Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772–1843) was a French professional fortune-teller of considerable fame during the Napoleonic era. In France Lenormand is considered the greatest cartomancer of all time, highly influential on the wave of French cartomancy that began in the late 18th century.Lenormand was born on 27 May 1772 in Alençon, Normandy, to Jean Louis Antoine Lenormand, a draper, and Marie Anne Lenormand (née Gilbert). Lenormand was orphaned at the age of five and educated in a convent school. Lenormand left Alençon for Paris in 1786.Lenormand claimed to have given cartomantic advice to many famous persons, among them leaders of the French revolution (Marat, Robespierre and St-Just), Empress Josephine and Tsar Alexander I. She was active for more than 40 years.In 1814 Lenormand started a second literary career and published many texts, causing many public controversies. She was imprisoned more than once, though never for very long.Lenormand died in Paris on 25 June 1843 and is buried in Division 3 of Père La chaise Cemetery.

Madame Lenormand was so devoted to her art that she used a custom 36 card deck of her own design. Each card carries more than one meaning. In most classic spreads the meaning of each card in a specific reading is directly related to its proximity to the card that represents the person the reading is for. However, the deck works very well with tarot spreads too.There are many short of Readings spreads,one of 3 Cards,one spread of 5 cards and the Cross Lenormand Spread and the Great Lenormand Spread and the 9 cards spread.Gypsy Lenormand Readings referred to those who want to discover the truths of their destiny.To those who seek the power of Prophecy and bring in the light the past,yours or others and above everything the future possibilities ,their own Life Line!Two centuries later after Lenormands death,mentalist Erna Droesbeke interprets the Sacred cards of Lenormand and give detailed instructions,analyzing the cartomancy methods,which is necessary for the deepest knowledge of Tarot symbolism,that will help the next generations analyze their messages so to be clear for future prophecies.

Gypsy Lenormand leads to revelations of apocryphal knowledge. Sacred Lenormand cards are grounded on verified traditions and astrology symbolism’s, Numerology, Geomancy and Mythology of Flowers, that are cyphers and morals of prehistoric tarot but interpreted with the inspirational prophetic aptitude of Petit Lenormand, qualified to the apocryphal traditions by one of the greatest investigators and interpratators of Tarot, French historian and philosopher Cour De Gebelin.Gypsy lenormand cards till then printed in many versions,however messages remain the same as also drawings too.Petit Lenormand, an inspired gypsy of the 17th century is acknowledged all over the world, in all mentalists, individuals and magicians. Larousse encyclopedia, reports Lenormand as one of the most proficient fortune teller of that era, who was the private counselor of Josephine Bonaparte, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Compelling fortune teller of Renaissance was born in France, on 27th May, 1772, during the times that historians, philosophers, Apocrypha were studying intensely the Tarot interpretation’s. From very early age she articulated her aptitude in wider mysteries of life and the essence of magic. She was practiced into Tarot traditions, studying Cour de Gebelin, one of the greatest mystifiers of Tarot.

Petit Lenormand had predicted long time ago that Napoleon although he was a young officer, that he and Josephine, would ascend the throne of France. Josephine had visited Lenormand, she spread the cards for her and saw that over the card of King Swords (symbolized by Napoleon) and Queen of Diamonds (symbolized Josephine) and over these cards there was a card that symbolized the Crown. She also foreseen the ferocious death of Robespierre and Marat. Once her predictions were completed, her reputation had already intersected the boundaries of France. Her customers were coming from the nobility of that time and they were calling her “Sibyl of Saint Germain”.

By interpreting the cards, she predicted and foretold to Josephine that Great Napoleon would divorce her in order to marry another woman. Napoleon, prisoned her for treachery but hastily he free her again because he needed her predictions. She get into prison many times for telling the future and other Apocrypha secrets. But those who were prisoning her and free her again, were always those who were asking for her help.

Lenormand owes her fame and her ability penetration ability and insight of the Apocrypha Truth. She was applying Astrology, Numerology, Geomancy, Mythology of Flowers, analyzing and interpreting Tarot, by using three mystic methods of the Seven, Thirteen and Seventeen Cards of her own inspiration, making clear predictions for the future. These methods and the cards are conveying her name, make her well-known all over the world till nowadays.

