Today Tuesday, May 20th, even though I mentioned it in the weekly horoscope here Mars finally returns in a direct motion,since 3:05 am earlier this morning changing data of any situation we knew till now, inaugurating an era of action, vigor, and initiatives which we missed the last two months!As long as Mars retrograded we experienced delay in our plans and setbacks and I am sure you noticed that..however do not forget that sometimes all is happening for some good reason,because if you look behind it,you will discover that your specific plans probably were not so ready as you may thought.

Mars from the 1st of March swung into a retrograde motion , that indecision, the lack of initiative and a strange inertia of will, made us sit in the corner , sometimes passively accepting external events , without being able to respond effectively,as we felt that we are not sure how to move and act.
However, it was a very good treatment period, in order to see with clearer eyes that concerned the relationships or partnerships, but also the people with we come in closer contact and have more meaningful relationships in our lives. We were able to measure , assess , what we will ultimately keep on the next trip with us , what is essential , what is valuable, what gives us joy … And finally , we make our choices , assessing through the events that took place in the previous period , what is essential for us and what not!

Mars in Libra now now will bring sudden changes and developments in all levels of our lives.On a global level we will experience an escalation of military matters and situations that will be discussed and highlighted through the media.On a political or personal level,things will move now, rapidly,bringing changes .As Mars now will be direct, the intervals of time during which a stop is the planet where those acts with greater force. Mars will remain in a stagnant course from 20 May to 21 July 2014 , when will arrive at 27 º  degree of Libra. Mars retrogrades approximately every two years .

And now we get into action that will help us get more official stance with regard to persons and events, and to say a big no to what is not expressing us anymore, and certainly to give a second chance at what we think it deserves (and has proven of course)!And of course the ones who start first move in the pace of developments are Aries , Libra , Cancer and Capricorn born at the first ten days , who start from where they started , i.e. events that began unfolding in their lives during the period of December ( towards the end ) , when Mars was found again in the same degree that now lies . Now, they will catch the story from the beginning and will unravel the skein, which will lead them to the exit and give them the next opportunity to open a new page in their book of life, making a new beginning!

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