Sexuality, eroticism and sensuality are sources of energy for all the living creatures of this planet and certainly human beings are not being omitted from this rule. On the other hand human beings are counted in in this rule, as obscuring or composite beings that his relationship with sexuality consists a very strange factor for his mental health. Libido is being connected immediately to desires and our need to make love and feel orgasm, is constantly remind us that we should seek for love and of course through many ways.

The way that one woman or one man is responding to the absolutely  natural need to make love and take care as also cover his sexual desires or even fantasies is absolutely private. Perhaps the source of our need to express ourselves sexually maybe itself but the methods that humans seek the sexual satisfaction are completely different from the one to the other. The issue of the sexuality is very serious because is being connected immediately with the balances that a human being should maintain in order to be emotionally covered. The lack of sexuality to someone, no matter is it is a female or male, is hiding serious perils that immediately are linked to a variety of mental diseases. A failing or the absolute absence of sexual life may drive us into complexes, agoraphobia, aggressiveness and hate for other individuals.

In our times circumstances are extremely dangerous concerning the ways that cultured people are directing their sexuality, because the bad quality of life, the tendency of individuals to be remoted completely from nature and hide into the industrial plastic world is aggravating distance from his own nature. Today, most human beings, are not trying to satisfy their desires, making the choices that will give them a mental or physical uplift and emotional cover. On the contrary human beings are running after the “glory”.

A glory that may certainly will bring an economical comfort and that will certainly will affect his sexuality and not let us function impulsively as love demands. Modern people have the need by the means that will help him function sexually, and that is being proved by human beings respond to the shops that are selling objects of “love”. After all sexual crimes are too many on a daily basis and certainly are happening in progressed and well-developed countries of this world that supposed that makes great efforts to update children earlier in schools regarding sexuality. Crimes, that most of the time are instant, hide violence, and sometimes are going beyond the fantasy of a normal brain are clearly showing that the people who have committed the crime are very disturbed people and they have an absolutely imbalanced emotional world.

But, if the crime is the exception, what is not an exception, is the tendency of many people to seek their sexual satisfaction through violence. The fact that masochists and sadists are constantly being multiplied is perturbing, because it is pointing that those are accumulators of violence and they look for a reason to express it. So, it is natural to be expressed through sexuality because it is the only way that is allowing us to be “animals”. However, this accumulation of violence must become from daily sort of “attacks” that an individual is accepting, attacks that sometimes are big and other times are small but also may react into these and sometimes is gathering them and seeks different ways to drain them.

Children are today are growing up into big cities made from cement, watching TV and play electronic games are completely isolated and do not have the chance to form these incredible teams of “kids” who run into neighborhoods and play in the yards of the churches, kindergartens or other places around. These children come into this world and grow up away from the Mother Nature. There is loneliness regarding in the way we exploit our free time and is very natural that there will be serious affects later into their adult life.

This loneliness, will affect immediately the way that they will approach the “other half” and immediately will affect their sexual life too. The issue of sexuality is really exhausting, because it has many facets that someone can examine all the human personalities. What is certain is that affects all human beings, and that is a fundamental ingredient o success or misery and the need to get satisfied is making us “invest” into our lovers or companions. The feeling of stress, or the thought that we are not enough for someone or not “irritate” the other person we are interesting, the fear of comparing is making us look for exclusiveness from our companion, to express our fears and feel insecure.

Finally it is very important to say that the satisfaction that someone feels through sex is the beginning from where his energy comes from. If that is limited or does not exist or is just “closed” and the bad flow of energy is making us react spasmodically or even in a negative way. On the other hand if a human being is orgasmic, then radiates the mood to exchange emotions and ideas with others and his reactions are showing balance and joy. The exchange of energy of two people, when they make love, the sexual satisfaction, the orgasm are giving vital strength and remind to people that DO EXIST and not that they are just living, since they move and breathe.

The astrology is the key to open up your eroticism. Astrology includes “keys” that may lead us in knowing ourselves. Thousands of years now, astrology is using these “keys” and naturally enriched pages with such material still has not being exhausted. Even if someone is studying astrology in his whole entire life, will have a lot of elements of the material to research and study. An astrological chart is being used as a guide in order to analyze these elements that a specific human personality is being characterized. The sexuality of a human being is being connected to his facets of his character and personality too.

So, astrology is not giving us only the “keys” to study someone who wants someone to attract, not only the way or the ways to make love, not only the tendencies of his sexuality but the most important of everything is giving us the answer into WHY all these are happening. Through these “keys” that astrology is handling we can research the cause are driving someone in a specific way of reaction, with specific ways in love. The issue of an individual’s sexuality, as it is already understood has many facets and is immediately being connected to his personality. It has a substantial connection to the way that realizes himself and wants to confirm it through the way is facing up his lovers, companions and even more with tall the influences that has accepted from the environment and have been affected his sexual behavior.

Many young people, even older ones, have sexual taboos and are afraid to assert the sexual desire from their companion because they grew up into an improper severe environment. The breeding they took from their parents or school was presenting sex as something “evil” or unethical that should occur under specific circumstances and conditions. People, who have such pictures from their childhood and adolescence, as it is natural, will later face up problems, in order to find their own way in the matter of sexuality.

So, it is obvious that in order to be able to have a complete picture of someone’s sexuality we should not only observe the houses and the planets that traditionally are being connected with sexuality but we should study the entire chart in order to analyze his reactions but additionally to analyze his personality and end up in the way that will express his sexuality too. If then we are being asked to compare two horoscopes and answer to these people if they are fitting sexually, we should study their charts separately and then proceed with a responsible answer.

And that is because we have see good relations between Mars and Venus of the two charts, planets are immediately connected with sexuality, but the one person to be “reserved” in matters of love and the other to be liberated. In this case, they may experience a delay to get into a sexual relationship and so the issue of making love just be in the air for long time. Eroticism will exist anyway because of the relationship between Mars and Venus anyway.

Astrologer must be very cautious when they interpret a chart and gives such answers to people. Astrology gives answers but in the analysis of the chart the astrologer must compose and present to he client, the person who asks the composition of all these information have been found. It is necessary to examine judiciously the significance of every case and reveal the way that “marry “with the other case. The astrologers duty is to unwrap the chain of things, must create its composition by using a gamma of astrology symbols. Symbols, that consist this gamma are archetypes and exist in the subconscious of all human beings just in the same way that codes do exist and driving into the seek of love, pleasure and orgasm.


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