Before I start with May I would like to mention something about the Grand Cross. In fact the questions are too many around it. But a few days ago I was talking about it to a few friends of mine and I instinctively, after much thought I guess, give this answer to the questions. Many astrologers give dramatic explanations around the phenomenon and unbelievable descriptions. A similar phenomenon had been occurred in summer of 1999 where a Cross had been shaped in fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. On 11 August 1999 there was also a solar eclipse and a New Moon. At that same period there was an alignment of Saturn-Mars, the one was at the north of the Sun, the other at the south of the Sun and on the left the Earth and the Moon and on the right Uranus. The shape was a Cross. I think that this could not be so serious concerning the beginning of a third world war ,not that I exclude it with all these astrological phenomena we have, after all we mentioned that global peace will be in a serious danger, because of the events but on the other side it was about a geophysical phenomenon-earthquakes at the greatest part of the globe, because the Cross is all about the whole globe and not only apart of it, it is not only affects Greece or USA for instance, what I can predict is a big earthquake at the moment.

At least that was my opinion in 1999, a big earthquake. Indeed, on 17/8/1999 at 3:00 pm there was an earthquake in Turkey,7,4 R. with 17.000 dead’s and on the 20/9/1999 an earthquake in Costa Rica, of 6,9 R but also in Athens of the same period. Earthquake in Athens,Greece,7/9/1999.Jupiter in Taurus Retrograded and Moon in Leo. Saturn was at the 17 degrees and 7 of Taurus in square with the previous Solar Eclipse at the 18 degrees and 22 of Leo. I cannot ignore the fact, that months now there is a disturbing earthquake activity all over the planet particularly in Greece and in the American Continent. And I also see the earthquake of the day, in Canada, 6, 7 R in Vancouver,now i write. So, I think that is mostly about geophysical phenomena now when Mars will turn in 20th May in direct motion, on a political level circumstances may get worse but the ignition of a war with destructive effects in humanity, it is up to them after all to make the necessary efforts to avoid doing the same mistake, even though that looks like none is in mood to withdraw. Of course, I can put that possibility too into that but we will be here to observe it and just hope. After all, I had write an article about a possible third world war but that is worrying everyone too. To worry about everything in advance, that could be the worst that may happen to all of us. That doesn’t helps anyone and anything at all. After all there was already a strong earthquake in Chile and other places.

Really, I have nothing important to say about May when I have told everything already in April and the eclipse will affect us for the next few months of the year. This month will be marked by the conjunction of Venus and Uranus at the zodiac sign of Aries. Uranus nature is independent and striking, making everything difficult for Venus, who always is emotional and tender and Venus usually is retreating keenly in order to save a relationship or a partnership. Venus through Aries is a weak position and Uranus in Aries is enough dynamic and extroverted.

Uranus tends to strike the societies and push for revolt and making Venus role more difficult, because she is sociable and likes companionship. Lets not forget that when Uranus is promulgates his freedom becomes provocative opposite the social system, so without any doubt his meeting with Venus in Aries, the planet of love, is hiding dangers for any sort of relationships or partnerships and into that Mars and Pluto will contribute with negative aspects. So, it is possible to encounter strange and unusual situations, protests, emotional contradictions, denial into the validation of relationships that been stable for many years, fear to proceed into a marriage for instance because we afraid to undertake more responsibilities. Those who had a relationship for long time now will lose their peace and create problems to their companion. The combination of Venus-Uranus is not based on the sexual motive but on sentimental one. It is not about getting just pleasure from someone or have the experience of pleasure but it is more about the need to search through the experience, to discover new ways of communications and approach. It is not about the animal instinct but in case of Mars everything is intellectual.

The Venus-Uranus conjunction will shake long-termed emotional balances and will block many relationships, cultivating dissatisfaction, enforcing suspiciousness and emphasizing expectations in matters of love. In relationships the Venus-Uranus conjunction acts like that: Venus has the unique capacity to be patient with Uranus filling him with peace. Problems begin when Venus will decide to cure the amnesia of Uranus who is constantly distracted and disorganized. In order to make it, Venus need to be particularly patient and be armed with tolerance, but let us not forget also that no one is perfect. Definitely there are many common things that attracting them and many interests that are maintaining the balances and harmony and certainly they have a lot to share if they will decide to work it out together. For instance Uranus can display understanding and encourage Venus but on the other hand with his unstable character and behavior may aggravate unpredictable changes that will blow off Venus and make her feel harassed enough.

On a political level, this May will give the chance to find solutions and reinforce practically any economical and production matters. Sun transit through the zodiac sign of Taurus till the 20/5 will make circumstances easier, even if that will be for a while, since all of us in EU decide to get out in the market arena, and that will help in financial and practical matters too creating less worry, offering more alternatives and somehow there will be a cure of the economy, or at least that will seem to be in this way. Later, when the Sun will pass at the zodiac sign of Gemini, on the 21/5 stress and mobility will be increased, there will be strange social phenomena plus the inventiveness that will exist in the air. In a few lines, May will maintain political balances in Greece and in Europe and that will be a transformative period in politics. Not that economy problem will be resolved, some important things will remain in the way they are, for instance our expenses and the quality of life but matters that will be served will connect to work circumstances and budget matters.

However, many of the incidents that will take place in May, will also pre-announce the new atmosphere that will be formed on the next three months and coincidences will continue not to be coincidences but will lead Europe into new directions beyond the calculations and the efforts of the leaders. There will be too much economical pressure and political developments will be many in May. Fear will continue to exist, scenarios will come and go and will be many and the economical crisis will be stable. In many cases, if you like, will be witnesses of obscuring incidents, there will be anger and fear in many cases. When fear will be inflamed, fear will come to dominate, in action and expressively when it is about to make decisions. So, this changeable atmosphere will contain strong arguments, aggressiveness and litigious and our daily life will be enough intense and many times our partnerships or relationships will be threatened.