Some people look for the lost city of Atlantis, which in Plato’s view, is only part of the Atlantean empire. I will try to understand if there is indeed something like ‘the lost continent of Atlantis’ or just a ‘lost Atlantis’. I thought it would be easy. However, things turned out differently. I did extensive research, I was really frustrated when I could not find enough information to support any theories, until a reader of the Blog write to me and had the question “Does Atlantis existed?”

If you ask me whether Atlantis is myth or fact, or “Did Atlantis exist? » I know my answer. Atlantis is not a story as some people think, but reality.


Thousands of years after the sunk of Atlantis in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis remains alive in our memory as one of the most excited mysteries in history. If Atlantis really existed, then in Atlantis there was a developed civilization that never before existed on this planet. However, all the reports until now tell us that Atlantis disappeared less than one day without leaving behind her the slightest trace. The oldest and the most completed information for the development and the Fall of this unique island are coming from the Greek philosopher Plato and dating since the 4th Century B.C. According to Plato’s descriptions at the land of Atlantis, gifted farmers had been created endless gardens with all kinds of flowers and trees. Animals, there and also a huge number of elephants were living free. In the main city there were enough luxury residences that in beauty, only a Royal Palace could get over it and the Temple of Poseidon. But it seems that glory neither the gold could save the residents of Atlantis. Their continuous growing materialism offended the Gods, as Plato is writing, and their civilization was sentenced in a total destruction.

Atlantis is being frequently connected with other mysterious places like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Stonehenge. But in contrast, with the rest monuments the state that Plato is describing does not exist but only in dreams or in fantasy. But many believe that the wealth of the skunked Atlantis, the gold and the silver still exist in the depth of the Ocean. Perhaps, one day, someone will be able to bring into he light the golden inscriptions of Atlantis, which on them the laws of this Paradise had been dawned.


No one from the researchers who were seeking for the trace of Atlantis wasn’t so brave like the Colonel Percy Harrison Foshet. A lonely wolf as he used to call himself, the determined military British spend the first years of the last century mapping the jungles of Ceylon and South America. In 1908, was a leader of a group that mapped the borders between Brazil and Bolivia. In 1925, when he left the army was ready for an ambitious and personal exploration: he decided to search for the ruins of an ancient town, which its legend was saying that it was located in the jungles of Brazil. Foshet s interest for the lost civilizations was triggered from a small statue which was made from black stone, with dawned mysterious characters on it, which was given to him from the writer Sir H.Raider Hagard, who was an adventure author. Hagard told him that this statue, which was 20 inches tall, had been founded in Brazil. Foshet counseled a psychic medium to find out the origin of the statue and learned that it was coming from a huge continent, of an unusual shape and which was being spread from the Northern Coast of Africa till the South America.

Foshet was convinced that this mysterious object had traveled from that continent- which was obviously Atlantis- in a colony of Atlantis, deep inside of Brazil. Foshet believed much more in this explanation, when he found an old map which was showing an unnamed town at the area of Matto Grosso of the southwestern Brazil.Escorted by his son, Jack and a friend of his son, Raley Rimel, Foshet begin for the jungle seeking for the city of X. Then, he wrote to his wife about the rumors that were relevant with an ancient metropolis, Foshet and the two young companions disappeared without a trace.The most important story was ever spread about Foshet came from the Irish Geraldine Qumins, known medium of that time, who claimed that in 1936 was receiving spiritual messages from Foshet. Qumins said that the British had discovered the ruins of Atlantis in the jungle, but now he was sick and have lost his senses. After four messages, Foshet lost again, according with the medium, until 1948.That year, reported his death himself.


