Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon, 10:46,15th April 2014

The eclipses of the year 2014 begin from this spring. The first eclipse of the year will occur at the zodiac sign of Aries (axis of Aries-Libra) and will bring on the surface matters concerning relationships and partnerships and all kind of co-operations. In this Lunar Eclipse the planets that will participate is Mars from the 5th house who rules the 6th and 11th house, Uranus from the 10th house, Pluto from the 7th house and Mercury from the 1oth who rules the 4th and 12th house with negative aspects. The participation of the opposition between Jupiter and Pluto at the axis of r4elationships (1-7 house) and the Great Cross of Mercury and Mars combined with the opposition we described and begin in February definitely will bring changes, abrupt difficulties on the next few days on  apolitical and economical level, particularly in Greece where there will be a pre-election period and in counties have been destabilized, there will be density and confusion in stock markets, increased worry concerning money but also conflicts among partners and lovers in any level, of course.


Mercury is forming an opposition with Uranus, Mars, Zeus and Eris but also a square with Pluto and the ascendant of the eclipse and Jupiter. Mars will form an opposition with Uranus, Vulcan, Mercury and also a square with Pluto, the ascendant and Jupiter, as also the rest of the planets.

The degrees that the eclipse will occur at the 9:42:26 pm is the 26th degree of Aries-26th degree of Libra. The 26th degree is being connected to prevalence and at least on a political level some will play the game with rabies for their prevalence. Others will retire but there will be a tendency towards exaggeration and certainly abuses of every kind will continue to exist. The 26th degree talks about militant leaders, contradictions and controversies. The 26th degree of Aries talks about ambition but disputes over who would get the scepter as well as obsolete traditions need to be reformed, which symbolizes the guardian of treasures, indicates that total ruin can be avoided if one displays wisdom and persistence.

The 26th of Libra, is the degree of Victory and possibly that shows aggressiveness, but strength and independence and military life. The 26th of Libra is simple, methodical, and has benevolent character. The ascendant of the eclipse is in the 2nd degree of Cancer, which is considered the degree of Ultimate Power, and describes someone who knows how to impose, to be distinguished and finally to build a very good name (often with economic impact). Bold features of this degree is the element of boldness and power , which is forming  a trine with the MC, Chiron and Neptune , sextiles the IC and Jupiter and that will bring joy and optimism as also strong confidence too. In case of misuse of this charisma, then we should know that, no matter how high we climb, so easily someone flops. However, there is an opposition formed between someone who says things with their name, bluntly and someone who is not in a hurry but not looking and researching what can be hidden behind appearances and phenomena (26th Libra degree, Detectives).

15 april 2014 eclipse

On the other hand the Great Cross is being formed between Mercury/Uranus, with Mars and Jupiter and Pluto, is something that cannot be ignored at all. Jupiter from the 1st house at the 13th degree, in a direct motion, is the degree of happiness through our personal efforts and hard work, the rebirth of Phoenix from the asses, this number is connected to renewal after personal hard efforts. Pluto, on the other hand, at the 7th house at the 14th degree of Capricorn, is reminding us what must happen and is pushing us to complete something under fear and pressure of the enemy or antagonism o an opponent. The 14th degree is connected to lenience and progress but is milder and is showing the mix up of someone in political agitations and is dramatizing an important role in the history of his country. Nevertheless, running after success has to do with sectors like animal husbandry and trade, archeology, war, politics, or law. The 14th degree is of criticism, and the sarcastic comment.

Mercury in Aries on the 13th degree, from the 10th house, is forming an opposition with Mars in the 5th house possessed by impatience but also to inspire action too, with incredible speed, putting into an implemented immediately ideas are opposite Mars in Libra retrograde, at the 17th degree who is actually defending manners and balances and easily creates acidity, aggression and declares crisis .Mercury expects support and understanding, but can not find it.Uranus from the 10th house, and 14th degree of Aries, which is the degree of betrayal is pushing to overcome all of them in order to place something better. The positive element that may be exists on this whole situation is Venus in the 9th house, at the 10th degree seems to hold things in some way, by forming a trine with the MC, Neptune and Jupiter.

If we will compare all these with the chart of Greece, this implies that there may be some kind of vindication, because of successful diplomacy because of the trine is being formed between the Sun and Mars and the Moon, but of course if we will use the chart of Antipolitefsi, that suggests something dreadful or news that will revolutionize the world (unlike Uranus and Chiron) and will need much attention. But I always use the Independence chart which is very accurate till now. However the whole eclipse runs the same for other countries too. When time will come we will look at in the Uranian. The lunar eclipse will affect Libras, Aries, Capricorns and Cancers.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse-29th April 2014, 2014,8:14:19 pm.

april solar eclipse 2014

The first solar eclipse of the year will take place on April 29, 2014, in the zodiac sign of Taurus, at the 9th degree in the 11th house, where the opposition of Jupiter – Pluto will remain on the axis o the 1-7th, and will have the participation of Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Neptune. The eclipse will affect the Leos, Taurus, Scorpions and Aquarians. The solar eclipse is an omen as we know where belligerent omen but also affects and threatens the safety of leaders or very important personalities. The effect of a solar eclipse for many can be proved fatal, where the contradictions and disagreements are escalated and usually those are causing dramatic events, and also disrupts the emotional state of many people.

29 april 2014

In some situations the solar eclipse is terminating events that took place during lunar eclipse and now during the solar eclipse will come to an end. The 9th degree is of repetition, risking a loss or intense events will happen on a parliamentary level, with the Grand Cross to affect things even without the presence of Mercury anymore.Finally the Ascendant of the eclipse will be at the 24th degree of Gemini which means strength, willpower or a success. The whole thing obviously is connected to difficult choices. The square of Uranus and Pluto will continue to create tensions and problems in relation to the eclipse in the educational space nevertheless the eclipse of April is more stabilizing after forming mostly positive aspects, after a series of scandals and various other events. (Kickbacks, profit and general money under the table)


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, 8th October 2014, 13:55 pm.

