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The flu of the avian pigs.The beginning of a global deadly epidemic or just an elation that soon will retreat? The flu of the avian pigs appeared for the first time in Mexico, in April. On the 30 rd of April, in 2009 the World Health Organization, sounded an alarm of level 5…with the maximum level at 6.Have you wondered what the stars say about the flu of the avian pigs? About the development of the flu? To understand things better, we will take a look at the past. At the course of the 20th Century, three epidemics brought the disaster. Like now, the flu then has many common characteristics with the flu of that time. Thanks to Astrology, we can now compare the position of the planets of the specific dates and see what we have to face up this time.

1918-Spanish Flu provokes 50 millions of Deaths.

On the 11th March of 1918, we had the first death. In the astrological context of the Spanish flu, we can observe a plethora of many negative aspects. Neptune (diseases, food poisoning, drug addiction, infectious and contagious diseases, bites of poisonous insects or animals.), comes in Conjunction with Saturn (chronic diseases), the planet of the tortures. Jupiter in his negative aspects is functioning as a strengthening factor, shapes a semi-sextile with Pluto, who rules the disaster and also we have the square with Uranus, planet of the unpredictable and fast developments. Chiron, the great asteroid that is being connected with health is being located at the 28 degrees of Pisces, creating a square with its axis Dragon, and that means that the fatal was mending to be.

Spanish flu 1918 natal chart

In April of 2009, when the flu of the avian pigs stroke Mexico, the asteroid Mexico that was discovered in 1993 was at the 3 rd degree of the Cancer. At the same time, Pluto, was exactly at the opposite side, at the 3 rd degree of the Capricorn. At this position their power was weak, so we can say that Pluto attacked on Mexico…in some way. Someone can think if that was a celestial sign or just a coincidence?

1957-Asian Flu provokes 3 millions of Deaths

On the 15th February of 1957, we have the start of the Asian flu. Neptune is shaping a square with Uranus and an opposition with Mars (Forehead, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs, piles, hemorrhage, injuries, burns, cuts, fevers, accidents, electric shock, suicidal tendencies.) and on a collective level, this has the same influence with  Pluto. Jupiter here is shaping a semi-hexagon with Neptune.Chiron, is at the 12 degrees of the Aquarius and in opposition with Uranus and furthermore squares Mars. We see clearly that the whole picture is completely negative but less dangerous of that one in 1918, without the participation of Pluto in the middle.

asian flu 1968 natal chart

1968-Flu of Hong- Kong 1, 5 million Deaths

On 15th March of 1968, we have the start of the flu in China. Neptune squares Jupiter, squares Neptune. Chiron is at the 28 degrees of Pisces, in opposition with Uranus and Pluto. But Pluto, Uranus and Chiron are under the authority of Neptune and that restricts their destructive influence and that one was three times less dangerous than the other two.

Hong Kong flu 1968 natal chart

2009-The Mexican Flu

On the 25th of March in 2009, Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune, the three major factors of the three previous epidemics, came in Conjunction with Aquarius, and Chiron at the 25 degrees. This conjunction is shaping a semi-sextile with Uranus. As we see before, Uranus speeds up the situation with an abrupt way the development of the events.Additionally, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and that makes his influence more powerful.So, we can say that we find the astrological picture of this flue worrying enough. For one more time, we find Neptune-Jupiter and Chiron…which are the stars with the most intense presence in destructive diseases, to influence each other. That is something very rare, but however, that picture alone, does not predicts any sort of dramatic events. A conjunction naturally cannot be negative or positive, but her general influence depends on the aspects she shapes with other planets. At this present Conjunction, Neptune, who is responsible for the spread of the diseases, interacts with two stars that are amplifying his negative influence.

Mexican flu 4.4.09 small jpeg

Even though Jupiter is being considered a positive planet that brings up, opportunities, here at his negative position is functioning as a catalyst. On the other hand, Chiron can mean therapy or disease, depends on the influence of the other planets around him. In May, the Sun and Mercury passed from the square of Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron. In June, the Sun, shaped a square with Uranus, who also was shaping a semi-sextile with the triple Conjunction. This negative aspect of the Sun, twice in a month, drives the involved planets to show off their worst influence. But we can keep something very positive here and I think it worth to say it. The Spanish flu of 1918 was at the highest climax under the opposition of Uranus-Saturn. If that was the highest point, then we can say that the worst passed already. In 2010, Uranus and Saturn will continue to be in opposition and they will also shape a square with Pluto. Let s hope that the efforts of the human beings and other state officials and health organizations will restrict the danger that the stars predict for us.


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