The card we picked up for March is the 2 of Pentacles and that seems not to be accidental since we run forward into the most fragile and difficult period of the year 2014,with Mars and Saturn retrogression, but also we get into  a period of eclipses, and definitely there will be balance issues. In this card we see a young man wearing a hat too big, with a colorful costume dancing in front of the sea playing deftly with two Pentacles to equilibrium in a rope, which forms the symbol of the infinite and eternal life and he seems fascinated by the preoccupation with itself. In the background, on the huge waves of the troubled sea are sailing two ships. The game of dualism represented in every respect to the absolute form of the 2 swords.

As in the picture above this form skillfully trying to balance two Pentacles, and so the man must necessarily equilibrium the image he has for himself with the image that the world around him put on the person and in which he is accepting continuously. The form is shown in the card by the big hat of the mad, is playing with the realm of the infinite and two shapes that are having the same form and the same weight. He tries with various tricks to equilibrate into a constant motion caused by himself.

This card clearly shows the relationship between the opposing forces, the ability to balance the two conditions simultaneously, successful maneuvering through contradictory circumstances. It shows that all this is done without difficulty or oppressive anxiety and that the person rather amused by this game. It symbolizes at one hand harmony in the change, but on the other hand states that it is the right time to promote new projects.

The negative influence of it, shows inability to handle and control a variety of situations. Shows imperative joy or fun where the individual is forced to pretend. Also maybe we are highly biased and badly prepared, so this is impossible to maneuver and support unacceptable things about it. The 2 Pentacles show the changes that occur in relationships and alliances and partnerships where it will be difficult to be a consensus or that joint efforts will be hard to be made for something more positive. In economic terms also it will be difficult to balance revenues with expenses so we should show some special responsibility concerning this issue. We see that the equilibrium is also a dynamic quality but also is the key to understanding of the energy of 2 Pentacles. It is like the juggler is keeping the balls in constant motion, but always under his control.

The 2 Pentacles often signal a change in your life in general, and your financial situation, it is almost not so certain. This card incorporates the principle of “life on the edge of chaos” – too many changes occur and life collapses, but when the changes are very small life stagnates. Constant change and self – improvement is the only way to develop body and mind, and Two Pentacles are definitely a proponent of this philosophy. If the feeling of boredom lately was too strong, it would be good to take a little more fun for a change! But if you do not work at all, because you party all the time, reduce this little habit or limit fun, to bestow to your plans. The principle of balance is the one that directs various states finally here.

In terms of the material world alone, the 2 of Pentacles is often a sign that many of your projects is in progress. These plans may be work-related, personal hobbies, or other issues. This card can even show the dynamic balance between family and career. Usually it is a sign that you have everything under control for the moment. But even a perfect juggler cannot juggle forever, and this card is often a reminder that you need to cut off many, sooner or later. This could mean that you neglect a project to finish another. Abandoning any of our plans it will be better to leave everything and give up.

It symbolizes the idea and warns that you trying to take over or do many things at this time and that would probably be a bad idea. When a magician has perfectly balanced the two balls, and a third ball is added, it can be continue to juggle a flexible way – or they may all fall to the ground. At times like this, the 2 Pentacles advises you to be flexible. If an opportunity comes to you and you can not cope with such a loss, but you have many aspirations to supervise already, one of them must be sacrificed so that they can get a new opportunity. Above all, we need to achieve balance in the passage of such sweeping changes.