The question was received at 25/10/2009, at 20:15:00 pm, in Athens Greece. Through the Ascendant in Gemini, we can see that the Atlantean civilization was well-developed spiritually and mentally and probably had advanced technology too. Developed communication skills, Atlanteans had been spread all over the world, free and able to explore and discover new ideas. We can say that they were interested specifically at the knowledge of how the mind is functioning. Active people with curiosity and continual desire for spiritual and social excitement. The Ascendant trines Mercury, Squares Uranus (light of the Future, prestige of Atlantis, a very wealthy image, aristocracy ) and trines Neptune which means that Atlanteans had developed speech many talents and also developed communication (other ways/sources of communication perhaps not common ones). The second aspect is being described as the light of the future and the third one give us to realize that Atlantis was a sort of spiritual pathway for those who would come in the future.

 atlantis horary chart

We can possibly think, that Atlantis civilization was born under the zodiac-sign of Scorpio, and that would be not bizarre at all. What that has to do with it? It s not so simple, if we will think of the dual nature of Scorpio: A second symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle. The Golden Eagle “has been looked upon from ancient times as a symbol of courage and power”.  The eagle represents clear vision, intelligence, and power. It also symbolizes freedom. Scorpios, with their perceptiveness, have the potential to “see” things more clearly than others. How Atlanteans handle the power of this vision will depend on whether they are at the level of a scorpion or an eagle! Scorpio’s glyph, is symbolizing the need for action and the striving for something higher.

The Sun of Atlantis also in the 5th house (Scorpio in second degree, considered the degree of Ultimate Power) means self-expression. Atlanteans seem to enjoy life, and express themselves artistically and show off their natural love for life. , creative talents, art, they should be well-known for their art, they should live athletic challenges and natural love for life, probably very risky people).A plethora of charisma. The trine with the MC is showing extremely significant country and powerful. In any case we know that the second degree offers good luck but in case of misuse of this charisma (square with Mars and Moon, no matter how high to climb, so low you fall. (Both planets in the second house).

The sextile with Pluto shows a consciousness of their ego and learning from experiences and finally the Conjunction with Mercury their psychic charisma for knowledge, experiences and communication.

The position of the Moon (people, women, mass ideologies, food supplies, security issues) in the 8th house (taxes, deaths, probate, inheritance, losses, international finance, multi-national corporations and social security) possibly is an indication interest in occult subjects – death and after life issues in particular. The Moon in Capricorn at the 29th degree that could mean ambitiousness (Heads of state, government and national prestige.) at least we might say that Atlantis was economically secure. (But not for too long, corruption with negative aspects as we mentioned with the Sun).


Mercury in Libra is showing love for the art and Literature and a balanced view for everything (observation, foreign affairs, a place of amusement and pleasure, harmonic environment). Spiritual creativity with the Mercury in the 5th house, refined spiritual sensitivity, is the trine between Mercury and Pluto, love for Poetry, perfectionism. The center of the Arts. Libra at the 25th degree is giving us the information that Atlantis was admired by many people, Power and independence, hospitality, success and happiness.

Venus at the 5th house. Venus in Libra Women’s issues, national birthrate, and social factors connected to marriage and children. Artists, musicians. Facilities for sports and entertainment, peace and diplomatic resolutions all these were plenty I suppose) Good Taste and diplomacy, fine judgment, love for culture, visual arts and music, narcissism, harmony and peace, strong sense of ethics and social decorum. The trine of Venus and Jupiter is showing that Atlanteans had principles and convictions, expanded perception and that is an indication that Atlantis was not only in Mediterranean area but out of it, expanded all over the earth. Jupiter certainly here is showing the excessiveness of wealth too.

Mars in Leo, Mars in the second house means that also there was antagonism, but also is showing an attachment to materialism as Plato reports in his scripts.”They look like to be fair and blessed but the people of Atlantis were full of ambition and power…”

Mars may represent here aggression or aggressiveness in some form, nations with military governments or governments who use the threat of war or force as a way of controlling their people. But I have the instinct that we get such information here Mars in the second house represents the industrial labor force, and can indicate the physical fitness of the people or their involvement with sports. It shows the criminal element and violent people in general, militants and agitators. Leo is being connected to all forms of national pleasure and entertainment, sports, general amusements and children. The 4th degree of Leo is associated with a strong need of internal organization and outsourcing, perhaps obsessed with it and methods. (The sextile with Saturn, incredible self- discipline.)

