Istanbul…Ankara…Smyrna and almost another 60 cities of Turkey are experiencing situations and incidents are prompting us events have been arisen in Syria and Egypt. People’s wrath is robust and becomes even sturdier and of course as you all see this summer, Erdogan is a politician is acting like a Sultan losing his contact with people. All of you see what happened in Taksim Square of Istanbul and information talked about thousands of dead’s and injuries. The reason for all these is about Erdogan’s decision to destroy the park, in order to build a trade center or a mosque. The nations reactions to the demonstrators that protested for this choice, was to give to the police forces the command for a violent repression.

That was the spark that lit peoples wrath opposed to a nation that is constantly following the whip attitude and is closing literally ears to their civil rights. It is a whole generation of people that cannot accept that their Islamist leader has already determined to implement in the country a law frame that will limit their religious freedoms and is imposing conditions that definitely reminding us regimes of severe Muslim nations of the Middle East. For all that were occurred the last 4 months we had already write many years ago when we start to analyze Erdogan’s horoscope and Turkey but also when it was the Istanbul solar return horoscope, and then we had already warned about the future of the country.


Erdogan clashes with Obama and wants overthrow Assad, to avoid the creation of the second Kurdish state, which will lead to the dismemberment of Turkey itself. There are two scenarios.One is to dominate the Sunnis, with Al Qaeda have a serious reason and influential in the country’s administration. The other scenario is no one prevail and the country led to chaos for many years, with the apparent threat of destabilizing the entire region, but the threat of action by groups of Al Qaeda in such an environment!So what remains as the most likely development is to look at the weakened Assad to remain in power for a while, until he create the conditions for the next relatively smooth day in Syria.

That is precisely the scenario that causes daily nightmare in Ankara and a point of friction in relations with Washington since the perpetuation of the situation in Syria is becoming a major threat to Turkey.Indicative of the tragic situation in which the Turkey’s foreign policy is also the related issue of relations with Saudi Arabia.Now let’s go back in astrology to see the facts. I will remind you what we had write in my previous blog a little bit for those are new here and of course do not know us. Since December 2002, we had already wondered ourselves if Turkey would stand the regeneration, we had already mentioned if the square between Mars and Pluto had been formed (military tradition and war action) that brings in her horoscope will allow the progress and that was undefined enough.

Turkey natal horoscope

Erdogan’s political party was established on the 14th August 2001 but it was out of the law. His emblem was the white globe that symbolizes purity. In the horoscope of the party, the Sun is at the zodiac sign of Leo forming an opposition with Uranus and that is showing spectacular changes modernities and overthrows too. The image of the new leader then, was revolutionary and progressive. So, there is a possibility Erdogan’s party to be overthrow abruptly and being replaced. Venus presence and Jupiter in Cancer is showing a populist structure of the party. But the opposition of Mars, Pluto and Moon as also Saturn is pointing clearly the particular problems that he has to face up, his political party and his people in the immediate future.

r.erdogan tayyip

Concerning the horoscope of Turkey, in the recent history on the 29th of October 1923, at 20:30 pm, Kemal Ataturk established the Turkish nation. The Sun, Venus, Jupiter are at the zodiac sign of Scorpio and of course we all know Turkeys flexibility but also aggressive action. Uranus is at the zodiac sign of Pisces in a conjunction with the 10th house and the South Node. So, we understand that the Turkish Republic is contemned to be constantly transformed through inner revolts or being in constant conflicts with other nations or suppressing teams. There will be always continual intensity that will activate violent mechanisms of defense, Uranus as you see at the 10th house means unpredictable overthrows.

Kemal had(Ascendant, Scorpio; Sun and Mercury retrograde in Pisces; Moon in Leo conjunct the MC; Venus conjunct Neptune in Taurus conjunct the MC with Pluto also in Taurus; Mars in Aquarius; Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aries; Uranus in Virgo)

Mustafa Kemal Pasha (later knows as Kemal Ataturk) was a soldier, statesman, and reformer who was the founder and first president (1923-38) of the Republic of Turkey. He modernized the country’s legal and educational systems and instituted economic planning. Significantly, he encouraged the adoption of a European way of life, with Turkish written in the Latin alphabet and with citizens adopting European-style names and clothes. Kemal Ataturk was born (speculatively) with the Sun in Pisces. It is interesting that both he and George Washington, fathers of their respective countries were born in Pisces (Washington, certainly, and Ataturk, speculatively so). Gorbachev, too, who presided over the dismantling of the Soviet Union was also born in Pisces—signaling in these instances an appointment with national destiny.

Ataturk rose to power as a talented soldier. During World War I he commanded the Ottoman forces which repelled the Allied attack on Gallipoli (1915). Though once he became president of the new republic he was perceived as both ruthless and dictatorial, he modernized Turkey with a series of sweeping reforms—introducing a new constitution, new civil and criminal codes, abolishing polygamy, giving women the vote (note Venus—the planet of “women” placed conjunct to the seventh house cusp (representing the law) and conjunct the planet Neptune, again pointing towards receptivity to the feminine energy.

