Just a few words about next Mercury retrogression through Cancer. Mercury will enter Cancer on 29/5/2014, at 11:12 am, at the 6th house of the solar horoscope and will start to retrograde at 7/6/2014 at 1:52 in the afternoon and will complete his retrogression at 17/6/2014, at 5:26 am. All of you know that Mercury is connected to vital sectors of our lives and his retrogression of course is affecting them, such as transportation, computers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, trade and deals and short trips and generally our daily life. The truth is during the mercury retrogression there is always something that will go wrong but anyway this phase is not indicated for new beginnings, of course you will wonder months now we could not make a new beginning because of planets retrogression. Of course, not, that is my answer. You cannot stay still and wait and that is because usually we mention these critical period and give you the dynamics of the day so you will be able to see what you can do, by choosing the best days for you. Of course, planets are not affecting everyone at the same house that depends on your natal chart. On the other hand we can use this period to introspect, mend things have broken down and close any issues that need to be arranged. Usually relationships from the past appeared but also we avoid investments of any nature too.

Mercury through Cancer is showing how much sensitive we are and which are these sensitive points, more than it is necessary. Usually we care about others emotions during this period of time but not for our feelings, we become intuitive and understand more than the usual even if others are not talking about themselves or their emotions or describe them. Mercury through the zodiac sign of Cancer is connected to strong memory but also with this position we usually approach others in a sensitive manner, emotionally. It is possible to know how to use speech, to interfere ourselfs into continual thoughts and discussions, analyzing a lot when we want to express our emotions but certainly we do not use only speech, we become more expressive. A touch or a smile is possible to replace thousands of words and that is enough for others to understand how we feel. A hug, as an indication of love is important and generally simple moves we can transmit our love but also others may feel the same too.

Mercury in Cancer pay more attention to others, we may absorb like sponges others feelings but impossible to express them. For instance, if you have Mercury in Cancer in your natal chart, it is possible to have a weak Mars. If you have Mercury in cancer, just think that not all the people think and feel like you do, not everyone knows the language of the body and feelings and so perhaps you need to describe more of what you feel, make more efforts so explain others what you want. Do not let others emotions absorb you so much and load yourselfs with others problems mainly, that after all are not yours.

Mercury will transit the 6th house and so our thought will be constantly at work and career matters or our business, we tend to be more analytical, we stand to details and we have more demands from ourselfs, it is very possible to feel exhausted doing more than we can without have the appropriate results we want or finally left incomplete jobs.

This period of time is good to undertake a project or a task and you will have the ability of think of many versions on what you work and get prepared well for what you want to do, so plan and programming is the best. After all, I had told at the beginning of the year that the first six months of 2014 will be completely perfect for those who want to launch their business on the second term. So, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Mercury took our plans behind. There were clients that told me that in the end in April, all went behind and nothing happened, and then finally we realize that more preparation was necessary. Be cautious also with partners and superiors how to discuss anything that matters to you.be also cautious with your health, possibly old health issues may now come on the surface and need to take care but otherwise feed yourselfs well, try to find time to rest as much of yourselfs or use technics to clean your body from stress. After all summer is coming up, you will have more choices to visit water places, like lakes or the sea or a forest or just sit in your garden and mediate or do anything more relaxing easier.

Be aware of mistakes and details during this retrogression phase, announcements and matters of the past may come on the front in connection to work, health and daily life. Try to see the general picture of things, delays and disturbances are possible to occur and issues connect to the 6th house, get organized in order to include any obstacles and delays that will hinder the normal flow of your daily routine. Do not get mad or lose your patience, rethink and re-examine.

The 6th house connect to public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, and working class.
Because of its links to service, the 6th House rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment, and the civil service. It also rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense. Through its connection with health, the 6th House rules places serving food and drink, public health and health workers.

I will remind you this… Mercury represents the means by which individuals in a country or organization communicate with one another, therefore all forms of communication and travel by rail, sea, air, road, mail, speech, writing newspapers, magazines etc are Mercury ruled. Mercury also governs education and intellectual movements and trends, as well as schools, political announcements and media events of all kinds. Mercury is the voice of national opinion. It rules youth in general and denotes science, documents and treaties.
In the natal chart of a nation Mercury indicates the literacy rates, information and propaganda, bureaucracy and how well communication is developed within the country, as well as the condition of the system of roads and highways. A well aspected Mercury is indicative of high literacy rates, educational systems that are modern and well attended, as well as information which is easily available and uncensored.


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