Conjunction: Procyon (10 Alpha Canis Minoris m 0.38) – I House (orb 0°55’36”),
Keywords: Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Mars/ Mercury (Important Fixed Stars)

* Conjunction: Dubhe (50 Alpha Ursae Majoris m 1.79) – II House (orb -0°17’30”),
Keywords: Astrology, arrogance, psychic, destruction
Effect: Fortunate Character: Mars (Important Fixed Stars)

Node to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Creative interchange with others, power to give and receive stimulating suggestions. Surprising news, turn or change.
(Planet in Midpoint)

* Pluto to midpoint Mars/Uranus
Force, violent interventions, higher power.

* Uranus to midpoint Jupiter/Pluto
Fanatical striving for improvements, the quick exploitation of every situation. A sudden reform, a quick development, an adjustment to new circumstances. (Planet in Midpoint)

* Conjunction: Canopus (Alpha Carinae m -0.72) – Jupiter (orb 0°25’30”),
Keywords: Voyages, piety, scandal, violence
Effect: Unfortunate
Character: Saturn/ Jupiter
(Important Fixed Stars)

* Conjunction: Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris m -1.46) – Jupiter (orb -0°26’50”),
the Dog Star, the Sun of the Sun, the central Sun of our Galaxy
Keywords: Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars
(Important Fixed Stars)