The atmosphere will be extremely bizarre and extremely intense smelling ”gunpowder ”miles away and Mars retrogression will definitely affect developments while spring will give one more blow activating the cardinal signs. Developments will be fast on a global level and warnings for reversed events and conflicts will be repeated one more time. The global crisis unfortunately the last few weeks seems to obtain a wilder face with developments in Ukraine and also are making true all have been told about dead ends on a political economical and social level while the antagonism of economical interests may be lead into war conflicts among nations. Russia and Ukraine are literally with the finger at the trigger while Ukraine is already counting dead’s after the unexpected reverse of Yanukovych.

The “cold war” between Russia and USA is again on the front, awakening just bad memories into everyone and these power games have lead humanity many times in history, into destruction. This power game concerning Ukraine of course is easy to ignite very dangerous situations and lead the global community into circumstances that will remind us before the A and B World war, with people paying very extravagantly the prize of this cruel resentment. It was last summer when I was talking about Mars influence in Libra and what would bring to the world these eight months that would follow up. I had told in my articles, by the beginning of the year that Mars in Libra would hit the global economy and peace and the next eight months would be particularly critical and a lot will be judged. Density on a war-social-economical level will reach at its peak on the following months. By the entrance of Mars in Libra from the 7th December till July 2014 we will experience extreme situations. Mars-Uranus and Pluto will ignite fiery incidents on the cross of the cardinals. So, I had write that this planet is pointing the temper of a nation to fight against his enemies, there is an attitude to conquer new territories, with expansive results, either with war or colonization. So this planet control war, crime, terrorism, violence, conflicts and accidents. Under this influence great social movements will be created and uprisings. The Uranus-Jupiter and Pluto as you see are capable to ignite wars and hard conflicts.

But during the period of 22-23 April the grand cross among the cardinal signs and particularly Mars in Libra retrogression is forming a square with Jupiter in Cancer, an opposition with Uranus from Aries and a square with Pluto from Capricorn in only two days at the same time. These aspects will last and will characterize all this period. On 19th of March, Mars will be direct again and on the 14th of June will form a square with Pluto while on the 25th of June will form his last opposition with Uranus. So it seems that during the mars in Libra stay all these months will ignite strong storms on a political but military too.

The aggravation of economy on a global level generally may take a violent character. Unemployment will increase and more bank corruption will come on the surface. Oil prices and food will rise up and many insurances will be at the edge of the cliff. Extreme weather phenomena and geological are very possible to occur and generally instability will be observed during the Mars-Uranus opposition particularly at the prices of gold and silver. The crisis in the Middle East will also very intense. Difficulties now are more visible. The square and opposition between Jupiter-Mars and Uranus but also Pluto will act like a match over fuel.

Mars is a power that no one is capable to control, passions and instincts are being expressed violently and there is not rationality and the only choice is war and attack. Societies can be polarized easily and being divided into camps or teams. We reject communication through conflict and we are certain that we will be the winners through that. These power games get to the point of a war conflict and that is a point we hope to get over at the moment, through communication and dialogue around the table. These aspects will continue to exist of course till next March of 2015 and will ignite a line of events and reactions in all levels. The economical crisis in fact will not back off in nations and the global market. New records will be made in corruption and unemployment and more problems will be created between nations and IMF, more weights will be put on our shoulders.
Since 2008, with Pluto in Capricorn we have warned for this situation and the activation of the cardinal cross, developments will take place suddenly that will have huge power. By this April, that will be more clear through Mars retrogression, perhaps control in some ay the explosive atmosphere but from the 19th of May 2014 he will complete his retrogression course and then powerful and subversive changes is possible to be released. Europe and USA will be constantly under pressure of the economical crisis with not hopeful perspectives for the next few months. Just a little bit before the euro-elections and with the cardinal cross be on fire, warnings and negative developments for the economy of Italy and France will be more and more intense. France, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia will be again under severe control of Commission and that is being escorted definitely by severe measures for the people.

There will be economical dead ends in whole Europe and fascistic powers now will be more intense and shadow many European countries. There will be also serious developments in Turkey. Revelations around Erdogan, his close relatives and partners will lead situations at the edge. Economical scandals, corruption and what was revealed through his phone calls, intense reactions will be escalated in spring of 2014.Durig the last period of time Erdogan has started to be in a open conflict with Gülen again(as we had write in our article before many months ago).