His roles as a reformer can be seen astrologically in the elevated Uranus in Virgo in 10th house. Since Virgo is the sign which represents the “mother” or the “woman” we can understand from the Virgo placement of Uranus that his reforms greatly (and positively) affected the status of women in Turkey. This Uranus is loosely opposed Mercury in Pisces indicating that he was open to new ideas, and, as a first ray disciple, sought to enforce them.

kemal ataturk.
Assuming the reasonableness of this speculative chart, we find it no surprise that he was considered a dictator. The Moon (in this case a veil for the planet Uranus) is squarely upon the MC in the self-assured, often dictatorial sign Leo. This position reveals command and self-certainty. Uranus is often considered the “dictator” (Hitler had this planet rising) and it seems clear that the Leo Moon veils Uranus (interestingly, the hierarchical ruler of Leo). Uranus, is, essentially, a first ray and demonstrably seventh ray planet of reformation.
There is a strong possibility that the reformative, Uranian seventh ray was Ataturk’s personality ray. It is interesting that at an early age Mustafa became enamored of the military uniforms worn by the military cadets, and this, in part, induced him to join the military. Further, Kemal was his nick name, conferred upon him by his mathematics teacher; it means “the perfect one”!

Scorpio on the Ascendant is suitable for a militant reformer (its exalted planet is revolutionary Uranus), and Mars, its ruler, gives the military capacity. It is interesting that at Mustafa’s birth, his Father, a lieutenant in a local militia unit,  hung his sword over his son’s cradle, dedicating him to military service. The conjunction aspect between Uranus (the reformer) in perfectionist Virgo, 150º from militant Mars in Aquarius (the sign of reformation and of the New Age), demonstrates the kind of forceful reformation he initiated.

He had the spirit of a revolutionary and from his earliest military years was found to be involved with various clandestine subversive groups. Mars also opposes the Moon, which points to the warfare within his own nature (one suspects that he often swallowed his personal pride for the sake of social progress) and again indicates his military propensities. The Mars/Moon opposition (indicating the rebellion of the lunar forces—within and without—may also suggest him as a candidate for the third initiation.The first ray soul of Ataturk worked not only through Uranus but through Pluto being the esoteric ruler of his Sun Sign, Pisces, and the special ruler of his Rising Sign, Scorpio. One can see some of the drastic reforms through Pluto’s placement in the seventh house of law and social contract.

Whatever severity was applied through Saturn (another partially first ray planet giving purposeful restraint in Aries) is compensated by Jupiter also in Aries, and conjunct to Saturn—offering a vision (Jupiter) of great and new potential. These two Aries planets placed in the sixth house indicate his tendency to initiate (Aries) and work for (sixth house) improved conditions (economically and in terms of employment), and thus to serve (sixth house). The sixth house indicates much of the daily mundane life, and clearly he had new ideas (calling for both expansions {Jupiter} and enforced restraints {Saturn}) about how to create new and practical possibilities for the average Turkish citizen.

Through his many struggles (defending his country from invasion) and resisting and overcoming internal recalcitrant, obstructively conservative elements, he founded the modern Republic of Turkey, for which he is still revered by the Turks. He succeeded in restoring to his people pride in their Turkishness, coupled with a new sense of accomplishment as their backward nation was brought into the modern world. Over the next two decades, Atatürk created a modern state that would grow under his successors into a viable democracy.

The legacy of national pride and accomplishment can again be seen as a result of the better qualities of the pronounced Leo energy, so elevated in this speculative chart. Leo is the sign of self-esteem—in this case a legitimate self-esteem. The elevation of the self-image of Turkey was furthered by the supportive trine of bountiful Jupiter in hopeful Aries to the Leo Moon.From the discipline perspective Ataturk was “on the cross”, his Mars/Moon opposition forming a T-Square with the Venus/Neptune conjunction and a cross, if the Ascendant is included. Note that this is the “Fixed Cross” of discipleship, and, certainly, Ataturk was a disciple if not an initiate of some standing.

Regarding the connection between Erdogan and Turkey, if we will analyze this dynamic Synastry we will get the conclusion Erdogan’s destiny to play this significant role in history of Turkey. The axis of the Moon nodes (karma) of Turkey is in conjunction Erdogan’s planets in Pisces, while the Moon nodes are in a conjunction with the ascendant and Pluto of Turkey. But the conjunction of the Moon-Mars of Erdogan is squaring Uranus, the South Node and the MC of Turkey.