We have also an indication that Mars square with the Sun is a strong indication of an earthquake.

Atlantis may direct energies into the spheres of writing, law, medicine, teaching, or military-style careers which could suit their temperament, although limitations on freedom may also occur. Freedom must be an important element here; Mars squares the Sun and makes an opposition with the Moon.


Jupiter in Aquarius, is about individual freedom, Jupiter’s expansive essence must be soaring in Aquarius, it s a sign of progressive thinking, originality and a humanity. Aquarius rules air and the distant corners of the universe, and the quest for truth could involve the mysteries of what’s going on in space, and in our own earth environment. I can really think that Atlanteans were a mysterious civilization that traveled and was expanded beyond and certainly why not in outer space? Jupiter is connected to foreign lands, high seas, religious affairs, justice, lawyers, and higher education, overseas. But also Aquarius is the local government and parliament which is in a critical degree but definitely is an ideal position of expansion and development, expanded perception and high intelligence (trine with Mercury) transmission through metaphysical ways. The half square between Jupiter and Saturn gives the information that Atlantis had ideal social structure, had a future vision, the columns of a new society, the ideal justice and economy system, teaching system, foreign politics and constitution. Of course these two planets are in conflict every time they meet in 20 years, it is cycle of structure of social reforms.

If we want to talk about their style or even better describe it, we could say it s sleek, futuristic, cool and much shiny.

But, we could see more about time travel and eccentric characters. We can describe them as those that dared to be different, or made mass awakenings that change history here, and of course could rise to the surface of culture. Jupiter in Aquarius means that they had the opportunity to develop an independent, self-willed, tolerant, humanitarian, broad-minded, optimistic, inventive, democratic and original nature. There was an innate desire to penetrate the deeper subjects of life such as social science, new technology, philosophy, religion, astrology, metaphysics and occult wisdom.  Social life should be extremely important. You come to understand that any form of social reform should be in line with humanitarian and moral principles.

They should enjoy marital and domestic harmony, with Jupiter trine Venus. Jupiter’s Conjunction with Neptune is about great dreams or visions. There must be tendencies towards excess, strong idealism, creativity and naivety will be evident. The Jupiter impulse of expansion may encourage them to reach beyond their actual capabilities. We can see here a great period of spiritual upheaval, great hopes and dreams, we can see that Atlantis was a paradise itself.


Jupiter in the Ninth House, we can see again for one more time that Atlantis, with Jupiter in the Ninth House eminent in studies of religion, philosophy and other profound subjects. Possessing good intuition, clear foresight, breath of vision and a peaceful, people with logical and optimistic disposition that achieved honor and distinction in religious, intellectual, academic, legal, philosophic affairs. There is likely to be much travel and deep study of foreign cultures. That serves to the expansion of their intellectual perspective. Good judgment and intuition and certainly without a doubt they should have expand themselves and their knowledge across the world.


Saturn in Virgo (Sign of Earth), and Saturn in the 4th house (in its birth house) seems that the Fall of Atlantis was the fall of a well-organized society, a perfect system. It also it proves that the Fall of Atlantis has to do with environmental disaster or the environment challenges they had to face up. Life experience force people of the time to learn valuable lessons related to that development. Uranus in opposition with Saturn (responsible and indication of a strong earthquakes, cyclones or volcanic eruptions ,with the square of Pluto  in Capricorn but also the opposition with Uranus ,at the 29, 37 degrees of Virgo, degree of obfuscation) but also speaks about feelings torn between two polarized directions, past-future, order-chaos, orthodox-unorthodox, stability-change. It talks about inner friction and conflicts between people. Co-operation and compromise should then break down.

