It was an amazing Sunday escape-trip away from the stress of the city which dances in the rhythms of elections… a way to relax from the every day madness that the capital city offers to me drove me to a lake at the mountain Helmos.Lake Tsivlou lies near Akrata, almost half way to Zaroucla and at an altitude of 800m. It is one of the fewest lakes on the mountainous regions of Peloponnese and it was created rather accidentally! A landslide in 1912 blocked Krathis River and the lake was created. It stretches for less than 200 square meters and it is 80m deep. The lake is a popular tourist destination, as well as wetland of great significance. Tsivlou Lake is nearly 80 km off the city of Patras.Lake Tsivlou was created as a result of a natural phenomenon. A massive landslide occurred in 1913 and according to people’s testimonies the signs were frequent earthquakes with magnifying intensity. Silyvena village was abandoned due to its imminent destruction, Tsivlos was partially covered with huge quantities of water. 

Krathes river bed was blocked due to the bulk of soil that was violently detached from the mountain; two new lakes were formed. The first was soon dried out, so only Tsivlou remained. Its name is after the village Tsivlos that now lies at the lake’s bed. If your hobby is diving, you can find out for yourself.At the time Tsivlou Lake was formed its depth measured 38m. Stagnant waters caused a gathering of mosquitos. The inhabitants added fish to the water in order to extinguish them.Today the lake’s depth measures 80m, but some argue that this is a hyperbolic estimation.Anyway the scenery around you is simply enchanting, environed by a chestnut tree forest, amongst pines and fir.Even though the weather was hot for spring, there were still snow at the top of the mountains.Personally, my fathers family comes from this region and I often travel there.Topic traditional food is delicious,home-made bread, hot and delicious food,coffee and topic home-made cakes!!! Hope you enjoy my photos,but I enjoyed walking.

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