Interrupted … communication with spacecraft’s are exploring Mars.The Earth, the Sun and Mars are almost in the same line since 4 April. This effect will last until May 1, approx.
As the Sun will be inserted between the Earth and Mars space rover Curiosity, which explores the surface of the red planet since last August, will be difficult to communicate with Earth. Thus the scientific staff of NASA rovers who handles can make a holiday. But not only the Curiosity that is communicating with Earth from Mars.

Transmissions continues from January 2004 (! ) And the space rover, Opportunity (breaking all records), as well as the three spacecraft orbiting the planet : the Mars Odyssey, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA and the Mars Express European Space Agency .

As it takes the superior conjunction of Mars , interference i.e. the Sun between Earth and Mars , all of the above spacecraft’s substantially disrupt communications with Earth and store the data they collect to send when the phenomenon to an end – after May 1 .The alignment of Earth – Sun – Mars will recur in approximately 26 months.