I wanted to translate a small article concerning the facts in Ukraine,which I had write in my new website.I bet some of you read it by Google translation but I will write exactly in English what it was written about it ,since December.

In this article I also announce the fact that next week Weekly Horoscope will be written in English language here so you will not have to translate it anymore,after a I received a few messages,they were not so many but definitely there are people that cannot read it.Thank you for your patience though,the woman who is helping me write all these out,went to hospital to deliver her baby,during Christmas time and now she is busy with the new person in her life,for the next period,so I will have to do all this writing alone,except if someone else will be willing to give me a hand.I have to stay with my clients here,on line and in office as also to deliver horoscopes in magazines,that means serious pressure on me too.Back to the article now…So,I cast an astrological chart cast for 00:00 hours for the capital city of any country. This chart covers the complete period of 365 days.

The horoscope of New Year 2014 can be used either as a horary chart, answering the question “What will the New Year bring?” or a mundane chart, cast for a specific place. The main traits of the upcoming year have been elsewhere uncovered and are apparent in the New Year’s chart, which is a foreword to April’s 23 astrological Grand cross in cardinal signs. Mars-Uranus in opposition and contra-parallel demonstrate issues of revolt and war that will be perpetual throughout 2014 and Venus retrogression weakens the capability of peace sessions and treaties in order to stop the escalation of violence.The conjunction between four planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto) strengthens the influence of planetary forces on numerous countries, wherever this conjunction hits sensitive points of the corresponding national charts. Sweden, Brazil, India, Russia, China, Switzerland, Australia and Norway will be positively affected by these aspects. So far Jupiter retrogression opposing the conjunction presents the element of over optimism in the political and financial initiatives in these countries.

Protests in Ukraine are making headlines, as the Asc-Dc axis (proclamation of independence on August 24, 1991, 4:31) is affected by the Uranus-Pluto square. In fact, the personal horoscope of the President of Ukraine (9 July 1950, 12:15, Jenakijevo) is a replica of the New Year’s horoscope, as it has the Asc-Dc axis at 11° Libra-Aries and the MC-IC at 13° Cancer-Capricorn.

Ukraine chart is being undermined through the years between 2014-2015, with Pluto and Uranus hitting the natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn and the people of Ukraine seem to be depressed in the following year with progressed Saturn conjunct the Ukraine Moon. At the same time, Saturn is now in the 10 house, touching natal Pluto and squaring continuously natal Jupiter, Mercury and Venus which are located in the 8th house. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction indicates a possible use of iron fist by the government against the opposition parties, while the square reveals a steady drop in the EU’s financial support throughout 2014. Therefore, there will be a broadening gap with the EU who is concerned about the authoritarian attitude of the Ukraine government, but Viktor Yanukovich will be the final victor in this geopolitical game, where Russia wants to get Ukraine into her sphere through assimilation into a Moscow-led customs union.

Limiting Saturn in Scorpio since 2012 has already put under scrutiny the taxation and social security systems of many countries. Definitely for Greece, the planet is transiting the 6th house of the national chart which is connected with matters to the health industry and those who work in it, social security services, unemployment insurance and disability allowances. The years 2014-2015 will be the last in which the stability of the Greece’s social security system will be maintained. On a global scale, Saturn in Scorpio signifies: A. Socially: Increased mortality and suicides. Increased epidemics and venereal diseases’. B: Limitation of funds for research, but breakthroughs achieved in the fields of genetics and cytology.C. At the economic level: Maintenance of low interest rates and continuous monitoring and mitigation efforts for national debts. Government bonds will be denigrated and only the bonds of financially mighty states will survive. There will be limitation of borrowing from credit institutions and difficulty of debtors to fulfill their obligations, therefore continuous adjustments of loans and debts. Increasing returns from long term stocks and bonds and uncommon turnover for insurance companies. There will be governmental efforts to control multinational enterprises worldwide and collapse of many of those that have no sound financial basis.

Concerning USA, transiting the 11th and opposing the 6th house of the American chart, Saturn has been challenging Obama care since the beginning. The planet is now entering the 12th house, which signifies terrorist activities, hostage situations and underground aggression. At the same time, Uranus is at the Mars/Pluto midpoint, in a position which also had during the Boston bombings. Additionally, Capricorn ingress which takes place a few days before the New Year’s Eve, on December 21, set for New York, presents the Mars-Uranus opposition on the cusps of the 1 and 7 houses with Pluto in the 10 squaring the opposition.

The New Year’s horoscope warns for a massive terrorist attack on the USA. The period 2013/12 – 2014/4 is very hazardous for USA. May be the attack will take place somewhere else in the world (against American diplomatic mission or a military base abroad) however it is clear that American citizens will be targeted and this will mark the entire year 2014, reversing peace process for Syria and modifying an American intrusion in the Middle East.

Moreover, from 2013/12 to 2014/8 Saturn will square America’s Moon and from February through December 2014 Pluto will oppose USA Sun, indicating tough times for the President of the USA. These may suggest the use of military force by the USA or major force against the President. In any case, there will be political pressure on Obama will be significant, because Mars will be in the 10th house of America’s governance during by the first half of 2014.The horoscope of New Year 2014 is suggestive of insurgencies in many parts of the globe and the intervention of the USA in the Middle East. An aggravation of the ongoing financial crisis should be expected, with the dissolution of the euro-zone as one of its consequences. Nevertheless, some countries mentioned above seem to survive this tempestuous year fortifying their position in the international society.

