unusual phenomenon in china

With an eye on the sky was for some time the townspeople Sifengk in northern China, to admire the unusual weather phenomenon.Maybe it was just an illusion , but it seemed so real, that thousands of Chinese took to the streets to enjoy it .It was just after 9am (local time ) when the townspeople Sifengk witnessed the unusual meteorological phenomenon. Not one , not two , but three distinguished suns in the sky.The inhabitants of the Chinese city ring to friends and neighbors, who did not realize what was going on , go out and look in the sky. Most did not lose the opportunity to immortalize the phenomenon with cameras and mobile phones.As explained by meteorologists , this is something that happens when ice crystals formed at high altitudes in the atmosphere , creating a prism .The sun rays that pass through this prism, creating the illusion that the Sun has acquired … “partner” in the sky.