Jupiter and Pluto shaken for good Chile, so it makes sense from that their cooperation contribute to a massive release of energy. The last time we observed the activity of these two planets was some time ago in Kephalonia Island, where in the earthquake horoscope of 6 Richter had taken place on the axis of Rising -West shouting for such robust events .And if the 8.2 Richter seems unreal to us, on the west coast of South America is rather common.

Chile earthquake
The area has given several huge-earthquakes, most recently the earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter 27/2/2010, who had hundreds of victims. And of course no one can forget the largest world earthquake of 9.5 Richter on 05/22/1960.
Comparing horoscopes three specific earthquakes, one easily concludes that the common denominator are the aspects between the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto.
In 1960 we had the Sun – Pluto square (in Gemini – Virgo), trine Jupiter – Pluto (Capricorn – Virgo) and quincunx (150 degrees) Sun – Jupiter.
The 2010 there was a conjunction between the Sun – Jupiter in Pisces, with Pluto forming two sextiles from Capricorn, which was even squares in (astral Pluto in Sagittarius).
And in 2014 a T – square with the Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Moreover, in each of these large earthquakes involved and other astrological indicators, which is Mars, forming dynamic aspects but not necessarily with the same planet.
Let us examine the horoscope of the recent earthquake in Chile, a horoscope is practically rather “dumb “in relation to the event itself, which means that none of the usual dominant planets are in a dominant position and that is the axis of the Ascendant or MC.
To understand the earthquake of 1960, Mars made a square to Jupiter right on the angular axis of the horoscope: Mars in Aries opposed the Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn in opposition with the Midheaven. In particular earthquake of 2010, the astral Midheaven in Virgo was part of a “hidden” T – square with Jupiter, Pluto and the Sun.

The earthquake of 8.2 on the Richter scale but all the suspected planets shine are absent and this is not the only example. A corresponding interpretive gap in the time of the earthquake event, was infinitely more murderous Haitian earthquake in 2010. And then the angular axes were “empty “of planets.
So, when you open the chart you see nothing in particular so why this is really happening?
This is a matter that is being connected to Physics, which generally affects of Astrology and how we have learned to look at the data.
The astronomical positions of celestial bodies we use in Astrology are apparent that is because the light makes some time to reach a celestial body to Earth. In fact, when we note down the position of a star located 10 light years away, we see that there was 10 years ago.
The difference positions in the zodiac (apparent and real) is certainly infinitesimal and insignificant but often does so with the time difference of influence, if we consider that we are dealing with two kinds of astrological influence: An electromagnetic nature, wielded when we see the star (then its influence arrives on Earth) and another one of a quantum nature exerted directly and independently of the distance between the two bodies, as defined by modern physics.

Probably you know that light does more than 8 minutes to reach from the Sun to Earth. This is due to the relatively large distance between the two celestial bodies and practically means that in fact we see the Sun where it was before 8 minutes. The same minimum time required to reach the earth every kind of electromagnetic emission from the Sun.
So if you consider that the astrological influence of the Sun is only electromagnetic in nature, then it creates a technical problem in relation to the location and time of influence as we measure here on Earth. The apparent position corresponds precisely to the timing of its influence.

But if the astrological influence of the Sun is directly (quantum type) then follows a different time of influence, since we allowed it before seeing and recording the position in the astrological chart, dependent on the time of birth of a person or event.
Automatically produces a different horoscope, as to the position of the Ascendant and of course MC.


If we want to capture the direct influence type and quantum of the Sun for a moment of birth on planet Earth, should draw up a horoscope with different “time of birth “, about 8 minutes earlier in our earthly time.
And if for solar influence this is not much of a problem (the difference of eight minutes means about two degrees to the ASC gap), the case is not the same for some planets apart from Earth 2.3 or 6 hours of light.
For example, the distance between Earth and Pluto is (currently) about 31 to 32 astronomical units (1 HM is the middle distance of the Sun – Earth distance).
The time that the light makes to reach Earth from Pluto is around 6 hours and 10-15 minutes, the same time required to accept any form of plutonian electromagnetic influence.

But if you want to record the time brought on Earth a Plutonian influence direct – of a quantum form we should draw up a horoscope with ” birth time ” of 6 hours and 10-15 minutes before the birth of an event or individual.
Alternative horoscopes are for all the planets. And the question is “how long ago?” The answer is the time that the light is doing to reach from each celestial body to Earth.
Let us now turn to the horoscope of 8.2 Richter earthquake in Chile, applying all of the above.
The new “time Pluto ‘resulting from subtracting 6 hours and 10 minutes of the proceedings is 12:36 and see what we ve got.
Ascendant in Cancer linked directly to Jupiter and Pluto, excellent reasons for the timing of the earthquake.
Please note that not analogous finding we had observed in the earthquake of Haiti. And of course I understand … what happens with all these alternative horoscopes but sometime Astrology should be adapted to new scientific data.
From then on, there are always other factors that encourage the Jupiter – Pluto to become more “expressive “, as for example Mars directly related to the violent energy release and Chiron, which is linked to buildings if you look into Uranian.
Moreover, where and when an earthquake will strike may depend on the horoscopes of countries or cities that have such a predisposition and the bad thing is that access to such information is not secure at all.
There is a confusion with the states horoscopes since they have more than a natal chart. The same happens with Chile, which has at least three charts … and requires a very careful and lengthy study on which one is functional in the event of an earthquake.