This Symbol shows spending time in contemplation and dedication to one’s spiritual life or to a higher cause. At times, you will have to drop the demands of society and the lower, base nature, to concentrate on more spiritual, higher, or meaningful things in life. There may be a need to get away from the pressures of society, contemplating your inner thoughts and values. This may be a lonely passage and you may be disenchanted with the ways of others. There needs to be times of inner work, just as for outer. Dedicating oneself to the big picture can bring rewards, but hiding yourself away too much can lead to losses on many levels.

Spiritual retreat. Losing the libido. Renouncing things. Taking vows. Marriage with God. Longing for love of a higher kind. Sexual retreat. Sacrifice. Opting out. Maintaining faith.
The Caution: Self sacrifice to win sympathy. Complete neglect of self and hiding away. Crisis of faith. Feeling devoid of emotion. Lost and alone. Self denial. Loss of hope.