Let’s see what tarot tell us about June. The first card I have is the Ace of Wands. Wands as everyone knows denotes vitality, efforts, energy and developments. They symbolize spirituality, union of all things, the infinite Universe. Direct our will for enlightenment and rules progress of our efforts. Wands pictured as a just pieces of wood ready to blossom however. That means the continue of life, the developed nature of human perception of the spiritual world and how this connect with the world of reason of common things.

So, for this month I pulled the cards of 2 Wands, Ace Wands, 3 Wands and Ace of Pentacles. That sounds really great and too much positive and let’s see the cards more analytically.The 2 of Wands is showing us someone who is standing up in front of a landscape the sea. On his left hand he is holding the globe and the other hand a wand. The sphere is symbolizing the world and domination over it that has been achieved through knowledge. The second wand is fixed up with a silver hoop next to it. Down on the right side, there are roses and lilies that are shaping an equal cross which means the balance between pure thought, with the white lilies and the passion for knowledge, for the red ones. The card means courage, self-assurance, all we need to start anew plan but mainly use of our insight and intuition. It also symbolizes the ability that someone has to realize his real existence while at the same time extricates his mind by every prejudiced thinking. So, by this way we can objective to judge circumstances with wisdom and handle power with responsibility. So, that is what we can do. This man in the card is gentle and generous and applies influence on others. He is there at this point, to gain success by all means. The two of wands denotes team-work,support and professional traveling but also a co-operation too.Economical support and security.It could also mean be with someone who secures my life financially and there are common interests.



The Ace of wands next to it denotes, the beginning. The wand is taking power by the hand that is holding it. The Ace means take initiative. The lively blossom on it, blossoms and pops up left and right side of the wand and that is the effect of the modification of the branch itself. I think these two cards fit together perfectly, so the main issue is how you will use the power you have inside you. The card is telling you that now you will be bale to reflect on your ambitions and begin a new business for instance, to try to start your own family or an adventure in a far away land, a beginning to another place. It denotes creativity, originality, perception and intuition. Imagination and inspiration for spiritual people and artists. That card is the foundation of the future success and generally symbolizes spiritual power you all have inside you and fertility, life and productivity. Seed of knowledge, if will not get mature, will be also expressed in the future but concepted in the present time.The Ace denotes someone with strong libido,,a relationship or someone we meet thought our work,increase of income and moeny generally and anew beginning.Those who search for a job are going to find a good one.


The three of Wands next to it, is showing man that now is next to the sea, closer to the sea than it was in the 2 of Wands before and he is able to see the landscape from too close distance. On his right hand this man now is holding one wand and behind it he has another two ones are rooted in the ground. That means that the shapes of the future-that he forms himself of course-are already grown from the past that already has his back turned to it. The man is pictured here is a traveler though the time, and we are all travelers through the time for some reason he is not living in the present.

The appearance of this card is pointing the completion of a plan, a dream, and the expression of initial plans and the establishment of anew power too. That would be interesting. However you will be bale to establish anew reality, and your dreams too, if you have worked too hard for them in the past few months. After all we told though my articles that the first 6 months of 2014 will be great for those who work and prepare their plans. Next month Jupiter will enter Leo, and you should expect positive results of your hard work, a new period begins more creative. This card also denotes inspiration too but also that the ground now is fertile enough to accept a new co-operation or begin a new team-work.


Finally, the Ace of Pentacles, is one more positive indicator. A hand is coming out of the clouds, which is a gold pentacle, above a very beautiful and green garden. This path leads to its natural gate where we can see the mountains of logic in the depth. The card is pointing the balance of all the powers of the visible universe. Represents the physical world that surrounds individuals. Well this card appeared to us when I asked how June is going to be for the world and denotes all the verges of this color. This is the beginning of the prosperous period and material gains combined with beauty and pleasure. It points that all proportions are favoring the beginning of something new or the completion of a specific materialistic plan. People may begin a new activity, usually professional one that offers emotional and material pleasure with perfect perspectives. Definitely the card denotes fertility,wealth,success,bonus, business and moeny rolling.


There is a strong consequence in the cards of June so these fit to my astrology details,you read in June Horoscopes.This is a transitional point and a new creative period beginning for everyone.Focus on your ambitions and plans and move on.Good omens if you need to protect your property and other materialistic belongings.Take initiatives and do your best.

Good luck all of you!

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