An old article I  find in my archives,so I decided to clean it up and correct my poor English then,it was written many years ago,even before we enter the 21st century.It is very interesting to read it,some of us are still young and will be witnesses of great changes.I suppose that i am going to have the luck to live till 2050,or even if I will have the luck to get till my 90s,like my grandfather,we will be here to keep notes till the 2073,which is very ambitious of what I am saying here.I hope this article put you into deep thinking.

Astrologers spend enough of their time, to counsel their clients for their personal problems but the most spellbound side of astrology, in the world s fantasy, is the prediction of the future. Precisely is prognosis that denotes the fate of this world. That made the astrologer of the 10th century, Nostradamus, it was the most fascinating facade of Astrology for the next generations. So, in this article we will try to see what the 21st Century is keeping for the destiny of this world. Nostradamus had predicted that this century will begin with agitations as he also said through his predictions that the world will suffer from wars and destruction’s with the rising of the year 1999. So, it was done. Each astrologer interprets the future events with his own way (sometimes in a mysterious way), and that s because each one of us has a diverse opinion about what Life is and also for the position of the astral bodies.


Denis Elwell, a famous British Astrologer, had made his predictions for the year 1987.He was talking about sea devastation’s and the other one was a warning about the subway travelers. The last one was accomplished within three days, with the death of 31 people, in a fire-explosion in the London Subway. Elwell, also had seen and confirmed the gloomy predictions of Nostradamus for the 1999.Nostradamus had told that on the seventh month of that year “The Great king of the terror would come form the skies “who knew then that the prediction was talking about the tyrant from the Middle East, whose the target was to abolish the European Culture.


In July of 1999, on the seventh month a Lunar Eclipse, will be in the middle of a strange aspect. Jupiter squared Neptune (at 90 degrees). On that position planets were suggesting an unstable overheating, like the “inflation of a balloon”, until blow up. In addition, in 15 days after the Lunar Eclipse, a second one will be occurred, but this time there will be an opposition (180 degrees) is going to take place between Mars and Saturn. This option is an insensitive combination. Mars is the planet of aggressiveness and hostility, Saturn usually shows fear and coolness. It wasn’t comforting at the fact all that Mars was under the influence of Scorpio, which is the traditional star sign of death-neither Saturn who is responsible for the heavy losses.

Τhe pertinent facts of less intensity may serve as discharged apertures or safety valves that will relieve the cosmic powers. The aspect of Neptune-Jupiter for instance, denotes transatlantic journeys. So, if Mars implies a heavy loss, may the threat be only for the ships but not for the entire world. The truth is that the end of the past century closed in a dramatic way and unquestionably left many scars to humanity. Whatever will happen neither astrologers nor Nostradamus predicted the final destruction of our planet, in the beginning of the 21st century.


The 1st January of 2000, three major planets, Mars, Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius. That sign was connected with social experiments. Having those major planets working together are implying that many of the existed and most respectable social structures would be eliminated as imperfect. It’s true that there was a growing intolerance to realize the ideals that would be set into motion.

The most major source of change in the new century, there’s going to be an extraordinary rebirth of the science that will befall in human areas and not in technology areas too much. We see a new estimation about the universal principles and not about the wit of the apparatus.


Indeed, you can call the 21st century, as the “Aquarius Era”, which is being celebrated in public, and also symbolizes a spiritual period and enlightenment. The celestial combinations seemed to agree with this idea. In the horoscope of this century, Pluto, the planet of revolutionary ideas and achievements with Chiron, will be in a perfect conjunction. It is obvious that both will be in Sagittarius, a zodiac-sign that broadens horizons, the education of men and women in extraordinary levels. That also implies the birth and the growth of a different race of super humans or extraordinary abilities. In all that, the society, will start to accept only the best for leadership. Democracy, with many political compromises, may give her position into a new system of well -elite state with well intentions. Humanity, at last is realizing the end of natural sources and is recognizing that there are limits at the ecological weight that the Earth may lift. Instead of an economical unbridled growth, we are going to have a period of a relevant control, with a more simple and authentic way of life. The human being will be the main source of the planet and that will count the most. The institutions and the systems will not contribute to the realization of the human targets and will be constantly rejected.


This century, I believe that it will be a period of intense crisis and radical changes, specifically in USA. We will divide the century into six different periods this is based on the position of the external planets of the USA horoscope. The external planets are going to be considered that control the long- chronic developments, in a major climax.

The first period from 2000-2012, will be transforming from the Plutonian influence of Sagittarius, which is the sign of cultural institutions and from the Influence of Uranus into Aquarius and Pisces, which are zodiac signs of idealism and humanism. This period will alter social institutes which will have as major effect the developed fast technology. The electronic revolution gives informatory subgroups are now connecting our common interests though computers and Internet and that will be the major and dominating, organized shape of the 21st century. Into this human mono-civilization, the electronic data are available in a universal level. All civilizations now are connected through technology, and so this will happen through other planets. Civilizations will lose their uniqueness, and so human beings will lost completely the meaning of their identity.

