In this article I will make a small review of what I wrote in the other page about 2014. In Greece gradually we being led to early elections, naturally, with 70% astrological chances to be made until the fall .These elections will not even be caused by the popular demand or initiative of a party, but a random and unfortunate fact will ignite national elections.

New Democratic Party leader will change and there will be serious moves of Kostas Karamanlis return, who will be called even by his own people to rule and will take any decisions based strictly personal criteria. Also, PASOK will be dissolved and there will be the rise of SYRIZA, and Golden Dawn, which will play a key role into the developments. Also there will be the establishment of a new political party and there will be a high probability (about 70%) to create government figures. All show that Greece is changing course after November 21, 2014.It is characteristic that the astrological events also indicate that by the fall of the New Year (which seems for many reasons and for many countries is definite) will start the countdown for Germany.

The Year of the Horse is the year of radical decisions both for Greece and for Europe. On the other hand, during the 2014 global recession will cause wars, population shifts, and serious terrorist attacks in America and Europe, which will affect the future of religious fanaticism.Decisive role in Balkans and Mediterranean will play the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who strengthens its presence. But in Russia there will be a terrorist attack, and it appears a strong risk for the president himself.Risk appears also for the health of the president of America Barack Obama. The American economy will collapse again, while new political spotlight will change in the country’s history. China will establish the global economic fabric. In Italy the government will be dissolved and will lead to elections, while we will have the end of the Pope. Large, however, questions about its economic future will have to face once again for Cyprus. In Britain it appears the end of an important (for decades) person who would “go” plunging the country into mourning.

Lucky number is the secret seven (7) while the horse has to do with the farm work and struggle. In March we have had an exact square of Uranus – Pluto the same one that had been formed in 1932-1934. With this astrological aspect in 1933 Adolf Hitler had risen as chancellor to prime minister position of Germany.

Many countries will be prepared for this type of dictatorship even today. This year in particular we have the year of the wooden horse and is identical to the years of 1990-1991, which changed the map of the planet, with the unification of Germany, the fall of the USSR and beyond. Generally and in other years of the horse in the past placed global change (1930, 1966). Eclipses in April, in Libra lunar eclipse and solar one in Taurus, will run the end of many political systems and will bring new political methods.In 2014 indeed seems to be described as “year of the insurgency.” The astrological chart of socio-political predictions show, ignition of the Middle East and immigration uprisings in Egypt, Middle East and India. “Migration revolts we will have in European countries and in particular in Italy, Sweden and especially in Spain, where the rebellion will be historic.

Major natural disasters will stigmatize Turkey that will experience a fierce earthquake and an earthquake will hit Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hurricanes and tides will hit London and America. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will affect Japan, India and Pakistan. Due to natural disasters and provided large population displacements. At the same time coming and a lot of positive in 2014, as we will discover important new drugs and methods in medicine. Overall, this is the year of cleansing and awakening, the year of big changes and decisions.