you understand how important is Jupiter as indicator of economic and global prosperity in the global arena.
So in the middle of summer the majestic Leo, grand and fiery, jumps off, after Cancer. Life is the mean for the art, the game is everything, they want to gain experiences and let others know that yes, they have plenty. Leos ,normally, are creative, are the actors of life, they are brash, emphatic, and feel comfortable with the injunction and dazzling moves proclamations .They tend to construct a lot of drama about issues concern power. They do not hesitate to cause or face up a person, standard power, but surprising if they get they hurt in the following conflict.

Metaphorically, Leos scramble to escape the matriarchal dominance of Cancer .They are imperious regarding frontal attacks to life, but they search, for majestic and luxury. Leos, want to excel, to drive, want others to follow them, count on them, they need audience to watch them, and get distinguished in society .Their natural house is the world of spectacle and like the self- expose, love to be on the front, and they rule wherever they are. They are connected to industry, literature, style, they are passionate, and generous, honest and do not tolerate fraud or hypocrisy.
Leos triggering respect, are hot lovers and romantic partners, conscious, brave and bold and live for the present. Their ruler planet is the Sun, and they should strive to overcome their imposing and obscure side of themselves. Leos when fail become tough, demanding, dominant, and destructive .They are in danger get drowning into their selfishness and their own materialism.

Their dominant phrase is, “I Create”. It is a social and extroverted sign, is stable fire and male. He is being ruled by the Sun and its metal is Gold. They have leader abilities. Leo, is keen to acquire anything expensive they wish and they do not like to save money at all. But they know how to survive in very difficult economic conditions, and what he winds he spends it all. Leo is linked to politicians, honors, they get excite easily, they are impulsive, adore power and the mythical state of manners. They love fun, they love to run after a partner, indulging in the opposite sex .They are being identified to the 5th house of the solar horoscope. Their sensitive points are the heart and spine. Neptune is on the rise.
So we just analyzed a little bit about Jupiter in Leo, in order to understand the nature of these two and the way they are going to be related in the next years. The Leo , will give us new hope, and will contribute to improve living conditions, by giving good luck, better opportunities for creating better conditions to survive. This position is very important because Jupiter symbolizes growth, justice, spirituality and charity. When this forms positive aspects with the Moon, the society is a given that will improve conditions for survival.
Jupiter has a need for evolution and expansion in the sign of Cancer that was limited, and people became more introvert.

The results of this influence would look better after the autumnal equinox of 2014. Leos love entertainment, and are not fazed by anything and by anything in adversity, but strengthen the instinct of self-preservation and patience. Jupiter will stay in Leo from July 16 until August 2015 and most of us will devoted to the perfect and ideal and will give more meaning to our lives.

Of course, there is the other side of it, adding more information concerning the progress of global economical crisis as I had wrote since the beginning of 2014 in the Greek page, that I had brought a past analysis of this matter. Uranus and Pluto will start to have the protagonist role and will maintain the disharmony till the spring of 2015, like the same it had been occurred in 1930 and that means that we will change page in global history. Changes are going to happen with a dramatic way and the events of this year will be particularly significant for the world.

Because of luck of time I had mentioned before the articles in the Greek page and anyone could translate them into many languages automatically.Of course,I will soon find the opportunity to translate it when i will have time in my August vacation.

There was a study concerning the economical crisis, in the past. So ,we write that Jupiter in Leo will be highlighted in the year 2015 and Saturn will change zodiac sign and will enter Sagittarius for awhile, on the 24/12/2014,for six months and the will return in Scorpio to complete his cycle. When Jupiter will pass in Leo people will have the chance to support and protect what they belong to them (property) but also Saturn will continue to create problems and complications. Saturn in Scorpio left his scars on a psychological level, making people commit suicide and confront economical crisis, limiting joy and happiness but also Mars in Libra brought the upside down in relationships.

It is expected Jupiter in Leo to make circumstances more complicated, while the economical warfare will continue, there will be global density and war conflicts in different parts of the globe as with the common cause, the underground wealth, meanwhile the middle class will continue to be organized more and more trying to revolt and take over. Under the threaten of economical crash, propaganda, and control the mob, and that will continue with the known ways, the instinct to survive will be strengthen more and more with the time. Who knows what sort of laws are going to be made and test our limits when Saturn will enter Sagittarius?