There are plenty of theories. Cartomancy and apocryphists, historians and philosophers studied ancient texts and found evidences by all ancient civilizations. Everyone wires the fact that the enigmatic cards symbolisms did actually existed 2000 years ago. In Europe those appeared throughout the middle Ages, only on depictions, without interpretations of those depictions.

There are confident witnesses of many investigators that each one of them supports of his own view of origin. A theory based on manuscript sources that the cards were blowout all over Europe through Spain that had being fetched by Moors that had conquered Spain.

Vailant, an apocryphist who lived his life nearby to gypsies reinforced the fact that Tarot Cards came to Europe through gypsies that initially were a tribe of Indians of North-west India (an area occupied by Muslims) and who abandoned their motherland during the first millennium. The fact that gypsies language have Indian origins and manuscripts that Muslims in India were playing a game with cards that looked like with a Spanish game, are positive conclusions.

Vailant, also enhances that the word Tarot came from the Hungarian word “Tar”(a country that gypsies settled down) and that this word come originally by a Hindi word “Taru” which means “guide” and as a verify hearsays that some depictions of Tarot cards are the identical with the symbols of a divinity with prophecy aptitudes that worshiped in India.

No matter the origin of the cards, it is significant to comprehend that all antique civilizations were searching extremely for mysteries of the universe, the secrets of their own human existence. Mystery cards of tarot started to be considered by many without having too many writings and that is because we have many diverse interpretations here and there, of their symbolisms.

For the first time in 1781, Cour de Gebelin, after serious study of the cards, reinforced their power and their deep apocryphist knowledge. He was the first who supported that Tarot rendering to Apocryphal traditions are based on Egyptian hieroglyphics. Egyptians were using symbolic depictions on walls of their temples for the teaching of mystics. The Egyptian word “a” means “way, road, and path” and the word “Ro” means “royal” and in connection between them they form a word “tarot” which means the “Royal way to Life”.

The word “Tora” which also exists in the Egyptian hieroglyphic scripts on the temple-walls of Pharaohs, means “oracle”. So, the pictures of ancient Egyptians and then tarot cards, was a way of communication between the kingdom of Gods and human word, through money of course.

According to Etteilla, a French apocryphist and cart-reader of the 19th century, who studied the Book of Thot, an ancient Egyptian philosophical and mystical book, which are also one of the rare accounts that escaped by the fire of Alexandria Library, the ancient Egyptians were explaining the sacred Tarot cards to the god of the Moon “Thot” and that also the Greeks were calling Mercury. Mercury was the god of intelligence, a magician, an originator of all sciences, and had strong knowledge of life mysteries, death and love. So, ancient Greeks called him “Trismegistus”. Hermetic philosophy-based on 18 Greek scripts of the 3rd and 4th century, bring the name Hermes-is a philosophical system of religious mysticism and indication of the unitary universe, so that is because is possible the conversion of an element in another.

Tarot cards are impending by the Hermetic Philosophy based on a line of axioms are hiding basic principles of the cosmic unconscious of the eternal truth. In the text of hermetic Philosophy, we can read about the seven truths of the world and life that being contained in the ancient sacred script with the name “Kyvaleio” and the name originates by the mystical traditions of the worship of Goddess Cybele, of mother earth, who was the ancient goddess of ancient Phrygia and then of ancient Greece and Egypt.

These seven truths of Kyvaleio that are overriding the texture of the world, definite all the far along mystical ideas and considerations of the apocryphal introspection.In the dark years of the Middle Ages, wise people, fled into mystical knowledge of the truth, thanks to a system that was termed “Kabballah” which based on the seven truths of the ancient “Kyvaleio”. Mystics, those who were desperately searching the ancient sacred scripts in order to find the truth of the world which gives spiritual freedom and the soul were named Kabbalists.For those who seek for the power of magic and prophecy for mystical knowledge and get to know the deepest truths, the 36 cards of Tarot, based on Petit Lenormand, expending astrology symbolism’s, numerology and geomancy. Axioms based on Greek apocrypha teachings, the Hermetic Philosophy and the seven truths of kabbalah. Those who want to use them and learn of course or even listen their messages well and comprehend them they will be able to walk into magic action and prophetic inspiration.

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