Most of you know the tragic story but here you may read the rest of  the details in Wikipedia,in order to examine the facts astrologically.The Day the Music Died, so dubbed by a lyric in the Don McLean song “American Pie,” is a reference to the deaths of rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, on February 3, 1959. Pilot Roger Peterson was also killed.After terminating his partnership with The Crickets, Buddy Holly assembled a new band consisting of Waylon Jennings, Tommy Allsup, and Carl Bunch, to play on the ‘”Winter Dance Party” tour. The tour also featured rising artists Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper, who were promoting their own recordings as well. The tour was to cover 24 Midwestern cities in three weeks.The distance between venues and the conditions prevalent aboard the poorly equipped tour buses adversely affected the performers. Cases of flu spread among the band members, and Carl Bunch was hospitalized due to frostbite.

Frustrated by the conditions, Holly decided to charter a plane when they stopped for their performance in the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, to reach their next venue in Moorhead, Minnesota. Carroll Anderson, owner of the Surf Ballroom, chartered the plane from the Dwyer Flying Service. Richardson, who was affected by the flu, swapped places with Waylon Jennings, taking the latter’s place on the plane, while Tommy Allsup lost his place to Ritchie Valens on a coin toss. Dion DiMucci (of Dion and the Belmonts fame) decided not to board the plane for the $36 fee.The investigation of the incident determined that soon after take off, a combination of poor weather conditions and pilot error caused spatial disorientation that made pilot Roger Peterson lose control of the plane. Hubert Dwyer, owner of the flight service company, could not establish radio contact and reported the aircraft missing the next morning. He took off in his own Cessna 180 and spotted the wreckage less than six miles (9.7 km) northwest of the originating airport in a cornfield. He notified the authorities who dispatched Deputy Bill McGill, who drove to the wreck site and found the bodies of the passengers and pilot. They were later identified by Carroll Anderson.


Astrologically the aircraft crashed at the 0:55 CST with the ascendant that zodiac sign of Scorpio,forming a T-square with the Sun,Uranus and Pluto.However,the existence of these  planets in angle houses,with Mars at the 7th house,Pluto at the 10th house,at the horoscope of the air crash has no other particular indications,for instance like the connection of Mars with other angle cusps.This one existed before the solar eclipse of the 12th October 1958,that for the geographical coordinates of Clear lake,mars was in an opposition with the ascendant in Aquarius.

The particular planet scene is exactly representing an air crash accident and the question that is rising up is why the  solar eclipse dynamic effects  expressed months later.A very good answer I can give into that,also comes by the position of the transit Sun at the 13th degree of Aquarius.The 13th degree has Aries characteristics which is coming by the closing up of  a cycle.It is showing the death but also the resurrection.We are being called to be reborn though our asses,it is  a number which shows that we are reborn and renewed through our actions and efforts.The 13th ,is the degree of the degree of the Fall,an unpredictable danger.This degree is showing  a possible accident caused usually by unpredictable phenomena such war,flood or earthquake or the reversal of fortune…within two degrees of two days.

However,if we will search more on this,presents the fact that the New Moon that came before tragedy,occurred with the Lights to be at the 18th degree of Capricorn,squaring the degree of the eclipse.The 18th degree is being connected to popularity and that fame issues,so on its own this degree is fortunate in some way.So,the New Moon seems to activate the solar eclipse of October,showing dangerous circumstances sin the air (Mars-Uranus square). But definitely you can find more in the personal horoscopes of the victims.

In relation to the victims of the tragedy,Mars was at the 26th degree of  Taurus and that seems to be the key of their common fate,or if you prefer the 26-27th degree of T-square.If we will start by the pilot of this air crash Roger Peterson (24/5/1937) who during that period of time his transit Uranus squared the natal Mercury in Taurus,we get the assumption that in his natal chart,there was a square with Mars at the 26th degree of Scorpio with Demeter at the 27th of Aquarius.(ruins,danger but both degrees indicate alcoholism too…)

Ritchie Valens in his personal horoscope there were very dangerous aspects which are justifying his fear to planes and the dream/omen he had months before the accident.In particularly, Mars in Aquarius at the 28th degree in a conjunction to the 25th degree was forming squares with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus(25th and 26th degrees)

Concerning Buddy Holly,,Demeter was at the 27th degree of Scorpio which was touching the de facto critical zone of the Cross,plus we have Saturn at the 26th degree of Cancer too.All these degrees are critical ones.Practically,using only the transits we see immediately the connection of the transit Mars in the three natal charts of them,something that is igniting a profane ignition of those planet positions or the indications in their progressive chart systems.

Big Bopper Richardson is the only one that was not responding immediately at this specific astrological area.Of course in his natal chart there was an extremely dangerous T-square between mars-Uranus-Sun but subject to ahypotheticalAscendant or MC 25-27 fixed degrees, his involvement in the accident remains a question mark.