A period of philosophical anarchy, the American Democracy will change radically. The scientists will discover more human beings, organs, cells and societies are reacting with a stable way into external irritations, and that will be the basis for a scientific revolution of the 21st century. The binding of the energy of electronic waves that will reach its peak in the middle of the century with X-rays that will cure, educate or being used for genetic programing.


The years for 2012-2030 Pluto through Capricorn, there will be a situation that will effect the government structures and the Uranus in Aries and Taurus, signs of atomism and the ecosystem. This will be a period of consolidation and evaluation. With the economical and military excellence falling apart, USA, will find again its identity and develop its internal values. In these years also China and Canada are going to be the protagonists since the first will organize its population and the second one for its huge sources.Humanity, will demand the end of the atmospheric pollution. Also we will have the inevitable creation of a new universal race. The next 15 years Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries and Taurus, and Uranus in Gemini-Cancer and Leo. These positions are predict a sudden polarization of ideas and resurgence of the psychology “We and They”.


Who are going to be defined as “We” and who are going to be “They” is hard to be predicted but I think that because of the allocation of resources ,disputes are probably going to be between North and South , and less  for West and East. Attitudes, emotions and complex ideas that cannot be expressed at that time would be able to be conveyed between people and groups though electromagnetic frequencies, and that will be the greatest achievement of science at that time. There is going to be communication between other sort of species on the planet and the great news, may be that proportionate emissions are going to be concepted from external sources.

The period between 2045 and 2063, possibly be proved the most destructive period, though. Uranus influence will be very significant through his passage from Virgo-Libra-Scorpio which means a growing polarization. Anarchy and destruction are possible since opposite powers are going to be intense, atomism and national pride will be in antagonism. A complete disorder between those who possess and those who are not possessing.

My calculations and stars predict that there will a return to peace and relevant calmness, between 2063-2078.A possible period of isolation, for USA.


In universal level there will be a kind of racial narcissism, and that’s because we will still have “natural” births of people who haven’t suffered or being influenced or intervened from any conscious intention. The rise of intervention in genetics will be the effect of the necessity to control the lesions that are provoked from environmental toxins. In conclusion, science will discover that they can develop made-up organisms that can control the poisons. The last quarter of the century, while Neptune, will enter into the creative and artistic zodiac sign of Leo the genetic machine may can take the form of the Art. We will have a well developed artistic expression. Despite the fact that the century will end in a melancholic way. There will be an absence of sensation that will become from the family and national identity. Then people may be interested for their own development. Neptune, represents the power of the Vision, and the way of a civilization to transform a vision into action.


Now, with the enter of Capricorn to Neptune, since 1998 we are going to be witnesses of a greedy period which will be characterized from the economical mistakes of the past. Until 2011, industries that pollute the environment will be driven to an absolute poverty. Now with Aquarius entering Neptune there is going to be a catholic energy structure and will achieve to find solutions for this period.

I believe that the progress of Astrophysics science will discover that the Universe is an organic intelligence that is being developing and evoluted continuously. Any squabbles between metaphysics and physics will end. These both will be united to shape together a new kind of developed science and take-off the first human sperm of the Earth into the galaxy.Pluto, as the planet of death, rebirth and regeneration, gives me to understand that its crossing from Capricorn from 2008-2024, is mentioning that the nations-states, are not important and that will mean their death. The families, sophisticated races from their choice, are being developed without territorial borders. Music and Arts are going to be important factors of a universal change and will contribute into the creation of a real human democracy, with catholic participation.

In 2020, Uranus represents the radical changes and reforms .Uranus will be in Taurus, which is the kingdom of tradition and organic. The cultural leadership will be divided in two teams. The first team, are going to be the conservatives which are targeting to the restoration of the Earth into her initial state. The second team, are going to be visionaries who will undertake the colonization of space, starting from the Moon, Mars and Asteroids. In the beginning of 2025, Neptune in Aries, the stress about the population of the planet will be decreased, allowing us to continue with the cure of the planet Earth. This will be a miraculous period, more energy with less losses, great understanding of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and the human bodies, restoration of the ozone, the end of rough necked surgeries and the rebirth of the human parts. A new cycle of humanity is going to begin.

In 2038, Neptune in Taurus, the planet Earth will have been cured almost completely. There is going to be a greater and healthier communication between human beings and other species, mainly between dolphins perhaps and whales.

There is going to be a flourished period about Space colonization in 2067, with Pluto in Aries. We may start traveling to the stars and generally in Universe. And also a huge possibility to have the first real contacts with extraterrestrial life in a wide social climax. So, Life will continue to serve the Great Order, with more love and effectiveness and faster development of Consciousness.