The entering of planet Mars through the zodiac sign of Libra will occur on the 7th December 2013 and will stay there at the same zodiac sign till next July 26th, 2014 and that will be the main astrological phenomenon for long time. Mars in Libra at this point is at a position of weakness. The zodiac sign of balance will force Mars to compromise in some way because Libra will limit his power, Mars is popular for antagonism and for a while will definitely emphasize his capricious manners. His flame and dynamism always at least most of the times lead to the maintenance of our targets and achievements of our ambitions and targets that sometimes being replaced from compromise and indifference. Even though Mars in Libra, here at this position, will be less impulsive he will activate Uranus ferociousness and Pluto’s drama. So, despite his low profile, he will not stop being the cause that these two planets will provoke disruption for one more time, bring on the surface always problems extending difficulties on a personal and collective level.

 libra in mars

The eight-month stay of Mars in Libra will shake any personal and social relationships, contributing in the activation of Uranus-Pluto. On the other hand, he is also defining the end of the aggressive aspects at the cross of the cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer)if we will calculate Jupiter in Cancer into this phenomenon, since December of 2013 till the end of July of 2014 the grand cross of cardinals will be maintained in the celestial sky and is being connected with a test in the three zodiac zodiacal quartettes. So, there will be dynamism, militancy, impatience, sensitivity that will be expressed aggressively as also many incidents will be articulated and most of people will tend to be expressed or being stimulated in order to express their real personalities in the outside world.


This December is full of negative aspects. The cause of their activation is definitely Mars through Libra and the establishing of planet Venus at the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The so-called positive aspect of Venus opposition with Jupiter between Cancer and Capricorn, while Saturn’s participation into this connection will maintain a grid of security for those who want to take risks or expose themselves. Generally, there will be developments into many social problems and matters but also there will be disruption on a political level. During the second term of December the opposition of Mars with Uranus and the negative aspect with Pluto will are foreseeing something powerful on a topic or global climax, on a political or social level. During this period of time destructive choices will be made or self –destructive behavior will be perceived. The incidents that will befall will consist the pre-angel of the first hard quarter of the 2014.Patience and coolness will be necessary to exist in everyone’s actions and attitude, but also reason and conservative attitude may help in many cases of dissatisfied incidents.


Mars in Libra will stay at the same zodiac sign for the next eight months till the end of July 2014 and definitely will push hard to find solutions into relationships, driving some of them into conflict. The end of co-operations and relationships or partnerships is also very possible into the political and trade areas. All these months Mars through the zodiac sign of Libra will contribute into the gradual creation of a new social network. For one more time, Mars will be the cause of an explosive activation of the disharmony between Pluto and Uranus and we will see that through the events will occur and will be revealed on the global political level. The end of this year a huge turn will have been already completed that will lead many of you into the pessimistic thought that the tomorrow will never be not like yesterday. Economical difficulties will have reached at the peak but simultaneously the destiny of every co-operation and relationship will be critical. It is very important not to waste our time and activity aimlessly but try to reconstruct our powers realizing the change that will come into the world and the existing difficulties too. Any wrong choices will soon reveal their consequences and what we should be cautious of is not to leave debts or opportunities being wasted on a companionship and economical level.

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Aries, you have to stay back for your own good, a long period will start that you will be forced to change attitudes and adjust yourselves into new conditions concerning your social and emotional life. Developments are going to be a lot that will impose anew line of incidents and events and the consequences that will rise will be of your own choice. Mars at the sector of your personal relationships will provoke problems into your personal life but also into your professional co-operations or partnerships. Your need for being direct into your personal life will be emphasized this month but also others capricious behavior will be highlighted too and there will be consequently bizarre reactions. At this point you need to maintain the balances in order to avoid face to face conflicts of sentimental nature.

Leos, Libra for you represents the way you express yourselves and communication but also the means you express yourselves. Mars in this sector of your life will express immediately possessiveness but also your eroticism, will offer you more solutions but also will provoke some complications too. So mentally and physically this period of time you have to be alerted while also is possible to come in conflict with some people around you. Sometimes you will have to support of your position, your ideas or interests and you will have also to be constantly strained. But the best you can do is get used of this situation with Mars in Libra. After a few months you will see how your disposition will have been improved and your daily life will have changed as also profits are going to be increased at work particularly if you are freelancers.

Sagittarius hope you are ready for everything because Mars in Libra will affect your friendships, your ambitions and your ideas too. In general, the whole situation around you will occupy your mind and what is really happening around you this period of time. It is very possible to look for self-confirmation through the practical apply of your ideas but this part will be also difficult for you. It will be good for you to be ready for conflicts with friends and relatives and generally you should be more cautious concerning your general behavior. Events sometimes will carry you away and you will lose valuable time or become the cause to neglect of your practical needs. Finally some of you will be disappointed by your friends behavior and most of you will abandon your dreams in order to get busy with your survive.

