Group of researchers of the Institute of Solar System Research Max Planck in Germany made ​​a historic discovery.Identified and recorded a rainbow on Venus. It is the first time the impressive atmospheric phenomenon is being detected on a planet outside of Earth.

The researchers studied the data and recordings of the European mission Venus Express that explores Venus and one of them identified the phenomenon. Indeed, according to the researchers the uranium that was registered by the vehicle is a rare type of rainbow which in English called «glory» but the Greek term has been prevailed as a “double rainbow.”
in fact it is about two “interlocking” rainbows. The inner rainbow is brighter, this is called the primary rainbow. The colors are opposite to these two rainbows, i.e., in the primary arc is internally and externally violet red color, while the secondary arc have the red on the inside and the outside  the violet arc.These two differences are due to the fact that the primary rainbow solar beam reflected inside the raindrop once, while the secondary arc we have two successive internal reflections, resulting in a lower brightness and extreme colors inversion of the solar spectrum. The discovery is published in the journal «Icarus».