The Uranian characteristics can also emerge if you become involved in social reforming groups, where you may release that aspect of your nature in an active manner through questioning the Establishment. What you may have to be wary is a bias towards Uranus that leads to losing the awareness of the essential Saturn values in life. We can say that it s an unfortunate meeting of the two planets that tends to bring serious disorders to the world. Such as an aspect can describe the chaos but it s certain that possibly had discovered the practice of a new sophisticated technology.

Furthermore here, Saturn squares Pluto, with this aspect, it is likely that you will feel quite restricted by social and environmental constraints, and that the influence of the society in which you live will have considerable impact upon their life, often appearing to be a negative one. Frustration appears to be inevitable.Τhis aspect mostly has to do with the death of Atlantis and the birth of a new state of model of society or in less climax reconstruction of the society.


Uranus in Pisces (retrogression state, 23 degrees of Pisces is linked to corruption and luxury and the 10th house to the president, prime minister, the sovereign and their government, prestige of the country, parliament, and aristocracy) speaks about spiritual revolution but also witnesses the sunk of Atlantis. Eccentric Uranus established himself in the sign of Pisces that moved them through a cycle of endings and beginnings, both personally and globally. Uranus is known as a revolutionary planet, all air and upheavals. Pisces is the sign of the seeker, a water sign (skunked) symbolized by two fish at-swim in the vast ocean of unconsciousness. This change of sign by Uranus presages a major shift in our awareness and the events of our lives. Uranus is a revolutionary planet. He governs change, disruption, and reversals of direction or situation, the elevation of thinking or consciousness, brilliance, acceleration, eccentricity. Uranus is associated with rapid understanding, blinding insight and with sudden or unexpected change or developments. Also brings radical or unforeseen departures from the expected path or the accepted way.


With the Uranus in the 10 th house means they were seeking for individual freedom of expression through original and unusual concepts for social or professional organization – possibly relating to hi-tech, electronic, scientific, occult, humanitarian work. A strange and unusual action about developing themselves around the globe is indicated with many important changes of location and social position. All effort is made for freedom and to undo and overthrow all bonds of limitation, in some way. They could be very independent, erratic, eccentric and unconventional, as Plato describes. This could lead to difficulties and opposition from public or governmental bodies. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues. Uranus with opposition of Saturn is showing the chaos during the fall and the total destruction.

 Neptune in Aquarius (retrogression state), God of the Sea, is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune also was the king of Atlantis after Atlantas. In astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle. Neptune is associated also with intuition and spiritual enlightenment.  The more negative manifestations of Neptune include addiction too. Neptune in Aquarius at the 9th house, for once more we can the intense characteristics of this civilization is being born, based on enlightened humanitarianism and on a science using new technology and new forms of energy, which is most possible. The intuitive, clairvoyant faculties of humanity could be highly developed, and established in practical reality. The characteristics of Neptune should marry well with the humanitarian elements of Aquarius, but the detached, independent, Aquarian traits are poles apart from the sensitive, intuitive emotion of Neptune. Those with the planet well-placed should be able to get the best of both entirely different worlds. The 23rd degree of Aquarius is linked to Bending and the fall.

To end up with the Atlantean civilization we can see Pluto in Capricorn (like in the present) that they were really dominating.  Capricorn is at the 1st degree which is the orb of Shock, a very ambitious degree which is a very significant point with economical consequences. Pluto in a square with Saturn and from Plato descriptions the sea swallowed  the island of Atlantis and doubted if ever a trace of the island would be found again in the future. This point of the ocean became unexplored and inaccessible. Another version of it could be that one. Pluto in the 7th house (- foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, business relationships, agreements. This house rules our relations with other societies or nations or organizations. It rules treaties, alliances, marriage and divorce issues, public relations, the balance of trade, the conditions of women, and situations of overt aggression)Pluto also may be linked to a war disaster ,nuclear power, ecology and technology, maybe we have to re-consider a few things. Pluto is about death, destruction, corruption and all that. It looks like a war to me.