Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, is moving slower than Uranus and needs almost 14 years to cross each zodiac sign but also 165 years to cross the zodiac circle. Neptune is the highest octave for Venus represents love and harmony that soul is emitting. The integrative character of Venus brings people closer together, while Neptune is leading to the harmonization of the human with the divine, matter and spirit. This planet controls the subconscious of mankind and society.
These is the basic properties arising from all the other activities and achievements. Neptune is about unconditional love, without reward. Is angelic, anything divine that exists in mankind. On this planet we join the creative imagination that constitutes a way of escape and liberation that redeemed simultaneously. The imagination can be found in the service of everyday life or result in artistic creation and thus become a vehicle to flee through of what art is offering. It is not an accident that Neptune was discovered at the time that cinema was created that is being characterized as “seventh art” and “factory dreams.”

Depending the aspects formed can lead with the same ease into different paths and more dangerous. He can sink us literally into deep sleep and trance, in order to avoid the ordinary life that has been imposed on us. That may lead us into sad and depressive situations, Neptune misleads easily, there is fraud and delusion and of course we fall into traps more easily.
Connected to the output from what used to call “objective reality”. Represents the utopia, scandals and hoaxes. In this space the filtering of reality occurs, dreams, fantasies, and nightmares.

On 09/06/2014 Neptune turned into a retrograde orbit and also from the 09/06/2014 till 16/11/2014 by the 7th degree of Pisces will get to the 4th degree. His retrograde motion started at 22:50 and is ending on 11 November at 9:05. Neptune is the planet of inspiration, artistry, spirituality, faith and visions. Symbolizes illusions, escapes and deceptions. During retrograde periods that last for a long time, our dreams can be vibrant, our intuition and intense but also our creativity.

The Poseidon blurs limits. Backroom actions come to light, do not blindly listen to what others tell you that and give you, and do not follow blindly the others. Keep in your mind that must be step well to the ground, it is an unfit period to lend, borrow and make investments. Be concentrated on the details of your job because you would tend to daydream and be absent-minded. Casual encounters and romances will excites us and carry us away. Usually our homes can become a haven away from the noise and overcrowding.
Neptune is the planet of metaphysics, is the soul and spirit. Pisces is perfectly positioned to express our feelings. In retrogression he affects our psyche intensely. Pay attention in your dreams, but watch the illusion. Many false prophets appear during the course of the retrograde motion of Neptune, who pretend to be misleading spiritual guiders. Pay attention to love affairs are starting now, pay attention to deception and promises that may seem ideal but can be false. Be cautious when you use of alcohol, drugs substances. Upheaval, scandals, and matters of religion and art come on the surface .Gemini, Sagittarians, Virgos and Pisces are those who will most affected.