41-Minor-Swords-06Let’s see what Tarot cards say on a personal and global level developments, about May month.
A boatmen is carrying a woman and a child, sitting in front of some peaceful coast which is distinguished in the depth…At the bow of the boat, we see six upright swords. All of them have at the back the past, without looking behind them. This card is telling us that hard times have already passed and embarrassing moments on a personal level and now surely spend in a totally different and new situation. Here at this point, generally characterized the control of knowledge. So we have the closure of one cycle and the opening of a new one…
The boatman transports the swords on a distant shore will be stored forever. This symbolism shows that people can understand the processes of conscious thought, considering the tools of crisis and human conventional logic rules. So, since the mind will be liberated, True Wisdom and knowledge can find space and take the place of them. This card is symbolizing the journey into a new house, in a completely different phase of life and connects directly to water. Having, indeed any questions about where we go … I put two more cards, on the six of swords, the one is five swords and the card of justice.

40-Minor-Swords-055 swords that we mentioned before in the past 3 months is linked with the showdown battle to preserve the precious swords or what we have in our lives , the card shows the conquest of peace and serenity after battle. The card of logic and duality and self and that because the knight keeps them all swords together, something tells me that the results of the municipal elections again will be not proper or the procedure will be not easy however that would fit on an international level, a battle possibly cannot be avoided… the card discloses a process to put things in a proper direction or order. It doesn’t abandons conventional thinking, but simply considers as a tool for achieving its purposes.

11-Major-StrenghtThe card of Justice, is just one more card we met in February, fell back once again, the symbol of virtue, faith, compassion and hopes. A problem, maybe legal issues will be resolved by the need to be resolved objectively, a case will be weighed on her scales CAREFULLY at the scales of wisdom before using the sword of judgment. This card, on the left and right side shows two columns represent the positive and negative forces, Salmons card .No one can escape from Justice. The fake should be distinguished from the Real… justice is the voice of conscience , the key of justice shows and the next step requires great attention … as for the equilibrium in general which are quite fragile. Our judgment must be correct to balance things and this because the situation is more risky than you imagine. This is no time for recklessness.