In this article we will probably try to say a few things about the Hal G.Oracle Tarot.In fact I have nothing specific to say or any information  to share with you.I wouldn’t put this Oracle in the Tarot section.This sort of cards were given to me from an old woman  many years ago,which was my grandmother s friend and neighbor.In fact they have obtained a  yellow  colour and have been faded trough the time but yes they carry an energy.I like to keep them in my drawer,with the other 100 collective pieces.I was trying  then to make a huge collection of Tarot Oracles,looking for weird ones or those that people never heard before.I ve never heard of the specific one deck somewhere,if you like in Internet or any other shop. I admit that remains unknown .I only find it  recently in a shop ,in Greek language too as mine.So,if you like to get your own copy,here you can find one I hope.

Hal a mystery like all Tarot decks.We don t know from where they really came from.Probably are coming from Egypt or Asia .These decks are based on the riddles of the Sphinx or they have decoded their hieroglyphics .But there is no doubt that these decks come from there or it could be a combination of two great civilazations if you observe the pictures.

We know that Tarot is being used from Ancient years.Hal G. Oracle contains 41 cards only.It took long time to really interpret the cards and make combinations or observe the results that come out of  readings.It s less fascinating than other decks of Tarot,it pictures only people or things in a primitive design.The meanings of the cards are too simple someone will think but probably not.No colors on the deck.We finally managed to a conclusion…somehow.Maybe someone will think that the design was made from someone that did  not know how to paint.It s confusing you because the plane for instance is referring to modern times,so i guess  like all of you ,Hal G Oracle is a modern Oracle that was made up in Europe or from someone has traveled too much around the world.Experience with the time,played important role.But yes,is very useful for those probably who want to get straight answers.Less philosophical. It looks like mostly to Lenormand Oracle,so someone could easily get the conclusion that it comes from France.My clients love it less in the beginning,now they love it more because of the yellowish color and fading …the always shout out enthusiastically  “ Oh…it s too old ! …OK,you never know how your clients will react indeed.

I have not finished although Hal G.After all these years I m still observing the possible combinations can be shaped in a reading and always make think….and scratch my head.I can say is one of my favorites.I have loaded the Oracle in the Photo Albums where you can see them.You can watch it in full screen and I also have write some short meanings ,you can see at the top of the screen.

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