That means that once Erdogan’s actions (Mars) will collide with the current political situation in Turkey. Erdogan’s Saturn is creating also a conjunction with the Sun of Turkey and that is expressing that he will want to impose himself and also a particular archetype for the outside picture of Turkey. Turkeys Pluto (5th house, business and youth) will support Erdogan since that will trine with Erdogan’s conjunction in Pisces. Anyway, Erdogan’s horoscope as also Turkey are not promising any peace and stability at all.

It seems that Erdogan is impossible to escape from his powerful religious convictions despite the fact from the beginning of his political career show with flexibility to his people that he can accomplish his targets in order to win his people trust and provision, by choosing to promote changes and reformations for the poor people support, ensuring that he will not change his pro-western attitude, but on the way he did not managed to escape from his desire for a tough Islamic character for the Turkish nation. The last laws for the alcohol prohibition and the Islamization are being deleted from the people’s memory, no matter what kind of positive image Erdogan had built after the economical success. We should not forget that Turkey succeeded to be detached from the IMF and get quickly in faster rhythms of development.

Though, at that moment Erdogan is showing off his arrogance that bring him in an instantaneous conflict with the rest of Europe and USA while the problems with extreme Islamic teams are already afflicting all the countries of the western world. So, we could say that Erdogan have a tendency to show a kind of self-destructive mood for himself and the country while also any perspective to join the European Union seems to be standing apart more and more now during the last few months. We had also mentioned years now that from the year 2011 for the developments that Turkey will experience at this moment.

The question is if Erdogan’s visions will find justice. The square of Mars-Pluto is showing a self-destructive and war mood. After the 2010 when Pluto was already in Capricorn in a disharmonious angle with Uranus (unpredictable changes) from Aries started to create problems from another point and Turkey will face up the matter of dismemberment and another hard troubles that are coming either from nature or military interventions. Till then the democratic procedures will be very difficult to be attained. Saturn in the horoscope of Turkey is conjuncting Erdogan’s Neptune which means that his visions will freeze and furthermore he needs to take care of health matters, possible accidents or overthrows in this sector of his life.

We could say that Turkey is trying to maintain her balance between two boats. From the one side the modernization of the country and her establishment as a new economical power but also is the bridge of the East and European Markets and on the other side we have the traditional Muslim profile, which is trying to lead the Arabic world through this turmoil and unrest. The last few months Turkey had decided to take action regarding the developments in the Arabic world.

Erdogan and his government changed his political foreign attitude and enters as a leading power into the game of the Muslim world. Turkey proclaims that wants to support the fight of the simple Muslims for democratization and is suggesting herself as the nation that can combine the modern democracy in Islam. Of course, that has created more fronts with Israel but also with USA while Turkey is pressing for the recognition of the Palestinian nation and is also warning that will bring this matter into the United Nations.

That is a version where USA and Israel will not tolerate and unquestionably will bring these nations into a serious conflict in the particular area. Erdogan is expressing clearly with his attitude that the Arabic Revolt is giving the chance to Turkey to take over the leadership of the Muslim nations helping at the reconstruction of the new modern democracy that will encompass in an harmonious way the doctrines of Islam.

These efforts seem to be impossible to be attained with success. People is being called to be attuned with the rhythms of the Western Europe and simultaneously to maintain the laws of the Islam. It is a situation that no one can handle in a cool way so the hard conflicts seem to be inevitable. All this atmosphere now is confirming our thoughts in old articles around the European perspective of Turkey.The skepticism regarding how much this country is possible to join Europe that wants to be reigned by liberal ideas, is growing. Turkey is flirting with isolation and is losing ground and definitely may lose USA favor. By studding the Turkish horoscope (Uranus at the 13th degree of Pisces), we realize a lot of things are taking place in the underground. Erdogan definitely has to face up many powerful and hidden enemies beyond peoples mass wrath. One of them is Fethullah Gülen who is very rich, self-exiled abroad in USA that supported Erdogan’s party and was talking about a moderate Islamic Turkey.


This moment is in furious with the prime Minister of Turkey for the effort of a violent Islamization of the country and detachment from USA influence. Gülen movement is at the moment at the side of the people while we cannot exclude the fact that USA support, is preparing powers-key at the country. The blows he might cause can be direct since the Gulenists are owing powerful business clubs, huge educative institutions and the Media. But the most important is that the people are supporting Gülen have managed to get into the state apparatus. Gülen with USA support are considering him a friendly Islamist religious leader, seems to be determined to collide with his spiritual child and bring back the Turkish nation into a harmonious co-existence between Islam and also the western way of life under the shield of the West.

Fethullah Gulen.

Gülen born on the27th April 1941.He has six planets at the zodiac sign of Taurus and consequently he is supporting with a fanatic way his thoughts and ideas. The Jupiter-Uranus at Güllen chart is forming a precise square with Pluto in Capricorn. Erdogan’s Saturn in a precise square with the square of Sun-Pluto of Güllen. Only these aspects are showing two men that will get into the battle, while the square of Mars-Pluto at the horoscope of Turkey is showing a density for self destruction.