Six months after we are going to have the next Lunar Eclipse of 2014 on the axis of Aries – Libra, again, at the 16th degree which has to do with divine protection ( through the difficulties comes the expansion and extension) where we will have the participation of Mercury, Venus , Uranus , Pluto and Mars. The 16th degree of Aries is described as “A man with a book in hand, wandering in a forest glade. The sun shining between, foliage brightens the face “which without any doubt has to do with success and publicity, where it is related to some delays or the delay of solutions to some issues. The 3rd and the 9th house, where the eclipse will occur has to do with educational institutions. The 3rd house is associated with education, media, communications, public transport and the 9th with universities, religion, science and satellite transmissions, justice, but since these two are linked together in the eclipse then we talk about diplomatic relations too.

The eclipse will affect the Libras, Aries, Cancers and Capricorns (the cardinal cross). The opposition of Venus (10th Libra degree, courage, triumph, degree of changes) and Uranus (14th degree, betrayal, mistakes, exploit and cooperatives) shows that in this eclipse there will be a strong tendency for dramatic erotic situations and unexpected departures and separations and that perhaps will occur on  a political level.(change of balances, change of alliances)

8 october

The involvement of 3rd and 9th house of course, can change things and lead more into some kind of “school romantic stories “in the middle of a seizure/school occupation. The eclipse generally involved with educational issues. And while the situation appears to be quite complex and difficult , the 3rd degree of the Ascendant in Capricorn shows favor, luck , intelligence and financial success (degree of brightness ), although the planets in the House of Finance, Neptune at the 6th degree of Pisces (degrees of afforestation ) and Jupiter from the 8th house , at the 18th degree of Leo longer shows the divine protection there is in the air because of some errors will be either due to stupidity or stubbornness, even though it is in a conjunction with the Black Moon at the 25th degree of Leo finally, so speaks about stabilization. The Great Trine is being formed between Jupiter, Mars and the Moon, possibly make things more complicated, with Mars be in 17th degree of Sagittarius, which is the degree of abandonment and instability. The square is also formed between Jupiter and Saturn will loosen things up a bit. The eclipse is on positive aspects with the Sun of the country that prevents destabilization while the chart of the Metapolitefsi, with Pluto in the 7th house tells about difficulties with the constitutional function of the country.

Solar Eclipse & New Moon, 24th October, 2014, 00:45

The last eclipse of the year will take place on October 24, 2014 at 00:45 and takes place at the sign of Scorpio, at the 0 ° degrees in 4th house, where we have the participation of Venus, Pluto, Neptune and the Saturn, affecting the fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpios, Leos and Aquarians but those also are born in the last ten days of Libra and Aries. During the solar eclipse it would be best not to take serious decisions, not to make big changes or to start something new in our lives and protect our relationships whether they be emotional or professional. Be careful with your health in general. The eclipse will create severe weather phenomena and will affect human relationships and maybe change the flow of many conditions.

october solar eclipse 2014

The zero degree, contains the absolute properties of a zodiac sign where it occurs. So, it shows an absolute state, a primitive driving force. The 0 degree of Scorpio shows strength and passion. The fourth house is associated with agriculture, livestock, crops, land, homes, property, mines, coal mines, minerals, quarries, the weather, the opposition party in government.

This house means the land values, real estate and agriculture, housing and living conditions. It is the foundation or basis of society and its traditions. It is a place that reflects nationalism and patriotism, is the folk soul of the nation. Apart from the underground water reserves, and indicates the weather conditions. Indicates people in connection with the government, and signals the party is not in power.

In the 4th house then it is being formed a triple conjunction between Venus , Sun and Moon in the 0 degree of Scorpio and this appears to be a threat to the government if you want this degree contains a kind of tolerance than a threat. Jupiter at the first houses in the 20th (degree of restriction and barriers) degree of Leo trines Uranus in Aries (revolution, insurrection for educational institutions) at the 14th degree, in some ways ignores the triple conjunction in the 4th house and supersedes but also and trine Mars ( I am feeling like describing a football game here…) . The Ascendant of this eclipse at the 8th degree of Leo, asks more money for education and obviously eventually wins because despite the squares are formed, there are more positive aspects between Uranus, Ascendant, Midheaven and Mars which means vindication. Mars in Sagittarius at the 23rd degree of the 5th house creates an intolerable frustration with the whole situation , and the 5th house associated with theater , arts , entertainment , sports , fashion, children , gambling , speculative interests associated with stock market, colonies , dependencies. This house represents the essence of enjoyment, fun, entertainment, theaters, sports and social functions.

23 october

Exclude children and the birth rates, and schools (with the 3rd), and connected with the economy, speculation and the Stock Exchange, although the actual stocks and bonds belonging to the 2nd house. So to my understanding from the whole  astrological scene is being formed will encourage those who want to put their as on a lovely position, probably get paid without doing anything at all, but also, and probably indicates that things tend to go back where we were before the crisis. The 2nd house of finances with Trans Pluto at the 1st degree shows strength and hope, Chiron at the 14th degree is showing mobility and moderate economy but also the 4th degree of is there showing love for fun etc. … plus that Neptune is forming some positive aspects with Mercury and Pluto and Admetos and Sedna at the 29th and 25th respectively show pride and rest. Ladies and gentleman, you should have already understand that this economical crisis is fake, something I wrote in my first articles here since 2010.