May Day yesterday ,we decided to visit marathon Run Museum which is a fantastic one,if you come into my country,visit also this museum which is very important.It is a few kilometers outside of Athens,but you will be touched by the the thousands of medals and prizes.So,we combined the May Day with this magnificent visit,we catch the May,at a wonderful lake of Marathon and we had a very interesting day over there.

The permanent exhibition of the Olympic Marathon presents for the first time to the Greek public the history of the Olympic Marathon from 1896 to 2000.Over than 3,100 exhibits record the history of the Marathon race from 1896 to today. This constitutes a unique historic sports collection which could not be found anywhere else other than at the birthplace of the Marathon road race.

The exhibition is divided into two major sections. In the first building, the history of the Olympic Marathon Race is presented through the collection of rare objects. In the second, the global movement of the Marathon race is recorded in individual thematic sections dedicated to the Marathon races held in every corner of the planet, to Olympic champions, to the presence of women in Marathon races, as well as to the equipment of the Marathon athletes.Among the precious exhibits are the medal of the first winner of the Olympic Marathon road race Spyros Louis, a copy of the cup that he was awarded at the Panathenaic Stadium in 1896 and some of his personal belongings.

Cups, medals and numerous relics of the legendary Marathon road race athlete and outstanding patriot Stelios Kyriakides, the winner of the Boston International Marathon in 1946 are also exhibited.nThe visitor can also view various artifacts from the life and achievements of Grigoris Lambrakis,

Member of Parliament, Balkan Games medalist and pacifist. One of the most notable is the famous flag with the emblem of peace from the peace march of 1963.Also included in the museum are collections of great Greek athletes such as Christos Vartzakis, Thanasis Ragazos, Michael Koussis, Dimitris Psathas, Chris Papachristos, Kerk Lazaridis, Takis Skoulis, Maria Polyzou, Spyros Andriopoulos, Nikos Polias, Christos Sotiropoulos, Panayiota Nikolakopoulou-Louvi as well as many other Greek and foreign marathon champions.Visit page

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