FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS, 22 AND 5 DEGREES OF SAGITTARIUS 13/6/, 7:13 Click here and Open the file to Read Transits Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon will occur on 13th June 2014 at the axis of Sagittarius-Gemini, and into that phenomenon we will have the participation of Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto. It will affect Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. There will be incidents happening on a personal and professional level. Many of you will be forced to give quick solutions in matters of financial transactions and co-operations. Because of Mars positive influence, this Full Moon will contribute to the creative expression and the developments of love affairs while also will promote any business matters and activity and will serve any services.This degree indicates unhappiness in love,love without response but violence too.

The 22nd degree is a military one.The 22nd degree denotes murder literally or metaphorically,that gives the need for specialization and super-resolution. Surely someone has to be an end in itself to ascend high in the hierarchy, and when this can not be done, then becomes ruthless and bloodthirsty.Besides on the secular’ theater of the Universe pretty much all of us the role of sidekick have. Consequently, the protagonists are few, murderers and murdered are many.This Full Moon is more difficult because it is likely to arise all sorts of negative actions or statements in relation to places of religion, sporting, educational, legal or political activity, stadiums, tourism and leisure possibly will bring victims. Very likely it is illness or loss of a person who is either a religious, legal or judicial office or is related to sports, media.

The 22nd degree foreshadows sending technocrats – observers in Greece, keen sense of the country’s dependence lenders and violent actions. In the natal chart of Greece the Full Moon will take place at the 6th to 12th house indicates intense trials and the world will feel deceived after that while the government argues that produces work for his relief, and he will continue to suffer. The Midheaven shows the independence or the persecution of a political person and indicates that it is possible the dissolve of a political party.To Midheaven heralds dangers of lewd acts including abduction or murder of a person with a strong reputation or larvae known family.

This “Honey” Moon may see the situation more a buzz than the usual Full Moon, whether it’s birds and bees or just the rumor mill in overdrive. Talk is cheap because there’s too much of it, and truth is dear because everyone claims to be telling it. Your challenge is to ride the tide of tale-telling and separate the fish story from the one that really got away. There’s a drop of truth in every concoction, however, and if you can find it, that will be your reward for the trip. All that glitters is not gold, but what is you can take to the bank.

Full Moon in 12th House
Although this Full Moon may at times seem to place you between dream and hallucination, it emphasizes the ability to perceive and commune with your inner self in ways you might have been cut off from it. The intensity in the air breaks internal barriers and allows you to heal wounds, now that they have come to light. In more mundane affairs, things being cooked up behind the scenes come to fruition, although you may have to take extra precautions that they don’t come into the light, unless you are fully ready to go public with them. Avoid confrontations right now, which will put you at a disadvantage, use subtler means to gain your ends when emotions run high.

Under this influence it will be wise to remember Great Catherine’s words “all the way to paradise, is a paradise”. This Full Moon will highlight the height and the depth of each zodiac sign. Gemini, for instance will feel at their best on a communicative level, and all their abilities, they are going to be weird listening and speaking and be connected with everyone. Their darkest point is: “I know everything” or impulsive blah blah….

On the other hand Sagittarius, is connected with knowledge is obtained through experience through his connection with different civilizations and perceptions. The best side of his personality is the wise one and the ability to see things wide open. His darkest point is intolerance and fanaticism. What is it necessary to listen and tell? Jupiter rules Sagittarius, who is at the 22nd degree of Cancer squaring Uranus from Aries. We need faith and the truth but not intolerance. The truth of someone maybe not the truth of somebody else. We need regulations, reforms, new ideas and freedom on a social and political level and authenticity in our lives.

At the same time Mercury retrogression, Gemini ruler, (7/6/2014) in Cancer, will call us to check our hearts. The Full Moon trines the North Node of the Moon at the 26 degree of Libra. Gemini learn and communicate and Libra balances and associated, Sagittarius interprets and is teaching and Aries is opening ways and takes action. The above aspects are challenging us to use the positive traits of every zodiac sign with attention in order to see any developments coming up.

full moon in sagittraius 2014

Transited North Node in Libra is suggesting to bring on the surface hidden situations or facts or things we have neglected, talents or co-operations or relationships and realize others needs and desires, to cultivate mutuality, sharing, profitability and support others with the expectation of reward, to create teams that will aim to common interest and communicate with others through our original identity. The transit of the South Node pictures the past-from where we are coming from and what is necessary to leave behind us in order to move on. With the Nodes in Libra-Aries (18 February- 12 November 2015) humanity and each one of us individually, will co-operate will care about our neighbor, we will start to relate with each other and interact in some way, we will balance oppositions and differences, we will love each other and develop the emotion of justice. In order to complete this we need to put aside ego-eccentric behavior, anger, obsession with our personal endure, the luck of understanding to others desires. Of course if someone will hinder or threaten your plans, the way of your progress it is understood that you will get angry and you will express your frustration. But there is a story with a guru and a snake. A healthy snake listens to the lecture of a guru, who is at the town. The guru exalts the virtues of love and peace, the philosophy of ahimsa (non violence)The snake is impressed and spends a period of ahimsa, deciding not to harm people. Two months later the guru comes in the town again. The snake is stricken by poverty, downtrodden…..almost dead. The snake goes to the guru and ask his money back, telling him “I want my money back, I did everything you taught me but almost lost my life. The guru answered him” Of course, I never told you to stop hissing. If others step on your own space, try to control you or hinder your path, you have the right to warn them to step aside”.

The last time that the South Node was in Libra it was August 1995 and January 1997 when for the first time we started to surf on interne and connect with everyone and everything. At the at time Great Britain give Hong Kong back to China(Libra-diplomacy, deal).Close to the Full Moon days lets try to observe our thoughts, reactions and any situations around us, keep ourselfs open. “The search for of the truth is more valuable than its possession” Einstein said.