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Taurus your health and work will be under the microscope, it seems that is not enough for you that you have Saturn in Scorpio across you, now Mars in Libra will settle at your horoscope and that will have as a result your obligations and difficulties to be increased on the next few months. Mars in this sector of your life will make more sensitive matters of work and career but health too. So you will have to take the appropriate measures in order to support your interests and your work. Observe the developments generally and adjust yourselves into the new conditions in order to serve your interests and boost your tolerance against those who are involved into your work. Try to work harder and if you have a health problem take care of yourselves more.

Virgo people everything is a matter of handling, Libra is being connected to the need for material and sentimental security. Mars will emphasize your need for self-expression and consequently pressure of Uranus and Pluto will obliged you to take risks or be reactive. On the other hand, here will be mobility into your economical situation and at the same time there will be a fear for losing money. Your conservative attitude is possible to lead you into a bad calculation of things so try to be more cautious concerning the way you handle your money and keep your ears and eyes open, if you do not want to become a victim of exploitation.

Capricorns, Libra represents for you the emotion of the social responsibility while Mars will be the mean to express yourselves in case you want to be distinguished socially. This procedure will be not easy at all for you so you will have to fight with underground actions and not only. The support of your ambitions or hard work will be exhausting but it is true that you are popular for your tolerance and you will be called to express your power concerning the upcoming events and you will be forced to reconsider and reflect upon attitudes and patterns of behavior in order not to lose your position or a reward of any sort of distinguish. This situation will have as a consequence to be lonely for many times in your life on the next period and the best you will do will be just enough.

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Gemini Mars in Libra will activate matters of artistic creativity and will underline issues of physical situations. You will try also to express your dynamism against any difficulties sometimes for economical or social reasons. Mars through the zodiac sign of balance, Libra, will force you to come into a conflict with your environment and prove of your abilities that will drive you into the final victory. You will be forced to give battles and being distinguished and finally you will manage to be accepted by others. Generally Mars will bring small results after hard work. For everything you will win or attain you will have to prove of your abilities first.

Libra people, with Mars at your zodiac sign could really mean a lot for you, it could be the cause of being extremely impulsive but you also could be in a war zone all the time. There will be a lot of clearing ups in vital sectors of your life .This vital planet for you, Mars will urge you to express yourselves dynamically and act also in the same way into the social environment. Of course, conflicts will not miss but also erotic and peaceful moments will be plenty too. Erotic moments will cost you a lot, literally and metaphorically. If you really tolerate such a situation you may go for it but always maintaining the security distance, however always have your eyes to the exit door.

Aquarius people, Mars in Libra for you will be your disposition for being developed more but also will create you an emotion of escape constantly. On the other hand this influence is possible to lead you into conflicts, the feeling of the establishment will definitely sit on your neckline, burden you more but also keep in your mind that that success and your targets will demand sacrifices and hard work too. Because Mars will maintain a good aspect with your zodiac sign, you will be bale finally to get results but also you will understand that flexibility and coolness really helped you enough will finally drive you into the desirable effects. If you realize this very well then you will avoid too much trouble from your life.

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For you Cancers, Mars in Libra will affect your intimate and family environment which is not an ideal position for you. Mars will always bring family problems on the surface and will force you make sacrifices for your family or your personal life. Another version, is that Uranus on the other hand, which is located at the zenith of your horoscope, is that the current situation at the professional sector will change dramatically affecting conditions of life and your family. Pay more attention at the development of emotional complexes but also to the excessive reactions and express of emotions as well.

Scorpios, Libra at your own occasion, is representing the sector of your inner world so it is natural Mars in Libra to affect your psychological state and balance through events will be dramatized into your environment. This will be the main source of your stress and worries and that depends on the way you will see things and situations or people around you. External events and influence s will affect you more powerfully, but that also depends on you too. If you will direct yourselves in the right way your dynamism, into activities that worth, then automatically you will secure your safety and your mental balance.

Pisces, Libra for you will be in the sector of regulations, protest and emotional problems. Mars in many occasions will be the motive for a change. He will probably force you risk your own emotional and material security and will also urge you use your power apothegms and also will force you arrange matters concerning legacy or other important issue are connected to money. It is very possible for you to be exhausted mentally and physically, but if you will be conservative concerning your moves and maintain measure, through your activities or antagonism you will manage to avoid risks and maintain your ethics and psychological state untouched and in balance, during this period of Mars in Libra.