The New Moon will occur at the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, at the 10 and 59 orbs on the 3rd of December 2013.Sagittarius is symbolizing the new passage to a higher realization. Sagittarius is being symbolized and also is being described as Centaur, half man and half horse, one piece of him is mortal and the other one is immortal, is sacred. Sagittarius is symbolizing the union of human beings with nature, the earth with paradise. Sagittarius is being connected to discoveries, exploration and the understanding of our position to the universe. So, we can make the question of the kind, “who are we?”, “what we want here?”, ”Why we are here?”. The New Moon phenomenon is helping us to get in touch with our soul and spiritual sources. Ethics and mortality, faith and fanaticism, Justice, motive and meaning, Sagittarius is interesting more about rendition and valuation of the experience. So, the New Moon here is stimulating us to give new answers. Sagittarius is aiming at the sky, is seeking something beyond the limits of the natural existence. Being represented as Centaur, human being and horse, unites the nature with people, the spirit with the instinct. The ninth in turn zodiac sign is searching for the bridge that will unite the different levels of reality between philosophy and religion. The term “religion” is coming from the Greek verb” thriskevo” which means remembrance of sulfur, or the roman word “religio” which means reflection tying the sacred. Sagittarius is tying the world of the material with the sacred. After Scorpio, Sagittarius is fighting to rise from the deep waters of the subconscious and search for his identity. In a few words, is searching to see who he really is. From this question, all the religious and philosophizing ideas are jumping out, every point of view and every quest. The motive beyond religious or philosophical speculation is the need to discover our real identity.


Jupiter, as a ruler of Sagittarius, in Cancer is emphasizing the family values and emotional support, sympathy, sensitivity to other people and understanding we have to show towards human needs. His opposition to Venus in Capricorn may crate favorable and constructive relationships, as also to idealize, provoking enthusiasm for someone who is not what we think or imagine, but when is forming a trine with Saturn in Scorpio, is emphasizing the motto “support a dream each time” and also the other motto” there is no miracle without hard work, draining, fear, limitations, hard reality and faith”. The square of the New Moon with Chiron means that we block disturbing emotions or bury wounds that need to be healed in order to move on. The New Moon is protecting us from truths that we cannot stand or for those truths we are not ready to face up but on the other hand is leading us into situations and occasions into which circumstances are being created and opportunities in order to face up the wounds. In more simple words, we attract or create incidents that pull our wounds or become what we judge destructively or confront, in order to face up our contemporary attitude and behavior. When you avoid to face up what is giving you pain, you push away the pain but also the therapy too. Substantively, you carry on having open accounts with the past.

The trine of the New Moon with Uranus is an aspect that provokes itch for changing things, impatience, the need to define our life without commitments and dependencies. This aspect makes daily life and routine to be suffocating and extends the desire to feel someone more alive, and the though that our life may change suddenly in a fascinating way. This aspect is making us think without taboos or prejudices and get over fading patterns of attitude and ideas in order to see things more spherically. It is also making easier creativity with density and enthusiasm of a new wave of consciousness with an original ideas on a social, religious and cultural level.

 new moon

The Full Moon as you have already understand will occur at the zodiac sign of Gemini, at the 15 and 36 orbs on the 17 of December 2013.This Full Moon will crate one more developing decline, opening up our eyes into deeper truths and expanding our horizons. So this is the time of the truth and consequences. The Full Moons are lightening what we have overlooked or what is hidden. This opposition is revealing us where we had been deceived or just fucked up. It is leading us to search deeper in shadows before we will be bale to see the light, it is showing us where to search in order to meet what we have pushed away or denied or what we hid in the subconscious. Despite the fact, the Sagittarius is aiming always to the light and the truth, he may shadow it with arrogance and fanaticism. Gemini love to collect and share information, but this procedure may end up in superficiality and double messages. New truths are coming into the light around the Full Moon days, pointing that we have functioned with blind faith and with the minimum of information. The Full Moon in Gemini is asking what are we thinking of, the Sun in Sagittarius is wondering, what we believe and Uranus is asking us to tell, what we know.

But it is not necessary to answer with prohibitions or per-manufactured ideas and views but it is time to get rid of old –fashioned ideas and attitudes. Uranus forming a square with Pluto is demanding to sacrifice sacred cows, to finish up with self-delusions and change the world, beginning with ourselves.

Prometheus is the Titan who rebelled against the gods and helped Jupiter to get rid of Saturn. It is him who stolen from Olympus the fire to give them to people, in order to free them by the power of the gods. He was considered the most intelligent of the all and also the man who transmitted in human being science and arts.


Planet Uranus, is the ruler of Aquarius, and is not responding to the astrological content we give him. Speaking about Uranus characteristics, mainly we are talking about the archetype of Prometheus and properties. Our intention for radical changes, our passion fro freedom, the challenge of every power, our ability to get over limitations, or mental intelligence, the desire for enthusiasm and risk, our tension to shake once in a while the established structures, freedom, the spiritual awakening belong to Prometheus and not in Uranus.


Uranus, the rebel, at the same day of the Full Moon in a direct motion now at the 8th degree of Aries, will re-ignite the desire for collisions, breaking of contracts and deals and will generally accelerate developments. Uranus, the planet of the collective, in Aries, which is the zodiac sign of autonomy and atomism, is enough incompatible since he will be called to cover the needs of a team who constantly demands great adjustment and coherence, in order to maintain unity. So, Uranus in Aries, may create unrest in teams, since their members will want more atomism, tending to experimentation and new ideas. On the other hand, Aries, is the one who always is opening new ways for others, a pioneer. That means that Uranus in Aries may create the need for new leaders that will inspire others to follow new directions. Those who have an intense Uranus in their natal chart, planets in Aries or other fire signs will enjoy the game with fire, the rest of you will be forced to put their hands in fire without gloves and they will feel to be burnt out.

cold moon

Sometimes, after that Full Moon, Venus start her retrogression motion and then a period of introversion and inflexibility begins in our relationships while our finances still deciduous for a while. From all planets, Venus retrogrades less days, when every 1 and half a year is changing course. In Capricorn will stay retrograded for 42 days, from the 21st of December 2013 till the 31st of January 2014, and that will give us the chance to see under the surface of circumstances and relationships as also reveal our desires. So, we have to think what we overestimate, what we underestimate, what worth’s our time and energy, what we need before we move on, what we need to resolve problems our relationships. Things generally, will be completely different when Venus will return in a direct motion, societies may have changed even   a bit, and emotional relationships or partnerships will have changed completely enough, so get ready to see the changes, if those have not occurred yet or have not come into your life.