The attack on the Twin Towers was definitely the event that marked the beginning of the new millennium and too many astrologers have tried to analyze the unprecedented terrorist attack in New York in 2001. Since these efforts are valuable conclusions about the functionality of the natal U.S. chart but ultimately what impresses is the catalytic effect of lunar eclipse preceding on 5/7/2001.Observing the horoscope of the moment that the first plane was pinned in a Tower (8:46), the general feeling is that it does not respond to the uniqueness and the severity of the event. Could stand on one aspects (squares) of the Sun to Saturn and Pluto but is all about divergent aspects, which do not occur in angular houses and tolerance (more than four degrees), which makes their power controlled.Instead, Mercury on the Ascendant in a square to Jupiter refers rather different direction (something extravagant, but are not tragic). Indeed, if we take into account the angular Neptune (4th house) the whole matter reminds a … glamorous Hollywood show! Unfortunately, of course, it was so or did finally was right so?

11 september terroristic attacks

Comparing again, the tropical with the stellar planetary positions, we get a glimpse of an event that could indeed have tragic dimensions. And refers to “cross” is being formed between Venus and the three hard planets of the zodiac which is Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. However, this cross leaves the sensation of pain and mourning is not directly connected to one of the corner edges of the chart so the questions remains here. The largest of these has to do with the relatively inert Mars, who is not involved-as it should be-with one of the slow planets.As for Neptune, who is responsible for directing and fraud, as a stellar one “sits” opposite tropic Jupiter encouraging virtually all these conspiracy theories formulated by several analysts. Let us now go to the eclipse of July 5th, because this horoscope is directly descriptive of what happened two months later.The position of Mars in Sagittarius, on the cusp of the fourth house next to Pluto and opposite Saturn in Gemini, very graphically depicts an attack, an invasion, much more, all of them “sit” on the natal horoscope of USA.Sagittarius can be connected with both the International Trade Center, and with a fiery attack from the air (the sign is directly related to flights and generally long journeys). However the astrological picture of the tragedy is much sharper than the contrast of the Astral Ascendant with Uranus in Aquarius. The whole scheme with the addition of stellar Mars and stellar MC, becomes an extremely dangerous “cross”, with dominant feature the surprise attack from the air (Mars square to Uranus).

 full moon of 5 july 2001

In addition, the opposition of the Sun with the Moon in stellar version of “snaps” into Mars, giving thus an even greater effect.Whether to “measure” this eclipse the events of September 11, resulting from the movement and position of the Sun, that often in eclipses is playing the role of the timer, as also the Moon.From the Full Moon horoscope (has 10 minutes difference with the exact time of the eclipse) shows clearly the temporal connection with 9/11.More specifically, the attack occurred when the Transiting Sun found the Ascendant (18:50 of Virgo) at the chart of the full moon.We observe that an astrological indication that was activated in two months, approximately, after the eclipse. The fact that the eclipse was a lunar one, and involves even Demeter, unfortunately contributed to the macabre “participation” of the thousands of victims .But we cannot also fail to observe the active involvement of Neptune (as stellar falls on the opposition Sun-Moon), which again justifies all those who claim that something “invisible” or “suspicious” was behind the unprecedented terrorist attack that changed a lot in international politics and if in some future court these astrological evidence had value, I would definitely claim this version.