Kassandra, reported as Kassandra or Alexandra is one of the most tragic figures of Greek mythology, daughter of the king of Troy, Priam and Hecuba.

She had been loved by Apollo, and she promised to accept his love, if he would made her a fortune- teller that without never being mistaken in her predictions and whatever she would foretold. But when he responded to her desire and endowed her with the gift of divination, Cassandra stepped on her promise and refused to give her love to Apollo. The angry God, because he could not take back what once was given, he cursed not ever to believe anyone in the fortune telling’s not matter how much true those predictions can be…

The god deceived now, when Kassandra refused to give herself, he hides his indignation and asks from her to allow him to kiss her just only once. ‘When she accepts, Apollo spits in her mouth and he removes in this way every persuasion from her words.There are some questions concerning this action of god Apollo. The saliva secretion as every human has within the primitive faith, has the ability to transfer from one person to another certain skills, but not to neutralize them. So here the god spitting into the mouth of Kassandra to transmit his own divination.A second variant of the myth is that the initial delivery, Apollo asked his daughter to spit him in his mouth, so Cassandra would lose what she had become a little earlier. Servios, is the only one who gives this variant of the Kassandra myth.

The agreement of Kassandra with Apollo, the breach of promise and her punishment, first mentioned by Aeschylus. In Lycophron, the imprisoned heroine presented by her father, who could not stand her to listen to her non-stop lament and prophesies about destruction and death, but she had given a mandate to the guard to record her words.

Another tradition interprets otherwise the acquire of the prophetic charisma of Kassandra. Kassandra and Helenos had given birth by Hecuba on the same day. Where once parents celebrated the birthdays of their children to the temple of Apollo Thymvraiou, outside the gates of Troy, as they were tired of the games and runs all day, they fall asleep in the sanctuary.

Their parents, drunk after a full day of fun, when the night arrives, they get up and leave forgetting them behind. In the darkness snakes come and lick the ears of children, clean their sensors, so they can hear secret voices that other people do not listen. The next morning looking for their lost children, the women of the palace and when they find them strapped from snakes, they start to scream. Frightened snakes disappear into a grove of laurels nearby.‘So the twins from their childhood already are endowed with the gift of divination. Kassandra would foretold the future after divine inspiration, as the Sibyl and Pythia. On the other hand, Helenos did so by interpreting the movements and cries of birds.

The curse would follow Kassandra throughout her life. Every so predicts disasters to her homeland – when Paris born , where his parents regain when Paris leaves for Sparta , when the Trojans decide to draw them into the castle of the Trojan – Horse – of fate , however, her fate is  that no one should pay any attention to her words .The first of these prophecies of Kassandra mentioned by the sources, when that Paris would bring disaster in the city when he returned for the first time in Troy, without a knowledge of his princely status. Later, when he brought Helen in the city, Kassandra said this kidnapping would cause the destruction of Troy, but nobody believed her.

Kassandra was the first she knew that her father was returning from Achilles with Hector’s corpse. Kassandra and Laokoon tried in every way to convince the Trojans not to put in the city of the Trojan horse. Kassandra said the fact that the wooden horse that was filled with armed enemies, but again she was not believable.After the fall of Troy, Kassandra fled to the temple of Athena. There, arrived Ajax of Locri, who had been distinguished himself in the war against the Trojans. As Achaeans rushing inside the city, Ajax enters the temple of Athena.

There Kassandra described by Homer as “kallistin passon “asks for the protection of the goddess from the statue, Ajax pulled her by the hair, so the statue was shaken from its base. Ajax dishonor her in the temple. The other Greeks that saw it were resented by the terrible sacrilege.The dishonor of Kassandra makes the statue of the goddess Athena to become alive and rise her eyes to heaven. The Achaeans to propitiate her they decide to stone and the death of Ajax since they should not lose in no way the protection of the goddess.

But he manages to escape temporarily with prayers at the altar of Athena. After the end of the Trojan War, the Locrians start the journey back home. The immoral act but Ajax is not forgotten by the goddess Athena who with a lightning is plunging the ship. Back in Locris, a storm erupted near Evia Island and Ajax was saved on a rock saying to the gods that he will survive against their will. Then Neptune (Poseidon) offended by his arrogance broke the rock with his trident, and Ajax lost.

The conquerors were shared the women of losers, so Kassandra fell to the clergy of Agamemnon, who fell in love her vehemently. It is likely that Kassandra had two sons by Agamemnon, the Tiledamo and Pelops.Finally, her fate was united with his own: when they arrived at Mycenae both were murdered by Clytemnestra and Aegisthus .

In the Iliad, Kassandra mentioned as the fiancée of Othryonea from Kaviso , which, instead of other offerings to Priam in order to give Kassandra, he had promised to clear Troy from the Achaeans, but is being killed just when he arrives from Idomeneus. Also, in the last rhapsody she sees Priam first turning of the Achaean camp bringing back the corpse of ‘ Hector.

Nothing shows that Homer knew the prophetic abilities of the heroine. And Odyssey, although speaks about the tragic death by the hands of Clytaemestra does not seem to know Kassandra as a fortune teller. For the first time in “Cyprus”(Kirpia) we see her to hold the gift of divination , and warns her father about the dangers that threaten Troy ‘s visit of Paris to Menelaus of Sparta (Cyprus, Proclus 7) .Subsequent testimonies (Apollodorus, Epitome 5, 17) she is being presented to fight the evil to prevent the Trojans believe in Sinona and transfer the Trojan Horse in Helio. Pindaros, calls her Madina Quran (Pythian 11, 33).

In modern era have prevailed since the above myth, especially in Greek political discourse, expressions such as “will disarm of many Kassandra’s ” or ” do not listen to the prophets of Kassandra’s “, etc. . . These expressions are logically matched to the ancient myth, after all the prophecies of Kassandra proved true, regardless if others did not believed her predictions.