Shirley Temple died today at the age of 85, born in Los Angeles, California with the Sun at the 3 degree and 46 rising at the 5th house of her horoscope (art), which made her particularly intelligent, lucky and gave her economical success from such a young age. Shirley born with Ascendant in Sagittarius that gave her a bright appearance and cheerful but genius persona (Ascendant with Uranus, light of the future, 5th degree superior talent & high position), light of the future.

Her Moon in Gemini made her particularly smart with a youthful temperament but also the ability to tune easily herself and co-operate with others (in 7th house). Sun in Taurus give her the talent for singing as also an enduring spirit. Mercury,Venus,Jupiter and Uranus all of them at the zodiac sign of Aries filled her with devastating energy and heightened confidence with self-willingness. Through Jupiter and Mercury in her 5th house, she inspired others for action, spiritual creative, responsible also for her personal extension. Mars through the zodiac sign of Pisces made her sweet, “fight for your dreams) emotional and impressionable and give her abilities for dancing, singing, artistry. Saturn in Sagittarius clings to traditional religious beliefs, and is involved in travel and cultural or international affairs (1st house, trine with Jupiter). Neptune retrogression through Leo has a natural desire to be in the limelight,(9th house, and trine with Mercury, perhaps responsible for alcohol)and Pluto in Cancer has deep emotions and strong domestic inclinations, responsible for her rising fame but also for her fall. (8th house).