This article is not about Crimea horoscope,is about a pause to the facts till now.There is an intense worry concerning the facts in Ukraine, Turkey and at the wider area of Balkans and Black Sea. After the geopolitical power games between USA, Russia and Europe. “The Bear “looks like to be in a magnificent state and take advantage of chances to play the game dynamically. Concerning the rise of Russia and the Fall of Turkey I had write last year in these articles: Russia Horoscope & the Future “ and about Turkey

Seeing the facts, Pluto through the zodiac sign of Capricorn is leading Russia to full restoration of global domination (natal Pluto in Scorpio) and that reminds the era of Catherine the Great, when the country was established as one of the world’s great powers. The opposition of Uranus-Mars in the natal chart (Uranus in Capricorn, 10th house) means political renewal and completion. Pluto of course, Jupiter and Sun conjunction will lead Russia into success for next two years. So, if the Americans knew about astrology probably would not dare to tease “the Bear” who is capable to replace the appropriate balances in Balkans and then in the Middle East. Except the obvious struggles between the two powers there is also another one, between Europe and Germany.

The main question is if the crisis in Ukraine may lead into a third world war. In fact,the answer is No,it could no trigger a third world now even if that looks like that.A lot may happen, it could trigger a war but now wars take place in a different mode,there will be wars and turmoil or get into a different economical policy, and new things to replace the old under the square of Uranus-Pluto, after all that is something I had mentioned again in old articles since 2010.After all i had write my opinion in previous articles.But these aspects now could not trigger something bigger.

What really concerned me and I thought I was wrong  about the natal horoscope of Ukraine (24/9/1918, 17:31, Kiev), comparing again the horoscopes, that looks like to be more credible which reminds me the days of 1917-8.Kiev changed about four times (recent horoscope ,(The independence of Ukraine from the ex-USSR bloc was proclaimed on 24 August 1991)and that is something may happen again in the near future.

According to old data Ukraine maybe Scorpio (20/11/1917) or Aquarius (22/1/1917) but the first finally option could be really the right one. As I had write before concerning the facts, the conjunction of Jupiter-Mars in the 9th house and an opposition with Eris might be perhaps a great economical help but there is a possibility of a military intervention which is already taking place.

The result of it, is no matter what others do or no matter what USA will try to do, trying to keep the part of Ukraine on their side, sooner or later Ukraine will be attached to Russia again, at least the greatest part of it. The natal Uranus with progressed Mars in Libra at least for the next two years there will be coups, bombards or other. Perhaps, also Ukraine get economical aid from Russia or from both sides, too, with progressive conjunction of Sun-Jupiter.

However if the country would try hard to remain united certainly would be more benefited for all and of course that means a lot about their choices,need to think over and over again. Of course on the next period we are waiting to change the natal charts of many counties in the area.On the other hand if someone is aware of the right date of Ukraine establishment ,I would be happy to receive your information.

Concerning Crimea,horoscope now in Moscow, March 17,2014. President Vladimir Putin on Monday, March 17, signed a decree recognizing the Republic of Crimea as a sovereign and independent state.The decree added that it entered into force from the moment of its signature and included the time stamp of 10:30 pm GMT Putin will address the Federal Assembly (Russian parliament) at 15:00 Moscow time on March 18 in connection with Crimea’s and Sevastopol’s appeals for accession to Russia.

At an extraordinary session on March 17, the Crimean parliament adopted a resolution on the independence of Crimea. It was supported by 85 of 100 deputies present. It also asked Russia to admit Crimea (Tauris) as its new constituent member.Mercury and Sun in Pisces,Moon in Libra,Moon in opposition with Uranus,square with Pluto.But we should let events roll and then we will be bale to make  a certain horoscope,however,data have already entered our astrology Journals.