Many times creativity and destruction are the two sides of the same coin. Jupiter is about luck and Uranus about revolt, both will get together in order to prove it practically, while spring is on the way. All this period of time we observe  planets mobility at the cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are in action and negative aspects are being formed between these signs and planets are considered to be responsible for what we experience on a topic and international level. Now we can really expect uprisings, disappointing surprises, unexpected incidents, pressure and everything will run with breakneck speed while we will intensely feel that time is enough to anticipate what we want. Between these planet aspects we observe the precise square between Jupiter and Uranus, an aspect that could create into creativity but total destruction too. Jupiter in Cancer is the reaction to difficulties and the assert of rights to the enforce of cruel plutonian rules of the system. Gives the fuse to fight in order to survive or to defend ourselves in a period of catholic transformation of the society and the way of life and the values that exist today.

This aspect may be similar to Jupiter and Mars but her influence is extremely powerful, no matter if it is positive or negative when that is energy is being expressed. If we will consider that the Sun will enter the zodiac sign of Aries on the 20th of March for the rest of ten days till the 31st of March the consequences will be massive. If Uranus will prevail, then behavior will be completely unpredictable and, there will be no reason, there will be challenge, revolt and terrorism. If Jupiter will prevail, the denial will be escape from reality and all of us more or less will be influenced by this negative influence.

The square between Jupiter and Uranus also means difficulty of many people to cover their livelihood needs. This March of 2014 is considered to be very significant of this episodic year and seems that during this period of time politics and economy change direction. At the same time there will be an amount of events and mobility, till this phenomenon will end we will see which the priorities are going to be for the near future. So, while this year will move ahead and while the most optimistic from us will see Greece get out of this economical crisis and be the winner on this game, messages anything but auspicious will be. Vagueness for the future will grow, trust will be weakened more concerning economy, production will be limited, unemployment will be increased, and income will be restricted more, social disparities will be raised too and poverty will be increased dramatically.

The high speed of economical crisis is equal with a social threat. The private consume but also the pay off of the loans are pressing on a psychological level and create stress and insecurity. Those who delay to pay off their responsibilities now will be increased more and more. On the other hand, in Europe the announcement for programs of wider dismissals seems to speed up the developments while till today the contraction in employment is being escorted by the most minimal work relations. At the same time, the frustration of the expectations and fatigue is shown by corporations are definitely predicting more unemployment. Of course, we should not forget the fact the Euro zone, has survived till now through the greatest economical crisis from that of the 30s.However is fronting up now great challenges that forcing greater flexibility and a better mood for being antagonistic, for  a more powerful Euro.

Meanwhile more severe rules should be formed in order to hinder speculation that certainly lead into the economical crisis. Euro zone remains foible. After all, the economy of Germany, which is the most important economy of Europe, is based on a great amount of exportations. Her dependency from that will make progress and improvement more difficult. Exports will be more expensive, imports cheaper, economies of which their currencies denigrated, like the sterling and dollar are now winning ground opposed to Euro currency. The implementing of new attitudes are necessary.

On a professional level, this aspect is extremely powerful it will dominate many areas of your life. There is disharmony between these two planetary influences, and this will be reflected by many struggles both within your mind, and out in the world. This aspect can last for a number of months and have a strong collective influence. If you harness this influence in your career you will have a strong idealism both socially and as far as introducing new methods are concerned. Your provocative views will be a challenge to the establishment. You are an internationalist, and wish to concern yourself with issues that cut across national borders. This can bring travel to exotic lands and contact with exotic cultures. You can channel enormous enthusiasm about the future into your career – for you the path of liberation lies in innovation and experimentation. You would thrive in an international organization, and as you also have strong humanitarian tendencies you may choose to work in a field which has to do with social reform or perhaps consciousness-raising.

On a personal level, this aspect is extremely powerful and every action you take will be colored by this energy. As there is tension between these two planetary influences it will be very difficult for you to achieve the promised beneficial results .You have a driving need to expand your philosophical boundaries and this can lead to unusual personal interests and provocative opinions as regards both personal and social development. You can have some form of connection to the New Age movement, and are very interested in reforms. You will almost certainly embark on dramatic long-distance travels and experience enlightenment through new contacts established thereby. In relationships you are inspired by partners and groups who can share your untraditional interests. An international group can have a radical effect on your life. You pride yourself on your open-mindedness and tolerance – yet you are intolerant of intolerance. You tend to upset groups with your radical opinions, but perhaps you could achieve your goals more effectively by understanding the traditions that lie behind established opinions.

jupiter uranus square2

As Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, and Jupiter 12 years, they meet each other in conjunction every 14 years. This cycle is experienced on a collective level as a burst of technological progress and euphoria concerning change and progress. For example Armstrong took his first step on the Moon at the exact time of a Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in 1969. President Reagan dreamt up his “Star Wars” idea at the time of the next conjunction in 1983. Humanity is gripped by exhilaration and a new sense of its destiny. This influence also brings revolutionary changes to the organized education system, student rebellions, judicial reform, New Age convictions and radical new developments in travel – for example mass tourism. It is a time when there is a surge of revolutionary energy amongst young people and often an optimistic economic expansion.

Jupiter in Cancer will be at the 9th house, at the 11th degree (foreign lands, high seas, ecclesiastical and legal professions, religious affairs and religion, the church, justice, lawyers, higher education, overseas, publishing. This house is also connected to foreign relations and long distance travel. It indicates the type of philosophies the nation or group have. It rules the courts and judges, the churches and clergy, universities and professors as well as how the nation feels about higher education; science and satellite transmissions)The 11th degree has the ability to photograph in details everything that will take place and these will pass in the memory of people and is the degree of limitation and difficulties. We may also prone to extreme mood swings which shift quickly from optimism to despair and vice-versa.

Uranus in the 6th house, in Aries at the 12th degree (public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, and working class, rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment, and the civil service. It also rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense. ) The 12th degree is connected to sufferings, sorrows, and hard work, it shows that nothing is as it seems on the surface, and that rewards and excellence are coming after stubborn efforts.