Whoever is following Vladimir Putin on Facebook certainly experienced the last two weeks  the non stop ” No War ” posts that made fans thrilling around the world about the war in Syria.So every day I saw such posts like that he got posted on my wall many times through the day.I admit I have never seen such a great campaign in my life before.Despite of the diplomatic games are being played on a political level,I got to tell finally that Putin is the most wanted president of the world.I will not make an astrology analysis on my private column.After all,I am away for weekend and I post this through my phone and second If Putin will be elected for a president in 2018 is another issue will be analyzed and discussed soon but first of all there will be different developments.I like him too but I usually I am not jumping off my chair from my enthusiasm.But this time I did,and yes despite the fact I know his horoscope,yes I still sit on my chair.At least I would never post a personal article about any president in the world.When this man came into power,and looked at his chart I was still then a student of Medicine and worked as an astrologer,I just had  a strong feeling that this man would change the world for good.


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