On April 15 , the moon will ” bleed ” and internet is already filled with articles and analyzes about the end of the world . Prophecies , science fiction scenarios , superstitions , and many scientific conclusions magnetize . The astrological phenomenon of the next days is taking place once in every 500 years. It is called ” Tetrad ” and consists of four consecutive lunar eclipses as I had mentioned in the articles of April , among which will be inserted six full moons . Lunar eclipses occurs when the Sun , Earth and Moon are aligned and the sunlight is refracted , giving the moon a bright red,color like blood . The phenomenon starts on April 15 and will end on September 28 ….

The ‘blood moon ‘ considered by many Christians as a sign of the Second Coming . In the Old Testament , the prophet Joel writes : ” The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the day of the Lord , the great and glorious .” Joel 2: 31 The last three ” Quads ” coincided with historical events of enormous importance. In 1493 ,there was the persecution of Jews by the Inquisition of Spain , which changed entirely the population distribution in Europe. The next Tetrad held in 1949 , simultaneously with the establishment of the State of Israel . The last observed much sooner than expected by scientists in 1967 , the same period when the Arab- Israeli Six Day War take place.

Pastor and author of the book , «Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change», John Hagi , argues that the Tetrad has signs of the Second Coming : “It’s a series of prophetic events , the Bible says that will become , but does not give exact sequence and chronology . He only says that when we see these signs , such as bleeding four moons , the end of the world is approaching . ” The NASA holds reservations about the allegations of pastor Hagi , as professor of theology at the University of Ampertin Gary Sogkren , who said: “Whoever deals with predictions about the end of the world will never run out of customers and money” .. ..

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