***Update Ukraine Developments 24/2/2014

The first big wave of riots, on January 22, erupted as Ukraine marked the National Unification Day .The astrological chart of that day in 1919 we have Jupiter in Cancer at the 9th degree (history will be written here,the 9th degree repeats facts), Moon in Libra at 13 degrees (Death and Resurrection,reborn ,the sign of Phoenix)and a Mercury in Capricorn at 12 degrees( the degree of shipwreck,suicide,we guess that there will be major changes in Ukraine definitely) .This year, both on January 22 and February 18, the Moon was transiting the zodiac sign Libra, activating the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square which is now forming 10-14° of the Cardinal signs.

The independence of Ukraine from the ex-USSR bloc was proclaimed on 24 August 1991. Probably at 14:31 pm. This chart has the Ascendant at 9° Capricorn(significant historical events), in conjunction to Uranus and Neptune at 11° and 15° Capricorn(someone who will not quit easily). By whims of destiny, the personal chart of V. Yanukovych ( set for July 9, 1950, 12:15 pm, (Yenakiyevo) has the Asc-Dc at 11° Libra-Aries(courage and triumph) and the MC-IC axis at 13° Cancer-Capricorn(lucky ones). Uranus and Neptune are on the Ascendant (13° and 15° Libra), Sun and Mercury on the MC (15° and 17° Cancer). So the near future.

The country and its President are at a throbbing crossroads, carried by the enduring Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto grand cross and 2014 will remain stormy for Ukraine. Important political events will take place when the Moon will be transiting the cardinal signs, particularly of Libra. There will be more unrest in April, when rioting and dramatic events will take place. The involvement of army for the re-establishment of order should not be ruled out.For V. Yanukovych the opposition of Uranus-Pluto square his natal Mars-Neptune until 2016 indicate disarray. Nevertheless, Pluto trine natal Saturn and progressed Uranus in opposition to his Jupiter in 2015 reveal probabilities coming from somewhere. So he will remain in power at least until 2015.

J. Timoshenko (27 November 1960,Dnepropetrovsk) free now as though this is showing to be completed in some way in the next year- will be a flexible action from the part of the Ukrainian president to satisfy the West and conciliate with rioters. Up till now, Neptune is squaring her Sun and opposing her Pluto from 2014, Timoshenko is facing three problematic years ahead. Saturn is entering Sagittarius by the end of the year signifies the end of her political saga.With the SA progressed Saturn conjunct and tr. Saturn squaring the Ukraine Moon in the 2nd house, Ukrainians seem financially depressed and their sense of security will be shaken by surging inflation and gradual devaluation of their currency. A rise of the commodities’ prices should not be excluded. Faced with rising debt costs, declining reserves and an unstable currency, Ukraine’s banks will be hit and investors will be very uncertain to enter Ukraine.Transiting Saturn is squaring natal Jupiter, Mercury and Venus which are posited in the 8th house, shows a steady drop in the EU’s financial support in 2014-2015, as a counter-measure for the suppression of individual rights in Ukraine. Jupiter also is transiting the houses 7-8th from now through the year 2016 reveals that alliances and financial aid coming elsewhere, obviously from the giant neighbor.

Despite yesterday’s temporary truce between the government and the opposition leaders, a turbulent semester lies ahead for Ukraine and rioting will be recurring. Civil unrest will soon be met with more austerity measures and the probable use of the armed forces. The event of a direct Russian involvement in Ukraine should be ruled out, but Yanukovych and Putin will cooperate for the control of the situation. In the end, when Russia will have won the geopolitical game for Ukraine, the West will realize that by losing Ukraine may have sidestepped a gap.

**(answer to a question of  a follower)Days now, we are almost all watching, at least those who have the ability to monitor and combine the news, the west and the Russian media are lying and deception is also too much here at this point. Westerners talk about a supposedly spontaneous uprising of the Ukrainian people, who did not even participate in street fighting mercenaries of the West.The tormented Ukrainian people, that had been tortured by the Nazis and the Communists ,are experiencing days of uncertainty , since the Western side will not stop if they do not send the IMF to ” save ” them, while Putin , there’s no way to deliver to the eastern and southern provinces with Russian populations are trapped in Ukraine in areas that Russia did large investments and where the entire infrastructure of the Ukrainian economy is, industry , trade and agriculture and especially the Russian pipeline gas supplied to mainly Europe and of course Germany .

If Russian gas stops flowing, it may sound strange, but Germany will demand Russian army to flood the plains of Ukraine in Kharkov to north to Sevastopol in Crimea. If Russians do nothing, then modern German PANZER (LEOPARD) will be forced to proceed with that.

Those who eat the fairy-tale of alleged insurgent Ukrainian people, the best they can do is to see the hyenas of the White Brotherhood, who through the Western economic blocs want to struggle Russia , which lately has increased the pace of production of tanks , aircraft and ships of Stealth formula.Inside the Olympics Games they tried to “drop “Putin and the last time they also had tried again, he made them eat their neckties. Stay tuned for developments now that the Olympics are over.If they push Putin more, he will “bite” them badly and Ukraine till the Dnieper will become a Russian province.

***update 12/3/2014-By transiting Mercury (news) in Aquarius (independence) in the 9th house (abroad) the news related to what is happening abroad is completely unexpected. In a surprise strategic move Crimean Parliament declared independence. Specifically, with 78 “yes” votes from a total of 100 Crimean Parliament declared independence before the referendum is expected to occur this Sunday gripping West and EU literally into sleeping.